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What is SuperStar Arms As per the infomercial it is a wearable shapewear that helps in toning and shaping the look of the arms to provide a slimmer and smoother look instantly. It can be worn under a dress easily or showed off as a standalone garment. SuperStar Arms convinces to be worn under a […]

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What is Smart Angel It claims to be a wearable case for smart phones and tablets that helps in carrying the devices without worry. Since it is wearable around the palm and wrist the users do not drop the device or even forget it somewhere.   Smart Angel Features and Benefits Keep you device safe […]

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What is Nutri Blitzer As per the infomercial it is a nutrient extractor that helps in extracting essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibres from all types of vegetables and fruits. The high speed blades create cyclonic vortex that can instantly pulverize seeds, leaves, skins, stems, peel and rind.     Nutri Blitzer Features A better […]

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What is Pumpkin Paradise The infomercial claims that it is a cookbook with various pumpkin recipes that one can make right at home in just minutes. Whether snacks, meals or desserts, the cookbook asserts to have recipes for them all. It maintains to have such simple recipes that just need you to dump the ingredients […]

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What is Photo Chest It claims to be a large photo organizer that helps in safely preserving photographs in a better way compared to shoe boxes. It is made from plastic and has 16 see-through compartments that can store up to 1600 photos in it.   Photo Chest Features and Benefits Preserve memories Photo Chest […]