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What is VisiCook Beehive Kettle It claims to be a powerful kettle that boils up to 1.7 liters of water. It features a beehive ribbed glass with beautiful light and bubbles show.   VisiCook Beehive Kettle CLAIMS Boil water with ease VisiCook Beehive Kettle guarantees to be a powerful kettle that uses rapid 2200W power […]

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What is Gotham Steel Square Pan As per the TV infomercial it is a non-stick cookware with a non-scratch surface made from combining ceramic and titanium.     Gotham Steel Square Pan CLAIMS Cooking made easy Gotham Steel Square Pan guarantees to be the only pan you will need to cook delicious meals in the […]

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What is Tutty Fruity As per the TV infomercial it claims to be a machine that helps in preparing low-fat soft-serve desserts that taste like ice cream without its ill-effects.     Yummy, healthy desserts Tutty Fruity states to be a unique soft-serve machine that helps in creating irresistible, unlimited soft-serve dessert. Tutty Fruity assures […]

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What is ToneGym As per the TV infomercial it is a new-age exercise machine that combines Pilates, resistance training, weight training and balance training. It comes fully assembled and folds for easy storage.     Totally body training ToneGym emphasizes to offer complete body workout with its innovative design. It declares to combine the effectiveness […]

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About STIMFIT PowerPod STIMFIT PowerPod states to be a shaping stimulation abs belt with a small device that gives firmer, stronger, and shapelier abs compared to doing abs the traditional way.     How does STIMFIT PowerPod work? Using Swiss stimulation technology, STIMFIT PowerPod convinces to stimulate the abs with electronic muscle stimulation (EMS). Switching […]