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What is Hanky Tanky Hanger It is a clothes hanger that claims to let you hang twelve tops or bottoms on one hanger. Hanky Tanky Hanger assures you respite from the regular space related problems you are faced with in your wardrobes. How often have you looked at your closet and wondered, “Where did all […]

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What is Grab Bag? It is a reusable shopping bag with features like specially broad base, securing flaps and more that provide it incredible capacity to accommodate loads of things comfortably.   Shopping made simple and easy If shopping for essentials feels like a burden because your shopping bag is not right, try Grab Bag. […]

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What is Sheffield Carpet Washer: It is an easy to use carpet cleaner that promises to help you do the job well while you save money too. Sheffield Carpet Washer claims that now you can get those professional carpet cleaning results at home without any hassle. You want to make sure that everything in your […]

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What is Slushy Wonder? It is a new slushy maker that makes ordinary juices and fizzy drinks turn slushy in minutes when its special freezer cubes are added into them and shaken.   Delicious slushies for everyone Slushy Wonder promises to treat you to amazing super-cool slushy drinks anytime you feel like it in a […]

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What is Eggstractor It is a kitchen tool that promises to help you peel hardboiled eggs quickly and perfectly every single time. Eggstractor asserts that it can be the right addition to the kitchen for those who love to have their hard boiled eggs during the day. You know that boiled eggs have several health […]