3 Second Lash vs One Two Lashes

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Compare what is it? 3 Second Lash vs One Two Lashes

3 Second Lashes are magnetic lashes that can be set within seconds without glue or adhesive that create mess. For more information and reviews about 3 Second Lash, check out this page.

One Two Lashes are magnetic eyelash extensions that guarantee to make your eyelashes look rich and voluminous while keeping the “false lash” effect at bay. One Two Lashes provide four diverse extensions, viz., the Accent Lash, the Original Lash, the Bold Lash and the Filler Lash.


Compare what does it do? 3 Second Lash vs One Two Lashes

3 Second Lash impart a naturally beautiful look to eyes and ensure your eyelashes appear thick, long and lavish. They are versatile magnetic lashes that suit people of all ages, looks and eye shape.

One Two Lashes create a naturally beautiful look for you by making your eyelashes appear long, thick and long.


Compare Material: 3 Second Lash vs One Two Lashes

They both 3 Second Lash and One Two Lashes are made of synthetic material.


Compare how does it stick? 3 Second Lash vs One Two Lashes

3 Second Lash are provided with 3 Second Lash micro-magnetic technology, which entails placing both the lashes over and below your natural lashes. The magnet in 3 Second Lash gets them to settle securely on top and bottom of your natural lashes and connect them wholly so they stay in place..

One Two Lashes have special budge-proof micro magnetic technology in them to keep the lashes steady when worn.


Compare how to use? 3 Second Lash vs One Two Lashes

3 Second Lash
Please follow the two simple steps given below to use 3 Second Lash:
1. Keep the top lash on your natural lashes.
2. Next, keep the bottom lash under your natural lashes to make it connect with the top lash.
When it’s time to take them off, you need to slide the magnetic strips apart with your thumb and forefinger. (Important: The lashes should never be pulled off to remove)


One Two Lashes
The two strips provided in the One Two Lashes pack are worn by placing one above your lashes and the other (with a red dot on its magnetic part) below them. The lashes come with a magnetic piece in the centre that keep them in place. To use One Two Lashes, follow the procedure given below:

1. Place the lash without the red dot on your natural lashes
2. Place the bottom lash (with a red dot on the magnetic part) under your natural lashes to make both connect with each other.
To remove these lashes after use, you need to take them off gently with your thumb and forefinger, ensuring that the lashes are never pulled directly off the eyes as that can cause harm.


Compare Price: 3 Second Lash vs One Two Lashes

3 Second Lash: $29.99

One Two Lashes: $69


Compare what do I get? 3 Second Lash vs One Two Lashes

3 Second Lash
• One set of Natural 3 Second Lash Magnetic Lashes
• One set of Bold 3 Second Lash Magnetic Lashes
• One compact case with a built-in mirror

One Two Lashes
Four pairs of eyelashes are supplied in the pack.


Compare REVIEWS: 3 Second Lash vs One Two Lashes

3 Second Lash Reviews

Thelma Marsh, a disappointed customer who reviewed 3 Second Lash, says that the lashes are too big and look caked up. They are also not of very good quality and are unable to sustain their contours and curliness. Other users like Sophia Walton and Della Joseph have also raised similar points in their feedback about 3 Second Lash. Jodie Haynes, Maria Vasquez and Pamela Chapman further say that these magnetic lashes are not very easy to wear and tend to slip off when pulled to be removed. They are also very heavy and feel burdensome on eyes.

Erica Klein has written in her 3 Second Lash review that they are very small in size, due to which they don’t look natural but bizarre. She says it seems as if lashes are there only on the outside corners of the eyes. She also finds it difficult to wear them as the magnetic intensity of both the lashes is so powerful that neither stays in place without pulling the other while they shouldn’t. Overall, other users have given 3 Second Lash a one star rating.


One Two Lashes Reviews

Sarah Patterson has written in her One Two Lashes review that they are not worth the money she spent to purchase them as they are not only highly priced but also look substandard. The strips don’t look natural as they aren’t curved right and don’t suffice to cover eyes properly as they are too small. Other users like Laura Brown, Melissa Harris and Pauline Casey have also stated in their One Two Lashes reviews that it is difficult to manage eye make-up intact with the eye lashes on as it tends to get smudged. In addition to that, most reviewers have given One Two Lashes only a one star rating.

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