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11 thoughts on “Air Dragon REVIEW

Online Xanax Vendor
  1. I was going to purchase until I saw the “free” Dair Dragon is not free. Just pay an additional fee of $19.99. If s&h is $9.99 for the first one then why is it double the price for the second one? This means the second is actually $10 plus $9.99 s&h. That’s not free. I was going to order several as gifts for friends and family. I don’t mind the $9.99 S&H but I’m not paying for the “free” Air Dragon. Thank you. This is my opinion which I made with common sense.

  2. Piece of shit starts running as soon as you plug it in stops running sometimes for no reason replies it starts again keeps doing that the hole time call the company only garunteed 30 days guess I’m shit out of luck do not buy this item

  3. My Air Dragon was a gift from a coworker. Used it for the first time today when I found my car tire almost completely deflated due to a screw in my tire. My tire pressure is rated at 32 PSI. When I removed the screw I heard air escaping but when I turned the screw all the way flush with my tire, the air stopped escaping.

    When I connected the pressure hose from the Air Dragon to my tire, it showed 5 PSI. After running for almost 15 minutes, the Air Dragon (AD) showed I had 10 PSI. The unit was very hot so I let it cool down for 15 minutes. Another 15 minutes and my tire was up to 16 PSI so I had to let the AD cool down again as it was very hot including the pressure hose and unit itself.

    After over 2 hours of using the Air Dragon to inflate my tire and allowing it to cool back down I finally got my tire up to 28 PSI. While trying to reach 30 PSI the pressure hose split at the bottom where it attached to the Air Dragon. I called 1-800-540-1206 which was the number to order a battery pack. After listening to the recorded announcement twice, I finally got a number for customer service. When I informed customer service that I needed a replacement pressure hose, I was informed that no replacement parts are available and that the Air Dragon only has a 30 day warranty.

    If the unit would have failed within the first 30 days, the company would have sent me a replacement unit. So now my unit is unusable unless I can find an aftermarket pressure hose.

    My recommendation is not to buy the Air Dragon due to (1) Very long time to inflate a 32 PSI auto tire, over an hour allowing for the unit to cool down (2) No replacement parts and (3) Only a 30 day warranty.

  4. I would not recommend doing business with this company.If it were possible to give a -10 rating I would.
    First, it took over 4 months to get the product once it was ordered.
    Once received, I used it with a set PSI. Once the unit reached that number it automatically added an additional PSIs and continued to pump until I manually had to shut it off.
    I sent an email to Telebrand asking how to correct the issue. The replied back stating to reset the unit, but never described how to reset it. They also stated to call their customer service if there were other questions.
    I called customer service and they said there was nothing they could do. They made no effort to try and identify the issue or resolve the problem.
    I asked to speak with a supervisor and they kept putting me on hold. I never did get to speak with the supervisor as requested. So much for the 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  5. I purchased the Air Dragon for my husband for Christmas, he used it for 10 minutes and it started to get very hot and stopped working. I contacted Air Dragon and was told there was only a 30 day warranty and they wouldn’t do a thing about getting our money back. I will never do business with this scam of a company again.

  6. After reading all the reviews which cover purchase or not to purchase the Air Dragon, I think I’ll give it a miss & continue to use the hand pump to apply air to my bicycle tyres. This means that I’ll save myself several dollars in cost.
    It would appear that this item is not popular with the masses!

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