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What is Epilady Briza? Are you looking for an epilator for facial hair and sensitive areas? Then what you need is the Epilady Briza. The Epilady Briza is a compact, battery-operated epilator specifically designed to remove unwanted hair from the face and other sensitive areas.   Epilady Briza CLAIMS The Epilady Briza is a new […]

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About Mop Sonic Mop Sonic proclaims to be a versatile floor mop that can clean absolutely anything with its unique Vibra-Clean Technology. It asserts to be powerful and flexible enough to clean all types of floorings and clean hard-to-reach areas of the house.   How does Mop Sonic work? The Vibra-Clean Technology of Mop Sonic […]

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About Switch N Clean Switch N Clean promises to be an amazing floor cleaning system that helps in cleaning up wet and dry messes quickly, efficiently, and easily. Its smart and switchable design with double pads alleges to help cut the cleaning time by half each time.     How does Switch N Clean work? […]

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What is Lashnetics? Lashnetics are magnetic lashes that go on in just seconds without the use of messy glues or adhesives. Order your set of Lashnetics Magnetic Lashes today!   How does Lashnetics work? Lashnetics employs micro-magnetic technology to sandwich your natural lashes between two extremely lightweight fiber strips creating a bold, dramatic lash line […]

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What is Zip Trim It claims to be a portable trimmer that uses regular zip ties to cut and trim the lawn with high precision. It also comes with an extension pole to reach higher and a protective debris shield for user’s safety. Zip Trim guarantees to be a powerful and portable tool that can […]