Bell & Howell Disk Lights REVIEW | The LawnMower Safe LED Outdoor Lights As Seen On TV

April 12th, 2018

About Bell & Howell Disk Lights

They are portable, powerful, solar-powered LED outdoor lights that mount flat to the ground. The Bell & Howell Disk Lights infomercial claims they create a beautiful cascades of light. The Disk Lights require no wires at all and installation is easy. You just have to press the light in the ground.

How do Disk Lights work?
The Bell & Howell Disk Lights work on Solar Energy principle – where the Disk Lights absorb the sun’s energy during daytime and charge their batteries which then powers the Disk Lights in the night, if the claims made by the official website are to be believed – the Disk Lights give light all night for 10 hours!!!! The lights turn off automatically with the first sunlight. The Bell & Howell Disk Lights also have manual on-off switch.

Where can you put the Disk Lights
The Bell & Howell Disk Lights are great for garden, poolside, accent lighting, landscape lighting, driveway, staircases, walkway, garage, backyard, just about anywhere you need the light. You can even put them on hard surfaces (just remove the stake), or even hang them vertically with the hook and loop strips.

Bell & Howell Disk Lights Claims to be durable
The manufacturer claims the The Disk Lights to be durable as they are placed in a robust stainless steel housing. They also claim the Disk Lights to be lawnmower safe!!!


Bell & Howell Disk Lights Pros

Walter Ruiz writes that the LED lights lifetime reach up to 10,000 hours, the expected life is about 3 years.

Theodore Moreno says the Bell & Howell Disk Lights are waterproof.

Troy Stokes says the Bell & Howell Disk Lights survived 2 steady days of rain. They light sits on the ground, not in the ground so they are not in a puddle. They are not submersible by any means but are fine for rain and/or irrigation applications.

Rosie Gill states the rechargeable AA batteries work as a power storage that collects solar energy in day time and available to use at night. And they are replaceable when needed.

Jesus Schmidt says that white is much brighter, while both white and warm white increase a nice landscape.


Bell & Howell Disk Lights Cons

Gregory Hill complains that the individual LEDs are not replaceable so you have to buy a whole new light when one burns out.

Tanya Allen says that the Bell & Howell Disk Lights break very easily and the illumination is best for a very small garden.

Maurice Malone writes that although the Bell & Howell Disk Lights don’t need too much sunlight to charge, the light bulbs aren’t bright enough.

Elena Thompson states that the Bell & Howell Disk Lights cannot be screwed onto concrete because there are no holes for screws to go in and no screws for concrete.

Allan Graham complains that the Bell & Howell Disk Lights is cheap plastic stainless imitation and cheap clear plastic.

Tabitha Cook writes that the Bell & Howell Disk Lights is not water resistant.

Shane Townsend says that each Bell & Howell Disk Lights unit has four LEDs in it, but some of the LEDs stopped working within a few months.

Erika Bowen complains that the plastic covering the solar cells don’t appear to handle very hot temperatures under the sun for long. They became cloudy and slightly bent.

Tony Lindsey says the plastic spikes (stakes) that you drive into the ground are so weak that they will bend easily.

Ruth Copeland complains saying that the Bell & Howell Disk Lights are very dim for ground level lights.
Don Murray says the Bell & Howell Disk Lights are not that strong and the base is a bit large.

Feelvita Food Processor REVIEW

March 27th, 2018

About Feelvita Food Processor

This powerful, do-it-yourself, energy-efficient food processor is 14 machines rolled into one. The Feelvita Food Processor helps you bring variety and creativity into your kitchen. It is easy to cut, grate, chop, stir and mix using just one appliance. You can now make delicious recipes at home.

The Feelvita Food Processor has additional features such as making crushed ice, meat processing, whipping and emulsifying. Its high-quality blades ensure precision cuts every time. The Feelvita Food Processor is German engineered with a high-tech induction motor. 400 watts power makes it energy efficient yet powerful. It is light and compact (under 5 kgs) and versatile.


FeelVita Food Processor


FeelVita Food Processor REVIEW

FeelVita Food Processor does not really work as expected and thus the reviews about this product are not that great. Lot of reviewers have mentioned that FeelVita Food Processor works great for liquids like salsa or heavy whipping cream, puree though it may not be desirable for soups. In addition it does not really chop well, so basically FeelVita Food Processor is much like a blender.

