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Just Pop It Snack Maker CLAIMS The Just Pop It Snack Maker is a non-stick snack making pot that lets you prepare tasty snacks fast and easy. The Just Pop It Snack Maker is an all in one mixer and spatula blade that stirs and mixes simultaneously creating delicious snacks in just minutes.     […]

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What is MicroTouch Solo It claims to be a new-age grooming tool that trims, shaves, and edges using micro precision and German Stainless Steel Blades. It assures that its pivoting head and spotlight makes grooming easy and quick. All-in-one grooming solution – MicroTouch Solo guarantees that it is an advanced grooming tool that is designed […]

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What is Active Bright As per the TV infomercial it uses activated coconut charcoal powder to whiten the teeth without irritating the gums and sensitive teeth.     Active Bright CLAIMS Bright, White Smile – Active Bright guarantees that its teeth whitening system will offer a natural, brighter smile to anyone. In comparison with other […]

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About Tri-Lite Spinners Tri-Lite Spinners claims to be a spinner that provides loads of fun when people feel fidgety. Switching between lights in various combinations allegedly creates hundreds of multiple light patterns.     How does Tri-Lite Spinners work? The simple design of Tri-Lite Spinners alleges to be easy to spin for anyone. A simple […]

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What is Window Wonder? Looking for a fast and easy way to clean hard to reach windows? It’s time to make the switch to Window Wonder, a breakthrough 3-in-1 window cleaner. Window Wonder is an innovative window mop designed to clean hard to reach windows. The Window Wonder takes just half the time and you […]

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Compare what is it? Sleep Styler vs Conair Soft Rollers vs Curlformers Sleep Styler is a hair styling system that employs patented super-absorbent heat-free rollers to deliver gorgeous, wavy, curly hair while you sleep, with virtually no effort. Conair Soft Rollers’s Pillow Soft Rollers feature a flexible internal wire that allows you to bend and […]