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What is NeatStax As per the TV infomercial it is a smart organizer that helps in stacking, sorting, and selecting clothes and more easily. It can be used in closets, drawers, laundry room, and inside travel bags to neatly organize clothes, files, and more.     NeatStax CLAIMS Stay organized – NeatStax proclaims to be […]

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Compare what is it? Gwee Gym vs Power Reels Gwee Gym and POWER REELS are both home exercise systems that use lightweight resistance bands to provide full-body training. Both equipment have been designed for users of all types of fitness level. POWER REELS combines resistance training in a portable design and helps in effectively losing […]

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What is Bell Howell Tac Bat It claims to be a military grade, high-performance flashlight that can be used to light up the dark easily. It also states to have a design that acts as a bat for self-defense purpose. Bell Howell Tac Bat assures that it is 22 times brighter than an ordinary flashlight. […]

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Compare What is it? NORLANYA vs Project E Both NORLANYA Photon Therapy system and Project E are skin beautifying and rejuvenation devices. They harness the LED light therapy technique and 7-Color Photon LED combinations lamp respectively with the help of yellow, red, and blue lights for skin treatment and conditioning. Both these machines offer salon-like […]

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About Easy Spray Butter Easy Spray Butter claims to be smart device that helps in turning regular butter into spray-on butter easily and quickly. It can also be used to spray other items such as oils and vinegar. Easy Spray Butter asserts to have a bottle design in which butter sticks should be plopped and […]

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About Leak No More Leak No More claims to be a gasket that helps in preventing leaks while connecting hoses. It asserts to have a universal design for use with any kind of hose.   How does “Leak No More” work? Gaps that are generally created by bad connections or worn out threads […]

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About Ear Wizard Ear wizard is the smartest, easiest, most gentle and an effective way to clean your ears. Wax often get culminated blocking the ears due to which it becomes difficult to hear sometimes or even feel the pain in ears. Ordinary cotton buds have been used since ages to clean the wax in […]