On the good side, the construction of FeelVita Food Processor seems good, the motor is certainly powerful and it has great capacity. One of the customer said following about FeelVita Food Processor – “Way too powerful for my needs and not very adjustable. There should be slower speed settings. The top does not fit close enough to protect from things flying out from the overwhelmingly powerful lades. I put down wax paper over the inner container before adding the top to protect against stuff flying out until I gave up altogether.” Another one said – “The liquid will leak out from between the bowl and the lid. It will not leak if you just use the continuous speed settings but pulse will make it leak if you do it over and over again.”

So all in all for a few customers FeelVita Food Processor was not that worthwhile there were few who said that for the price they could live with a few misses of the product.


PROS of FeelVita Food Processor

  • Good design
  • Powerful Motor
  • Great Capacity
  • Good for making liquid food items such as salsa, sauces or puree
  • Light weight didn’t take up too much room


CONS of FeelVita Food Processor

  • Good for making puree but does nothing much of any other work it is supposed to do.
  • The slicing feature does not work, FeelVIta Food processor does not chop uniformly.
  • The statement that FeelVita Food Processor has a large throat is very misleading. It measures 1 5/8 inches wide and 2 3/4 long, leading you to cut your large produce into small pieces before attempting to process.
  • The liquid will leak out from between the bowl and the lid.
  • It is sometimes difficult to line up the lid and it is loud.


Feelvita Verdict

FeelVita Food Processor failed to impress the customers as per the reviews. It did not worked as advertised and thus the customers who purchased FeelVita recommended to go for some other product instead.

We are also of the same opinion and recommend to go for Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor in place of FeelVIta Food Processor. You can find Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor on for $36.85. It has managed to received 4.1 star ratings on an average with 3069 customers review majority of which are positive ones. It is also featured as amazon’s choice product for food processor. Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor can actually called a food processor since all the features mentioned work in practicality unlike FeelVita which seems more of a blender.


Where to buy FeelVita?
Official website:

Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush REVIEW

March 27th, 2018

Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush Pros

  • Verseo Facial Brush can be used in the US and European voltage.
  • This device is easy to use and works well for your skin.
  • Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush is ideal to remove white heads.
  • You only need to change the brush heads once every 3 months.
  • You can use the Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush to clean mud masks with the cleansing brush.
  • Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush is specifically designed to work for all skin types: normal, dry, sensitive and oily! Your skin will start glowing and look youthful owing to the removal of face wrinkles, reduction of fine lines, and relief of tired muscles and enhancement of lymphatic and blood circulation.

Verseo Rotating Sonic Facial Brush


Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush Cons

  • Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush comes with one replacement brush but for the next replacement brush you have to contact the seller directly.
  • There only 2 brush heads in the package. You can use it to clean your face or body.
  • Although the on/off button is supposed to turn blue once charged, users have reported that it is always red even when fully charged.
  • It cuts on and off whenever it wants.
  • Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush stops spinning if you press down on your face so you have to ensure you don’t apply too much pressure, otherwise it jams up the rotations and could mess up the brush for good.
  • It may start shutting off continually after every 15 seconds and then quit completely.
  • Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush also failed to take a charge and does not respond at all.
  • It would be better and more efficient if it were one big brush instead of three small brushes. You may feel like you are missing spots on your face taking you longer to wash your face.
  • There are less expensive brushes that last longer than the Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush.
  • Even after charging the Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush fully it ran for some time and then slowed down in speed. The motor seems defective, and does not function properly.
  • Does not feel like the Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush gives a good cleanse or exfoliation.
  • Although the specifications of the Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush state that it can be used for 15-20 days on one charge. However, you cannot even use it two times in one day because the battery dies.
  • Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush works well but the brush may be kind of hard for your skin.


What do I get?
1 Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush for $49.95 + S/h at the Official website:

Motion Pads As Seen On TV LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight REVIEW

March 26th, 2018

Motion Pads REVIEW

The Motion Pads do not work as advertised. The customers who purchased Motion Pads are disappointed in what the product actually turned out to be. The brightness of these lights is pretty bad. For comparison it is about like if you hold the screen of your cell phone as a light (not flashlight mode, that is better). Motion Pads work if you just want a faint night light but nothing more.

