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About Table-Go-Round Table-Go-Round states to be a fitted table cloth that can instantly make your dull and boring table look brand new. It assures to fit any table including round and umbrella tables and make it look like designer Italian tile. Table-Go-Round asserts that it does not slip or slide and needs no ironing. It […]

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What is Garden Joy It states to be a garden accessory that lets the gardener kneel down comfortably to prevent knees strain. It claims to have a sturdy tubular form to support your weight and easy grip handles to let you get up without pain or strain. On flipping the knee rest, it maintains to […]

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What is Bubble Ninja? We all love bubbles but they are tiny and boring. Now there is an incredible way to make humongous bubbles that everyone will love. Here’s introducing Bubble Ninja, a bubble maker that lets you create enormous rainbow 3D bubbles. So now you don’t have to make tiny boring bubbles because you […]