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About Ultimate Pedi Ultimate Pedi proclaims to be a home grooming tool that provides effective pedicure right at home easily.     Ultimate Pedi Claims The built-in roller with micronized diamonds of Ultimate Pedi removes calluses and the second polishing roller provides softness and polishing by simply clicking and spinning to change between the rollers. […]

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About RemeAll RemeAll states to be an all-natural clinically-proven pain remedy formula developed by scientists in India that adopts holistic healing properties of Ayurveda.     RemeAll Claims RemeAll guarantees to have 14 powerful and researched ingredients that relieve pain and inflammation by just rubbing a small amount on the affected area. It deeply penetrates […]

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What is Powerizer? It is a two in one detergent that claims to leave your laundry and dishes spotless clean. Powerizer asserts that now with one product that can be used in dishwasher and washing machine, you can get rid of hard water spots and stains. It rinses clean, which means there is no residue […]

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About Neutratone Neutratone proclaims to be a set of clinically-proven anti-aging formulas that deliver real results by combating fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, and loss of firmness. It consists of natural ingredients that restore younger-looking skin without any side effects. The ensemble asserts to include Facial Cleanser, Miracle Wrinkle Filler, Ultra Anti-Aging Complex, Vitamin C Brightener, […]

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What is My Roots: It is a saliva test that promises to unlock your family history through your DNA. My Roots stresses that now you can know more about your family’s heritage that you were always curios about. Your 23 chromosomes are the key here and reveal interesting family histories, according to its claims. My […]