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What is Wipe New Tires It is long lasting tire shine that doesn’t crack, peel or wash away and offers protection to tires of your drives. Wipe New Tires is meant to be a smart solution for car enthusiasts, detailers and just about all car owners who want to protect their car tires and add […]

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What is Slip-ins: These are shoe inserts that give you the freedom to go sockless without the fear of odor and sweaty feet.   Write/Read Reviews Shoe inserts that eliminate odor and sweat Silver Slip-ins are little shoe inserts that promise to give you the confidence to go sockless without the worry of foul odor […]

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What are Copper Flex Compression Sleeves – Compression garments for the elbows or knees that are made with therapeutic copper infusion that give support to sore, painful and stiff muscles   Write/Read Reviews Compression garments to treat muscle pain and soreness Copper Flex Compression Sleeves are supposed to be therapeutic copper-infused compression garments that treat […]

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What is Cerama Brush? It is a hair brush with patented ceramic coated straightening plates. The straightening brush straightens your hair and also adds volume and shine to it.   Write/Read Reviews No more flat iron for straightening hair! Cerama Brush claims to be a revolutionary ceramic straightening hair brush that straightens your hair easily, […]

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What is Secret Styler: It’s a clever way of turning your regular clothes into fashionable outfits while you accentuate your curves and cover your problem areas too. Secret Styler has been invented by a woman for the needs of other women who can do with some help with their wardrobes. There are times when you […]