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About Fly Mop

Fly Mop states to be a revolutionary 4-in-1 mop system that combines wet mop, sweeper, duster and scrubber to clean the house much faster and make it more hygienic.



Fly Mop Claims

The longest flat mop head of Fly Mop makes it easier to wipe messes, clean edges and corners. With 18 inches wide cleaning head, the cleaner asserts to be 40% wider than traditional mops and cleans in places where other mops cannot reach and can be used as a wet as well as a dry mop.


Four-in-one mop – Anyone who hates mopping, sweeping and scrubbing because they are painful chores will find Fly Mop useful as it can clean the house quickly and keeps it healthier. It convinces to work as a mop, duster, scrubber, and sweeper and can pick up pet hair, dirt, dust and even liquid spills effectively. It convinces to work on the stairs, under furniture, behind toilets, windows, hard-to-reach ceiling fans and cobwebs since it can extend over four feet. These claims should be believed after there are more Fly Mop user reviews.

Works on any surface – Not just floor, Fly Mop emphasizes to work on practically every surface from granite, marble floor, laminate, and even hardwood floors. It has a patented dirt extraction dual bucket. You need to insert the mop on the piston pump of the wet tub to let the scrubbing brush scrapes the mop clean. The dry tub has a high-speed spin cycle that drains the excess water so that you do not have to touch the dirty mop head to squeeze it. Whether or not the Fly Mop gives such clean use will be known with more user reviews.


Anti-spill and easy to maneuver – Fly Mop guarantees to cut your cleaning time by half and the fiber cloth cuts through soap scum with half the effort. The shaft of the mop is strong but lightweight, the bucket is anti-spill, has an easy-to-release spout, 360 degrees rotating wheels for easy maneuvering, and disassembles in two parts for convenient storage. Did you find the mop so convenient to use? Send us your user reviews.


What do I get?
1 Flymop Flat Head Spin Mop with Scrub/Dry Bucket and 2 Reusable Pads for $79.85 | Official website:

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