One of the customer wrote in the review of Motion Pads – “ Quality does not feel that great, as the timer is too fast to shut off and not configurable. You have to constantly move to re-engage the light. And the sticky back is very weak.” The lights are too dim it may barely light up the pantry, too sensitive to small amounts of light to be useful. Too bad Motion Pads can’t be switched to a couple of longer “on” options and an on-off switch to allow manual control. Motion Pads thus does not seems to be cost effective and are of poor quality control.


Motion Pads As Seen On TV LED Stick Anywhere Nightlight

PROS of Motion Pads

Motion Pads lights up only when there’s motion that activates it
Light is bright enough to pick out clothes in a dark closet
Motion Pads detects pretty far like 20 feet
Sticky pads are easy to remove to use
Motion Pads should work great over the stove as a range light
6 LED each light
Very easy to open backs to put the batteries


CONS of Motion Pads

Motion Pads do not work in a refrigerator if there is enough light when you open the door
They stay on for about 15 – 20 seconds
Not a rodent deterrent.
No switch on each light to turn on or off, Motion sensing only
No variable brightness intensity switch
Motion Pads is not water proof


Motion Pads Verdict

Motion Pads got quite critical reviews taking into account its brightness intensity and how much did it really help the buyer serve their purpose to buy these. We would suggest you to look for many another options available in the market of similar kind and do a thorough research about the product by reading the product details as well as the reviews which is the significant part before deciding on buying any product as reviews on the online selling portals are from genuine customers and thus verify how could the product actually is.

According to our research we recommend you to go for URPOWER Motion Sensor Light. It is a Motion-sensing Battery Powered LED Stick and can be used anywhere Nightlight, Wall Light for Entrance, Hallway, Basement, Garage, Bathroom, Cabinet, Closet. You can find URPOWER Motion Sensor Light on for $12.99. It has received 4.3 star ratings on an average and having 2582 customer reviews majority of which are positive. It is also featured as amazon’s choice product for wall light, thus making it a front runner in the motion sensor wall light category buy.


Official website: | |

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper REVIEW

March 21st, 2018

About Atomic Beam Storm Trooper

This compact emergency radio is loaded with features and can save your life. Atomic Beam Storm Trooper is easy to use. It has a built-in atomic bright flashlight that helps you see and be seen. It can tune in to AM, FM and weather band radio stations.

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper has a USB charging port that you can use to charge your phone during or after a storm. It’s on-board SOS light and alarm makes it easy to locate you. Atomic Beam Storm Trooper has 4-way charging with a powerful, rechargeable lithium ion battery, AAA batteries, built-in solar panel or manual cranking.


Atomic Beam Storm Trooper

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper Pros and Cons


Atomic Beam Storm Trooper is compact and has multiple uses and they all work.



The radio works fine as advertised. But to replace the battery it would cost over $40. When the battery goes out it would be cheaper in the long run to throw the radio away and buy another one (from another brand).

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper doesn’t look very strong. It would have been better if it was more of a robust/shock absorbent type casing.

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper should have been designed with an electrical charging cord, as the battery runs down pretty quickly and doesn’t run very long. So you have to remember to keep it charged prior to severe weather happening.

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper is not a bad device but could have been so much better with a few improvements.

It does not have an AC power charger. It only has three methods of charging: the hand crank which is a monster, a lot of work and could never seem to get results promised. The solar panel isn’t a lot better and nor is the USB port cable.

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper does not work as a phone charger.

The crank is not very effective at all to even charge the radio itself
Atomic Beam Storm Trooper cannot play music on a flash drive. The jacks are charge in and charge out.

It only lasts 20 minutes with the hand crank.



Atomic Beam Storm Trooper Verdict

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper is not a unique emergency radio. There are dozens of similar devices available online for those unexpected emergencies.

One such device is the Midland ER200, a close competitor to the Atomic Beam Storm Trooper. The Midland ER200 is also a hand crank digital weather alert radio and flashlight ideal for severe weather situations or daily use.
The price of the Midland ER200 starts from $37.99 on Amazon whereas the Atomic Beam Storm Trooper costs only $19.99. Midland ER200 has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars out of the 86 customer reviews on Amazon but the Atomic Beam Storm Trooper is not available on Amazon and so has no customer reviews.

