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What is The Good Promise Health Drinks It claims to be an amazing high-quality smoothie made of pure fruits and vegetables with low calories perfect for fitness nerds and regular people for a healthy snack.   The good snack The Good Promise Health Drinks claims to be the brainchild of two individuals – Karen and […]

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What is Rainbow Art? Rainbow Art as shown in the infomercial is an art kit which claims to capture the imagination of kids and harness their potential in art and designing. It engages the kids in a meaningful activity and at the same time teaches them about art and creativity. Unlike the regular art kits […]

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What is Freedom Collection? Freedom Collection as shown in the infomercial is a limited edition of U.S. coins that claims to have been made available for the first time to the public. This exclusive deal is being offered only through the special TV offer and nowhere else. The Freedom Collection proclaims to invoke a great […]