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What is it? Roto Sweep vs Easy Edge vs Hurricane Spin Broom Roto Sweep Roto Sweep is a scuff- and- scratch-free rotating hard floor sweeper designed with a built-in dustpan intended to work on wood, tile, marble, linoleum, and vinyl. Easy Edge Easy Edge is a lightweight hard floor swivel sweeper designed to clean debris […]

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What is PinPoint Measure? It is a laser measuring instrument that claims to make accurate measurements while mounting furnishings, fixtures, gadgets, etc. with the help of its ultrasonic laser beam. PinPoint Measure proclaims that it is the ultimate measuring tool that measures area, distance and volume accurately unlike ordinary tools like floppy measuring tapes.   […]

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What is MaxiGlide XP Digital It claims to be a hair straightener that is designed to straighten as well as detangle, hydrate, and smooth virtually every single strand right from its root.     Most effective straightener MaxiGlide XP Digital assures to be an amazing straightener that eliminates the problems of heating irons and hot […]