Since there are no positive reviews on the Atomic Beam Storm Trooper, it would be wise to look out for similar alternatives on Amazon and not purchase it only for its reasonable price.

What do I get?

Check the official website:

Atomic Cool REVIEW | As Seen On TV Portable Cooler

March 21st, 2018

Official website:

About Atomic Cool

Cool down fast and easy whenever you need to with Atomic Cool. This powerful, ultra-portable, personal cooling system helps you get cool air anytime. Atomic Cool is lightweight and portable making it easy to carry even when you travel.

It uses evaporative water filters that use H2O cool fusion technology. Atomic Cool converts hot, dry air to cool, moist air. You can get precision-controlled room temperature with its built-in digital thermostat. It’s affordable and can be used in any room, even the kitchen. It cools up to 50 sq. ft. making it handy to use in dorms and RVs too.


Atomic Cool


Atomic Cool REVIEW

Atomic Cool is basically a spot cooler and many of the people are mislead into believing that spot cooler is an alternative to the air conditioning unit. Both work on different mechanism and is helpful only if used in the right kind of environment. It is learned from the customers who purchased Atomic Cool that is not that effective, for instance one of the customer said about Atomic Cool – “ You will get cool air from the Atomic Cool as long as the temperature of the water in the reservoir is lesser but because the water basin is not insulated, the water quickly gains temperature from the hotter surrounding and will no longer blow cooler air.” In addition many users felt Atomic Cool to be noisy and also makes the air muggy than cooler, thus making it not suitble for wet and cold places. One user suggested to keep one of the windows slightly open if you are using the Atomic Cool in the night, this will help lower the humidity.

Other than that you may have to take care of the water in the reservoir as it gets stinky after a few days. So you may want to drain the old water from the reservoir. The water tank can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Many people think Atomic Cool is just an expensive fan!! A customer had following to say – “ Cheap quality. The motor is very small and weak. After about 2-3 weeks of daily use, the machine konked out. By ‘machine’, I mean the fan motor as that is the only electrical component in it. Everything else are simple mechanical components of flimsy quality.” Another said – “ Atomic Cool is just a waste of good money…it needs a better fan….is on and hardly blowing and this is on high speed…the bottle would work better if the water is frozen in it before loading it…just awful….”


Atomic Cool PROS

Atomic Cool has no Compressor since it consumes lot of power instead it uses fan.
It is ideal for a single person living in a small apartment.
Atomic Cool works well in arid/dry areas.
Makes it bearable when you have the air blowing directly towards you.
Works well when used in small rooms with a window open, Atomic Cool works well in a cross-ventilated area.


CONS of Atomic Cool

Atomic Cool has a sort of Muddy Water smell.
Not more than 4 to 5 degree reduction in temperature is what is expected so do not think of Atomic Cool as as alternative to air conditioner.
Have to keep it near open window for best experience else you would feel increase in the humidity level in the room.
Weak fan and noisy.
No Warranty.


Atomic Cool Verdict

Atomic Cool is nothing new, they are simply trying to portray a simple ordinary personal evaporative cooler to be an magic gadget that will transform hot air into an air conditioner like air – that’s not going to happen. There are many of these personal “swamp coolers” like Atomic Cool available in the market, but all of their usefulness is limited given their working principle. All such personal coolers like Atomic Cool are expensive priced at around 200 bucks. If at all you want to buy one, we would suggest buying the much branded cooler – Honeywell CS10XE Portable Evaporative Air Cooler instead of Atomic Cool, which is available at A simple search for “personal evaporative cooler” will show you the complete list.


What do I get?
See the official website:

Mystique For Her REVIEW

March 15th, 2018

About Mystique For Her

It is a Female Sex Enhancement Pill that claims to help improve your sex life.


Mystique For Her CLAIMS

Mystique For Her promises to increase sexual desire, increase the number of sexual experiences, increase libido and sexual function, improve the number of orgasms, and improve sexual arousal domain. Whether it works as promised is a question best left to be answered by user reviews.

By helping you balance hormones, reduce stress, and manage changes, Mystique For Her guarantees to allow you to unleash your sexual ability. It claims that its users report better, longer-lasting orgasms, more pleasurable foreplay, better performance, and increased sex drive. Such claims can be substantiated only once Mystique For Her is reviewed.

