Kitty Fishing REVIEW

About Kitty Fishing? Kitty Fishing is a new fun fishing rod toy designed for you to have fun playing with your cat. Kitty Fishing is for everyone. The secret of Kitty Fishing is the pressure catcher grip filled pressure chamber that self inflates after every cast. When you push the pressure caster air flies through […]


What are Znapeez – The infomercial state that these are accessories created like tiles which can be combined in imaginative ways to create various objects.   No limit to creativity and fun Znapeez, the new launch from Fashion Angels, are innovatively designed pieces that promise to bring loads of excitement for kids as they can […]

Traeger Renegade Elite

About Traeger Renegade Elite Traeger Renegade Elite asserts to be a digital grill that can grill, smoke, roast, bake, braise, and barbecue singlehandedly.     Traeger Renegade Elite Claims Traeger Renegade Elite claims to automatically feed the natural hardwood pellets to maintain the perfect temperature. Just set the temperature, turn the grill on, and get […]

Star Night Lights

What is Star Night Lights – As per the infomercial it is a unique decorative light that uses holographic 3D technology to project thousands of pin-point star lights on exteriors and landscape.   Perfect decorative light Star Night Lights promises to be the best light decoration whether it’s festival, event or a party. Star Night […]


What is Somabien – As per the TV infomercial it is an over-the-counter sleep aid that helps get fuller, longer sleep quickly. It is an all-natural formula and has no adverse side-effects.   Scientifically proven sleeping aid Somabien declares to be a specially formulated sleeping aid with all-natural ingredients. It alleges to relax the body […]

Solar Flowers

About Solar Flowers Solar Flowers states to be a decorative flower that dances back and forth when placed in direct sunlight. It alleges to be great for cars, window sills, or even desks.   How does it work Solar Flowers proclaims to be solar powered and doesn’t require batteries or electricity to work. Just placing […]

Sweet Face

About Sweet Face Sweet Face alleges to be a makeup removal cloth made with ultra-soft fabric that removes 100% of the makeup. Sweet Face states that it is activated by the power of water. It is constructed with special microfiber with thousands of tiny strands that are 90% thinner than strands of human hair. The […]

Giggle Guys

About Giggle Guys – Giggle Guys proclaims to be plush toys that keep dogs entertained for hours with their fun and giggling characters. Giggle Guys Claims The built-in sound box of Giggle Guys alleges to make the toy giggle every time the pet pulls it or plays with it. Giggling toys for dogs […]