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What is DEEBOT R95?

DEEBOT R95 is a multifunctional Floor Cleaning Robot with advanced intelligence and laser mapping that lets you clean your house to perfection, without the need for human intervention.
DEEBOT R95 is great for bare floors, short-pile carpets, textured floors and so much more. Simply use the DEEBOT R95 for your home cleaning needs and start enjoying your home, instead of cleaning it!
Designed with SLAM Technology (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) and LDS (Laser Distanse Sensors), the DR95 robotic vacuum cleaner scans the environment to set up a virtual map, and schedules the cleaning path accordingly without wandering around aimlessly.
The DEEBOT R95 is so incredible! You are guaranteed to love the way the DEEBOT R95 floor cleaning robot cleans your home to perfection leaving it to a sparkling shine!



5-Stage Cleaning System with Advanced Wet / Dry Mop

The DEEBOT R95 features a 5-stage cleaning system with a wet/dry mop. 1. The V-Shaped brush is designed to lift dirt towards the center of the suction inlet so vacuuming it is a breeze. 2. The Advanced Wet/Dry Mopping System with an integrated water reservoir wets the cloth pad, mops the floor and dries it to a spotless shine.
With the DEEBOT R95 your floors will stay clean all the time, even if you are not at home.


Intelligent Cleaning Path with Memory
Even when it’s time to recharge, the DEEBOT R95 remembers where the cleaning is left undone and resumes cleaning from that same spot when it’s time to clean again. It’s that amazing!


Smartphone Control
Simply download the DR95 APP on your smart phone and you can control your DEEBOT R95 through the app even when you are away from home. You can also designate the area that needs to be cleaned, schedule a cleaning time and so much more!
Use the DR95 mobile app to monitor the floor cleaning robot’s position and cleaning progress in your home. You can also control the robot’s movement in your home, schedule or start an automatic cleaning, identify cleaning areas and areas to leave alone, monitor remaining battery capacity and view the robot’s cleaning log.
So simply use your DR95 mobile app to clean your home even when you are away from home.


Self-Adjusting Driving Wheels
Designed with “floating” driving wheels the DEEBOT R95 floor cleaning robot automatically adjusts to uneven surfaces. So you can use it on your natural wood, textured floors and short-pile carpets to leave your home cleaned to perfection.


Easy to Use and Easy to Maintain
DEEBOT R95 is simple and easy to use. With just a push of a button it cleans bare floors and low-pile carpets. The routine maintenance does not require any tools either. It’s that simple and easy!


Stair Safety Technology
The advanced Anti-Drop Sensors ensures the DEEBOT R95 cleans up to and around stairs without falling over. When the robot senses a drop-off, it reverses direction and detects a new cleaning path.


Automatic Charging
When the battery power gets low, the DEEBOT R95 floor cleaning robot receives a signal from its charging dock and automatically returns there to charge fully. This ensures your DR95 is always charged and ready to clean anytime!


Twice Per Day Cleaning Schedule
You can also schedule your DEEBOT R95 to automatically clean your home once or twice per day, at a specific time that you want. With the DEEBOT R95 you can say goodbye to human intervention, yet always come home to clean, mopped floors.
Order the DEEBOT R95 floor cleaning robot today and clean your home to perfection without the need for human intervention!


What do I get?
Main unit (With Battery): 1
Remote control with battery: No
Charging Dock: 1
Side brush: 4
Multi-function cleaning tool: 1
Instruction Manual: 1
Dust container(for 3D): No
3D cleaning system accessory: No
Protection card: 1
Advanced cleaning mop with water reservior: 1
Measuring cup: TBD
Virtual Wall: Yes(APP)
Data cable: 1

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