Mystique for Her maintains that it begins to work immediately. It states that you will feel an increase in libido and sexual pleasure in the first few days of taking it but full potency and effects will be reached as your body adjusts to it. This claim of Mystique For Her will be attested only once users review Mystique For Her.



Mystique For Her REVIEW

Mystique For Her has failed to impress the customers. They have got a lot of negative reviews considering its result for sexual desire purpose but it is found that Mystique For Her for general purpose use few may have noticed some difference in their energy level. One of the customer said about Mystique For Her that – “ Truly a good vitamin supplement for mood and energy, but Mystique For Her absolutely has nothing to do with the sexual arousal it boasts. No performance differences in the bedroom either. The hunt continues. Save your money fellas! “ Another customer had to say that she did not really see any benefits from Mystique For Her but since everyone is different i.e. has different level of hormones so she do not want others to think that her experience will be same as others.

Normally there is no need to wait more than 3 weeks to notice difference but there are complaints that Mystique For Her is been ineffective even after 3 weeks or more than 30 days use daily. And so there are many recommending to look for some alternatives instead of Mystique For Her. One of the customer said in her review that she ordered horny goat weed and it worked for her and may be more effective to others too.


Mystique For Her Questions and Answers

Q: Does Mystique For Her work for women and men?
A: This works for Women only.

Q: How does this compare to viagara or cialis ?
A: It is not a quick-fix like viagara or cialis plus, it is so many things rolled into one – sexual enhancement, power, vigor and libido.

Q: Is it permanent?
A: No, it is not.

Q: Do you recommend Mystique For Her?
A: No, as it is a multipurpose supplement and hence fails on all fronts.

Q: What are the ingredients?
A: Tribulus Terrestris, MACA ROOT and ReD GINSENG

Q: Is there anything special about this?
A: There is nothing special about Mystiqueforher, there are tons of supplements with these ingredients available in the market.


Mystique For Her Verdict

As mentioned earlier Mystique For Her is a multipurpose supplement but it has failed to impress its customers in all fronts. As per the reviews Mystique For Her does nothing what it is supposed to do and is a waste of money, thus, lots of them suggested for an alternative product.

We would recommend you to go for Extra Strength Horny Goat Weed Extract With Muira Puama. One reason being it can be consumed by both men and women unlike Mystique For Her which can be used only by women. Another reason Extra Strength Horny Goat Weed Extract With Muira Puama actually works and have got very good reviews on It has received 3.8 star ratings with 1296 customer reviews which helps in knowing the real working of the products as it is from the verified purchaser. Also it is the best seller product on in Muria Puama Herbal Supplements and thus a definite try over Mystique For Her.


Mystique For Her price
Buy Mystique For Her 1 BOTTLE 30 SERVINGS for $19.95 at Official

Kangoo Hot Bag REVIEW

March 15th, 2018

About Kangoo Hot Bag

It is a self-contained water bottle that guarantees to give you warm soothing relief for cramps, sore knees, strained muscles, an achy back, and so much more!


Kangoo Hot Bag CLAIMS

It alleges that the bag is already pre-filled with water so all you need to do is heat it with the special heating charger and then simply place it where it hurts to find relief from aches and pains. But its claim can only be attested only once users review Kangoo Hot Bag.

The secret of the bag is Aqua Heat Wave Technology. It further states that it is designed with a 3-layer insulated material to ensure the bag stays warm for up to 5 hours. This functionality is in question and can only be affirmed once we analyse Kangoo Hot Bag reviews.

It states that it is equipped with a hands free adjustable strap on system so you always have your hands free. Sounds too fanciful, Kangoo Hot Bag reviews will expose it soon.



Kangoo Hot Bag REVIEW

Kangoo Hot Bag has got somewhat mixed reviews. But more than usage the customers are not that satisfied with the working of the Kangoo Hot Bag. One of the customer has to say that – “Terrible design. It is convex and hard so you can’t wrap it around a painful place nor can you lay a shoulder or hip on it. It is just useless.” In addition the Kangoo Hot Bag has too much liquid inside, making it uncomfortable when trying to use it on your back. They need less liquid so that you can lay on it for the back or neck.

