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What is Celebrity Sweat? Celebrity Sweat claims to be an online fitness program featuring top celebrities and professional athletes like pro football players, MMA pros, wrestlers, etc. showcasing their own behind-the-scenes workout sessions. Tae Bo legend Billy Blanks and Eric “The Trainer” proclaim to train you in this program and Celebrity Sweat assures to let […]

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  About PinPoint Pushup PinPoint Pushup claims to be an innovative fitness tool for upper body and core exercises to give you advanced stability and strength training. PinPoint Pushup asserts to use controlled de-stabilization to supercharge your strength training so that you get the most out of your workout with exclusive muscle activation and optimum […]

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  About Heel Dock Heel Dock is a pair of soft and cushioned tiny rugs for your feet that claim to prevent your expensive stiletto heels from scuffling. Heel Dock also proclaims to save your carpets and flooring from wear and tear due to your high heels.   How does it work Anyone who wears […]

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What is CycleLite CycleLite is a set of two solar rechargeable bicycle lights that claims to be an ideal accessory for your bicycle that helps you to be seen at night. CycleLite asserts to feature a solar headlight and taillight each that can help the bicycle riders be noticed by motorists and pedestrians even from […]