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Comfy Core Pillow- the solution to restless nights Regular pillows seem to provide the support we need while sleeping but they don’t guarantee a comfortable, painless sleep. Comfy Core Pillow is launched as the perfect solution to the problem of discomfort and restless sleep that affects most of us. It is launched as a special […]

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Dualuxe is a cushion to be used as a seat to get adaptable support to the back and bottom while sitting. The Dualuxe makers promise you that it provides the ultimate and perfect support to your back, legs and bottom on account of the smart features it uses. It has an advanced gel core that […]

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What is Neater Feeder – Kick-proof, dishwasher safe, mess-free and convenient Pet feeders system with stainless steel bowls. Taking the mess out of your pet’s feeding area If you are tired of messy floors after your pet has had its grub then Neater Feeder might just be the thing you need. Neater Feeder is arguably […]