Another issue with Kangoo Hot Bag is that it cools down so quick, it is impossible to stay warm even for 2 hours. One customer stated that it stayed hot for 1 hour. Also, Heat level is too low to be useful, even with maximum charging time. One customer had to say – “ Not warm enough. Only lukewarm after plugging it in for the recommended time. Water heated up in my microwave oven is hotter than this lethargic unit.” So basically old fashion hot water bottle is much better and the same was said by one of the customer who purchased Kangoo Hot Bag.


Kangoo Hot Bag Questions and Answers

Q: Is Kangoo Hot Bag flexible enough to use on shoulders or elbows?
A: It can be placed on a shoulder comfortably but may not be able to wrap it around an elbow. It is slim enough to use it for lower back while sitting or even lying down.

Q: What size is it?
A: Approx. 5 x 1.5 x 10 inches

Q: Is the cover removable for washing?
A: No.

Q: Does the Kangoo Hot Bag heat while it’s charging?
A: It is supposed to be unplugged while it is being used and recharge it again when you need to use it again.

Q: How quickly does it get hot?
A: It takes about 25 minutes to start to finish .

Q: How long will Kangoo Hot Bag stay warm?
A: Max 2 hours

Q: Will Kangoo Hot Bag pass through airport security?
A: No, because there is liquid inside.

Q: Can the water be drained and refilled?
A: No Kangoo Hot Bag cannot be drained and refilled, it is sealed pack bottle. Not sure inside it is water or some kind of gel but it is reusable.

Q: How does one clean Kangoo Hot Bag?
A: The exterior can be cleaned with soapy water and either a sponge or damp cloth.

Q: What is the charger for?
A: It is not a charger, it is a “water heater”.

Q: Is Kangoo Hot Bag durable?
A: Nope, cheap Chinese quality. Will last for about 6 months.

Q: Does this have any warranty?
A: No warranty.

Q. Is this compatible with 220V outlet?
A. No, only 110 volt.


Kangoo Hot Bag Verdict

As per the reviews Kangoo Hot Bag did not worked as promised. It lacked in getting heated enough to provide proper rest and also the warmness lasted an hour or so which is not what was expected from the Kangoo Hot Bag. Many reviewers even suggested to go for traditional hot bags instead.

But if you are someone who is impressed with the idea of electric hot bag and buy such kind of products instead of the traditional hot water bag than we recommend you to go for Portable Electric Hot Water Bottle instead of Kangoo Hot Bag. You can find Portable Electric Hot Water Bottle on for $29.95. It has got majority of positive reviews thus receiving an average of 3.9 stars rating with 208 customer written reviews. You can also look for similar products and find the one as per you requirement by reading the reviews especially the ones having 1, 2 and 3 star ratings. From our search we could found out that Portable Electric Hot Water Bottle is good enough product that can actually work for you in providing relief to the paining muscles or cramps.


Kangoo Hot Bag price
Buy Kangoo Hot Bag for $19.99 + $5.99 P&H at Official

NioSkin Dragon

February 24th, 2018

About NioSkin

NioSkin Dragon claims to be an exotic treatment gel designed with soothing and healing properties. Dragon Blood Resin is red in colour and is extracted from the Croton Lechleri trees found in the Peruvian Amazone.



NioSkin Dragon maintains that Dragon Blood Resin is widely used on cuts and abrasions because it is rich in protective antioxidant phenols and anti-inflammatory compounds of various kinds. Does NioSkin Dragon really work as promised? Send us your NioSkin Dragon review.

NioSkin Dragon Blood Anti-Aging Treatment Gel states that Dragon Blood resin is effective against rashes and infectious skin conditions. At this point of time there are no NioSkin Dragon Blood Anti-Aging Treatment Gel reviews to verify this claim.

NioSkin Dragon claims that Dragon Blood is an advanced skincare ingredient that helps to lift, firm and smooth skin while reducing redness and inflammation. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once NioSkin Dragon is reviewed.

NioSkin Dragon also convinces that Collagen and Sodium Hyaluronate deliver additional anti-aging and moisturising elements to leave you with a glowing complexion. This claim of NioSkin Dragon will be attested only once users review NioSkin Dragon.


