Lashnetics REVIEW | Magnetic Lashes As Seen On TV

What is Lashnetics? Lashnetics are magnetic lashes that go on in just seconds without the use of messy glues or adhesives. Order your set of Lashnetics Magnetic Lashes today!     How does Lashnetics work? Lashnetics employs micro-magnetic technology to sandwich your natural lashes between two extremely lightweight fiber strips creating a bold, dramatic lash […]

Metal Garden Hose vs Hercules Hose

Compare what is it? Metal Garden Hose vs Hercules Hose Metal Garden Hose The makers of Metal Garden Hose present it as the world’s sturdiest and the most flexible garden hose. It is built from stainless steel (UV-resistant 304 stainless steel), is outstandingly tough and yet compact and lightweight. Hercules Hose It is promoted as […]

Hazuki Magnifying Glasses REVIEWS and Question/Answers

About Hazuki Magnifying Glasses Hazuki Magnifying Glasses claims to be a pair of glasses that uses latest Optometric Technology to magnify hard-to-read texts by 160%. It provides protection against harmful UV rays and is resistant to Blue Light. Hazuki Magnifying Glasses alleges to be a solution for people with Presbyopia.     Hazuki Magnifying Glasses […]

Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet with RFID REVIEW

About Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet The Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet alleges to be an integrated wallet and portable mobile charger. This hybrid piece of utility claims to provide mobile charging anytime anywhere. A fantastic asset for everyone the Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet guarantees to be compatible on all phones including iPhone and Samsung. This claim […]

Roomba 690 vs 650 vs 980 vs 890

Compare what is it? Roomba 690 vs 650 vs 980 vs 890 Roomba 690 is a Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot that not only cleans effectively but also has the ability to navigate real world homes. It employs a full suite of sensors and an advanced navigation system to reach out to the dirtier areas of […]