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What is Fridgee? – It is a compact fridge pocket that creates space in fridge by stretching and holding a lot of stuff.   Smart way to utilise space in fridge Fridgee is a fridge pocket that promises to make storing things in refrigerator simple and better. The makers of Fridgee are promoting it saying […]

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What is Curlicue – Curlicue is an innovative hair curling wand that curls your hair salon style right at home in a matter of minutes.   Curls your hair perfectly right at home within seconds If you are tired of wasting time and effort on curling your hair at home but do not get the […]

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  What is Cellu Action? It is a handy and portable vacuum therapy device with which you can perform professional vacuum therapy yourself to reduce cellulite from your body.   The perfect way to get rid of cellulite Getting rid of cellulite is one of the toughest, time-consuming and expensive tasks dreaded by women, but […]

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What is Worx LeafPro Universal Collection System: It is a collection and bagging system that claims to make all cleanup chores a breeze.   Worx LeafPro Universal Collection System is said to have been designed to make it easier for you to collect mulched leaves, making fall cleanup chores simple. It is said to work […]