How to use NioSkin Dragon?

Remove the lid of the Airless container and press to dispense a few drops of Dragon Blood Treatment Gel. Apply to face and spread evenly onto face and neck. With your fingertips massage into skin in a circular motion until the gel is fully absorbed. Assimilation will be greater if the skin is washed with hot water or warmed with a hot compress prior to application.

Instant Moon REVIEW

February 23rd, 2018

About Instant Moon

Instant Moon is an LED night light that shows the moon in its various lunar phases. This moon-shaped LED night light has a textured surface through which light shines through making it look just like the moon in the sky. It comes with a remote control which you can use to project the different phases of the moon in various colors. Instant Moon emits a soft glow.

The different phases of the moon in Instant Moon include the crescent moon, half moon, three-quarter moon, and full moon. The colors of the moon are projected in white, orange and blue. Instant moon has an automatic energy saving sleep timer as well.

You can hang Instant Moon on a wall and control it via the remote control. It is easy to operate. Turn it on, choose the color of the moon and move to the phase of the moon you choose to view.



Instant Moon Questions and Answers

Q. How bright is Instant Moon?
A. It is not bright enough to be a main light.

Q. Is the glow whiteish or blueish?
A. It is more white than blue.

Q. How many batteries does the Instant Moon require?
A. The product description states 4 AA batteries and 2 AAA each.

Q. Is there an option for the moon to stay on continuously all night?
A. It does not seem to have that option. It goes off automatically after about 20 or 30 minutes.

Q. Does it play any music like the Uncle Milton’s Jr. moon?
A. Not sure.

Q. Does it automatically change the phases of the moon to match the actual phases?
A. No. It does not. You can change it with the remote control to match it.

Q. What is Instant Moon made of?
A. Plastic

Q. Is it an LED?
A. The lights are LED. It is battery operated, with an input for a cord. It has multiple light up angles on the moon face.

Q. How is it hung on the wall? Should a hook be bought separately?
A. There is an area on the back of it that fits a nail perfectly.

Q. Can Instant Moon hang on the ceiling?
A. It is not recommended. It needs to lean against something.

Q. Does it glow in the dark?
A. No. It does not.

Q. How heavy is it?
A. It is super light. Probably under .5 lb. You can hand it on a small nail.

Q. Does Instant Moon have an eclipse mode?
A. It cycles through the moon phases. It is not technically an eclipse.


Official website:


Instant Moon Review

One user reported that Instant Moon does not light up. There are lines where it changes phases and small shadows, but only up close. If you don’t have the remote, you can turn Instant Moon off using the small switch behind the moon, which is inconvenient if it is wall mounted.

Instant Moon automatically turns off after 30 minutes. More settings would have been ideal. Also, it does not automatically match the actual moon’s phases. Though for the price of an inexpensive item, recreating the actual current moon phase cannot be expected. It cycles through each phase every 5 seconds, so the novelty could wear off quickly.

Although the different phases of the moon are displayed, waxing and waning, only one of them seems to be realistic – crescent moon. The other phases on Instant Moon show a sharp division where dimmer lights from the other phases can be seen. For example, even though the last quarter was bright, the division between the last quarter and half can been seen. It can be distracting.

Some users reported a bright spot in the middle of Instant Moon for the phases of the moon between half and full moon. The uneven illumination is not appealing.


Instant Moon Verdict

Before anything else know that Instant Moon is not one of its kind product, there are many similar products outsmarting each other all along. You can find Instant Moon on the official website for $14.99 and that too two of it.

The product seems interesting and luring the customers with its specification but the point is, is it worth the buy? Its not always that the price matters and even though Instant Moon is way cheaper than many of its competitors it is the quality of the product where they failed to deliver. You can always look for more options on for similar kind of products that may be better than the one we are considering.

We recommend you to go for Moon In My Room instead of Instant Moon. You can find Moon In My Room on for $24.48 which is priced more than Instant Moon but what really matters is that Moon In My Room worth the buy considering its popularity and the reviews. It has received on an average 4.5 star ratings out of 5 with 2424 customer reviews which helps in understanding the working of the product from the actual buyers which is more genuine source of knowing any product. Both are having almost the same specifications but Moon In My Room has an edge over Instant Moon and so is our choice in this category.