Feelvita Food Processor REVIEW

About Feelvita Food Processor

This powerful, do-it-yourself, energy-efficient food processor is 14 machines rolled into one. The Feelvita Food Processor helps you bring variety and creativity into your kitchen. It is easy to cut, grate, chop, stir and mix using … Read the rest

Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush REVIEW

Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush Pros

  • Verseo Facial Brush can be used in the US and European voltage.
  • This device is easy to use and works well for your skin.
  • Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush is ideal to
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Motion Pads As Seen On TV LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight REVIEW

Motion Pads REVIEW

The Motion Pads do not work as advertised. The customers who purchased Motion Pads are disappointed in what the product actually turned out to be. The brightness of these lights is pretty bad. For comparison it is … Read the rest

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper REVIEW


About Atomic Beam Storm Trooper

This compact emergency radio is loaded with features and can save your life. Atomic Beam Storm Trooper is easy to use. It has a built-in atomic bright flashlight that helps you see and be … Read the rest

Atomic Cool REVIEW | As Seen On TV Portable Cooler

Official website: BuyAtomicCool.com

About Atomic Cool

Cool down fast and easy whenever you need to with Atomic Cool. This powerful, ultra-portable, personal cooling system helps you get cool air anytime. Atomic Cool is lightweight and portable making it easy to … Read the rest

Mystique For Her REVIEW

About Mystique For Her

It is a Female Sex Enhancement Pill that claims to help improve your sex life.


Mystique For Her CLAIMS

Mystique For Her promises to increase sexual desire, increase the number of sexual experiences, increase libido … Read the rest

Kangoo Hot Bag REVIEW

About Kangoo Hot Bag

It is a self-contained water bottle that guarantees to give you warm soothing relief for cramps, sore knees, strained muscles, an achy back, and so much more!


Kangoo Hot Bag CLAIMS

It alleges that the … Read the rest

NioSkin Dragon

About NioSkin

NioSkin Dragon claims to be an exotic treatment gel designed with soothing and healing properties. Dragon Blood Resin is red in colour and is extracted from the Croton Lechleri trees found in the Peruvian Amazone.



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