What is Magnaflex? Magnaflex are bendable, connectable magnetic strips of flexible material that inspire you to create colorful shapes of anything you imagine! Magnaflex magnets snapable, stackable, and clipable. They easily flex and are bendable so you will never break them.     Magnaflex CLAIMS Kids- Safe Magnaflex magnets are strong, kids-safe magnets that hold […]

Hair Logic

What is Hair Logic? It claims to be a device with ground-breaking laser technology that helps in getting natural, fuller hair by simply brushing them with it. Hair Logic guarantees to offer thicker, fuller and natural hair with 8 minutes use per day. All one needs to do is use Hair Logic simply like a […]

Get Smart Supplement

What is Get Smart It claims to be a weight loss system that provides complete information about its ingredients and the results of its revolutionary formula. It comprises of Curb-Smart, a fat burning supplement and App-Smart that helps control hunger.     Get Smart Supplement CLAIMS Lose weight smartly Get Smart promises to be supplement […]


What is Pettura As per the infomercial it is a Veterinarian-formulated oral health gel for dogs that prevents plaque, removes tartar build-up and freshens their breath. Pettura guarantees to be a breakthrough solution to help keep dog teeth healthy without the need of brushing them.     Pettura CLAIMS Oral hygiene for pets Pettura states […]

Pest Reject Pro vs Riddex Sonic Plus vs RadarCan

Compare what is it? Pest Reject Pro vs Riddex Sonic Plus vs RadarCan Pest Reject Pro, Riddex Sonic Plus and RadarCan are electronic devices that get rid of pests in the house using electromagnetic pulses, ultrasonic waves and ultrasound technology. Unlike sprays with toxic chemicals, pesticides that release fumes, expensive pest control contracts, or dangerous […]


What is Noxitril It claims to be an all-natural male enhancement supplement that provides confidence and improves sex life by boosting erections, stamina and intensity. Noxitril promises to provide you with confidence and longer erection that will help you perform better in bed.   Noxitril CLAIMS Natural male enhancement supplement Noxitril declares to be a […]

Night Angel

What is Night Angel? Simple things can really make life easy, Night Angel claims to be a smart way to light up your path when it is dark. Night Angel is a nightlight that looks like a wall plate integrated with 3 LED bulbs and asserts to fit all standard outlets. Night Angel proclaims to […]

Ionic White REVIEW

What is Ionic White As per the TV infomercial it is an at home teeth whitening system that uses a patent pending LED technology to deliver a white smile easily.     Ionic White CLAIMS Tooth whitening system Ionic White claims to be an amazing solution to achieve a dazzling white smile. Ionic White states […]


What is Upcart As per the infomercial it is an innovative hand cart that has a unique 6-wheel design that works on all-terrain and even lugs items while climbing stairs.     Upcart CLAIMS Innovative hand cart Upcart claims to be a hand cart that comes with a patent-pending 6-wheel design. Upcart guarantees that such […]