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Compare Power: Ultramaxx vs Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet Ultramaxx Nutrition Extractor Power: The Nutrition Extractor has a 220 watt motor Nutribullet 600 Power: The Nutribullet features a 600 watt motor Nutribullet Rx Power: The Rx version of Nutribullet features a powerful 1700 watt motor. Nutribullet Pro 900 Power: The Pro 900 model of Nutribullet has […]

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What is Nutrimaster Blender PRO It is a two in one blender and juicer that claims to handle around 50 kitchen tasks for you while getting you 60% more vital vitamins in your glass of juice. It is a blender and juicer rolled into one that promises to handle over 50 kitchen tasks for you […]

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