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What is Swurlers It claims to be a flexible roller that helps in getting amazing waves without the fuss of spikey rollers or hot irons. It is made from silicone that does not damage the hair.     Amazing waves in minutes Swurlers guarantees to provide flawless waves that lasts long and takes very little […]

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Compare what is it? Ninja Coffee Bar vs Hamilton Beach Ninja Coffee Bar: It is a coffee brewer with its patent pending brewing technology that promises to deliver richer tasting coffee that is never bitter. Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew: It is a two in one coffee maker that brews a whole carafe of coffee or […]

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About Hang it Right Hang it Right claims to be an excellent tool that helps people to hang pictures, mirrors, shelves, etc on their walls easily. It assures to do away with the problem of unlevelled frames or a mess of multiple marks and to align everything perfectly. Hang it Right states to eliminate such […]

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About Bag Hero Bag Hero is the next generation bag clip that claims to have a 3-in-1 function – keeping your chips bag stand upright, locking it tight to keep the chips fresh, and storing bags neatly in the cabinet. Bag Hero asserts that it stays attached to the chips bag till it is empty […]