Epilady Drop

What is Epilady Drop It claims to be a cordless, portable, water-resistant epilator that can be used to tweeze and remove finest of hair from all parts of the body. It has 28 tweezer sets with a speed of 64,000 tweezes per minute.   Epilady Drop CLAIMS Remove hair easily Epilady Drop claims to be […]

Copper Crisp

What is Copper Crisp? It claims to be a revolutionary baking pan with two-tray design for baking food to perfection without the oil and mess.     Perfect baking appliance Copper Crisp states to be a smartly designed that helps in baking food in a healthy and easy way. Copper Crisp claims that it keeps […]

Tae Bo Evolution Edge

What is Tae Bo Evolution Edge It claims to be a fitness machine that provides weight loss and toning by targeting multiple muscles using multiple joints. It states to have a compact design and deliver fat burning and toning in fraction of the time.     Revolutionary workout system Tae Bo Evolution Edge claims to […]

Sneak-A-Peek Puppies

What is it? Here’s introducing Sneak-A-Peek Puppies. Sneak-A-Peek Puppies are the cute, soft and huggable puppies that you can enjoy cuddling and kissing. They are so huggable and cute that your child will want to sleep with them every day. Simply open up your favorite puppies to play and curl them up to sleep away. […]

Rubik’s Spark

What is it? Rubik’s Spark is an electronic exciting and interactive cube that tests your memory, speed, dexterity and logic. Designed with 6 uniquely addictive games, Rubik’s Spark is a game that gives you, your friends and family hours of fun and addictive play. Rubik’s Spark offers you an entirely new experience with 6 entertaining […]

ProRay Tactical Flashlight REVIEW

What is ProRay Tactical Flashlight – It claims to be a high-quality flashlight with a powerful lamp and telescoping focus. It comes with preset modes and has 50,000 hours of lamp life. ProRay Tactical Flashlight claims to be the same light used by military, firefighters and police for achieving a brilliant emergency lighting. ProRay Tactical […]

OxiClean Splot REVIEW

What is OxiClean Splot? Getting rid of coffee, wine or other stains from your favorite rug or carpet can be such a chore but now that’s going to change, with the amazing new carpet stain remover, OxiClean Splot. Stains on your carpet are not a pleasant sight for anyone, but with the OxiClean Splot, removing […]

Cynoculars REVIEW

What is Cynoculars? – Cynoculars is an interactive virtual reality headset that lets you turn your smart phone into the ultimate virtual reality player. Use your smart phone to immerse yourself in endless 3D experiences with the Cynoculars headset.     Cynoculars CLAIMED Features Cynoculars also comes with a wireless remote that can be used […]