Active Bright REVIEW | Activated Coconut Charcoal Teeth Whitening Exposed

What is Active Bright

As per the TV infomercial it uses activated coconut charcoal powder to whiten the teeth without irritating the gums and sensitive teeth.



Active Bright CLAIMS

Bright, White Smile – Active Bright guarantees that its teeth whitening system will offer a natural, brighter smile to anyone. In comparison with other systems and dental procedures, Active Bright assures to be safe, easy, and cost effective. Although there are no Active Bright reviews available currently that will attest to its claims.

Active whitening system – Active Bright promises to whiten the teeth quickly and naturally with its activated coconut charcoal. As per the manufacturers, Active Bright allegedly traps toxins and chemicals in its millions of tiny pores. This system also absorbs the plaque and bacteria in the mouth that otherwise stain the teeth and even cause bad breath. Once users rinse it off with water, the teeth start to display their natural color and turn white over time. Such farfetched claims made by Active Bright will be only proved once we receive user reviews for further analysis.

Exclusive Features – Active Bright claims that although it has a charcoal color, it leaves a minty fresh breath behind. Since it is to be used with a toothbrush, it convinces to be easy for use and requires no additional procedure. Active Bright proclaims to be completely safe to use every day and works on stains left by red wine, grape juice, coffee, tobacco, tea, and more. Currently, there are no Active Bright reviews available that will substantiate its claims.


Active Bright REVIEW

According to Janis Ball’s Active Bright review, it doesn’t seem to work. She isn’t sure if it whitens the teeth of just scours them and badly sticks to the gums. Even after rinsing and brushing with regular toothpaste with multiple times, the gums looked gray and black all day.

Nancy Bush writes in her Active Bright review that it is not worth the money. In the review, she states that she used Active Bright consistently for several months and didn’t see any type of result. She mentions that the paste is messy and requires multiple washes to remove it off.

Bobby Mann’s Active Bright review is a little positive in terms of achieving teeth whitening. But he had to discontinue using it due to gum irritation and soreness.

Another hopeful Active Bright customer, Ricky Pena says in his review that the charcoal kept getting stuck under the rims of the gums and caused soreness. He highlights in his Active Bright review that he didn’t notice any difference in his teeth color.

One Active Bright review by Johnnie Olson asserts that the charcoal stays behind under the gums even after thoroughly cleansing it. Using regular toothpaste after it also doesn’t make much of a difference. His Active Bright review reveals that brushing the teeth with it at night to avoid seen with blackened gums caused dry and scratchy throat in the morning. As per his review, Active Bright does work but comes with so many disadvantages that users might not be interested in using it.

Steve Johnson, an Active Bright reviewer, reveals that it failed to provide any sort of whitening to the teeth even after a month of regular use.

Johanna Austin too has similar views in her Active Bright review but does mention that the teeth feel smooth after wash and leaves a fresh feeling behind.

Maggie Mathis, a customer who reviewed Active Bright, exposes that it failed to work. Instead, it left a weird taste in her mouth and gave a stomach ache. She warns other users in her review that Active Bright might not be value for money and they should look for alternatives.

An elderly reviewer, Laurie Berry, criticizes Active Bright saying it didn’t offer any great results even after a month of consistent use. According to her review, she used Active Bright to whiten her yellow teeth that surface due to enamel erosion. She wished Active Bright worked better since she is a non-smoker, non-alcoholic, and non-coffee drinker, and takes good care of her teeth. In her review, she suggests users go for something else instead of this system.

Walter Hollaway’s review of Active Bright calls it a fake and cheap knock-off of similar systems that are tried and tested.


Active Bright Questions Answers

Q. Does Active Bright work on veneers?
A. No, it is meant to be used only on real teeth.

Q. Does Active Bright contain gluten?
A. Charcoal is gluten-free by nature but there may be some trace amounts due to other ingredients in it. And since it gets rinsed off instead of ingesting, it should be fine to use.

Q. Can Active Bright work with an electric toothbrush too?
A. It is recommended that Active Bright should be used with a separate soft bristle toothbrush or it will leave a stain behind on your regular toothbrush. Plus it should not be spun around with electric power as it might just get easier to inhale. Plus it doesn’t have fluoride and might cause abrasions in the enamel due to electric power.

Q. How quickly can Active Bright produce results?
A. No results have been recorded yet.

Q. Will Active Bright affect the color of filling on a front tooth?
A. It doesn’t work on any fillings, crowns, etc. and is meant to whiten only the natural teeth. Sadly it doesn’t change the shade of the teeth much. But different individuals have had different results.

Q. Can Active Bright whiten the fillings as well to make the teeth look even?
A. No, it doesn’t.

Q. Does Active Bright really help with removal of stains between the teeth?
A. No, there hasn’t been a much noticeable difference.

Q. Are the results from Active Bright permanent or will it require brushing consistently forever for maintaining the whiteness?
A. There have been no results at all so there is no answer as to how long should it is used.

Q. Should Active Bright be used before or after brushing?
A. It is better to use Active Bright after brushing since sometimes the charcoal is left behind on the teeth and gums. Brushing after with normal toothpaste can help clean it all up in a better way.

Q. Is Active Bright powerful enough to even out uneven stain colors?
A. It is difficult to say since most people will teeth that are not stained will see better results. Active Bright is not a solution like bleach white but can give a white pop to the teeth for a bright smile.

Q. Can Active Bright remove stains that stem from tobacco use?
A. No, there have no results recorded yet.

Q. Is Active Bright FDA approved?
A. No.

Q. Can Active Bright whiten the bridge work and bonding?
A. No.

Q. Will Active Bright work fine with braces on?
A. No, the fine powder of charcoal might settle in small places and might even stain the cement that attaches the braces.

Q. Will Active Bright clean the gums too?
A. No. It is intended for whitening the teeth and should not be scrubbed over the gums. Such an action might damage them. Care should be taken while using a soft bristle toothbrush to apply it only on teeth.



What do I get?
120-Day Supply of Active Bright with shade guide for $10.00 + $13.98 S/h at the official website:

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