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What is BoosterPalz: It is a huggable, soft neck support pillow that claims to offer comfort to kids when they are travelling. BoosterPalz promises to give adequate support to children’s necks when they are travelling in cars, trains or planes for that matter. You know when they fall asleep, especially on these long journeys they […]

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What is Rapid Ramen Cooker: It is a square shaped microwavable bowl that claims to offer you a quick and easy way to cook Ramen noodles. Rapid Ramen Cooker can be the fastest and easiest way to cook these noodles that are practically everyone’s favourites, according to its claims. From kids to elders, everyone likes […]

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What is Pop’emz: It is cool suction cup art that promises to keep your kids entertained for hours to come. Pop’emz maintains that your kids can have a lot of fun decorating with these hexagonal pieces that together can create works of art. You often wonder how to keep your kids entertained and their creativity […]