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What is Beddo? It is a mattress that guarantees the ultimate comfort and support while sleeping as it is constructed with a 10-inch thick foam layer packed with billions of soothing microscopic air capsules.   https://a.govid1.com/plymouth/beddo/BEDDO/1.0000/video1199.mp4   Beddo by Sobakawa Claims No more discomfort while sleeping – Beddo by Sobakawa poses itself a modern version […]

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About Pom Pom Wow Pom Pom Wow is a decoration kit that claims to let you decorate your stuff with pompoms. Pom Pom Wow claims to feature 6 ways of decorating plain stuff. It seems to be a cheap alternative to permanent paint and claims to do all the decoration without any damages.     […]

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What is Boom Touch? – It is a wireless speaker that plays music with supreme quality booming sound when placed on top of any music player with external speaker.     Boom Touch Claims No wires, no docks, no mess! – Boom Touch is promoted as a revolutionary wireless speaker that amplifies the sound of […]

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What is Starlyf Copper Pan? The TV ad states that it is a non-stick frying pan with super-resistant copper coating, high conductivity, and even heat distribution to let you cook food faster and more perfectly.     Starlyf Copper Pan REVIEW Not up to the mark – Lydia who bought Starlyf Copper Pan complained in […]