Air Dragon

What is Air Dragon?

It is an easy to use tool to fill your car tires yourself with complete precision, according to its claims.
Air Dragon assures you a way to fill your tires wherever you might be without having to wait for professional help. It also promises to be versatile to work with all types of car tires. We will get our hands on Air Dragon reviews to verify these claims.


Easiest way to fill car tires

Air Dragon emphasizes on the fact that it’s so easy to use and has an ergonomic handle for practically anyone to fill car tires now. You simply plug it into your car’s 12 volt outlet and check your car’s PSI. Now when you are running low, you can fill your tires quickly and go. These are tall claims that have to be confirmed with Air Dragon reviews.


No more guesswork
Air Dragon takes the guesswork out of filling your tires. That’s because of the easy to read pressure gauge that lets you know when you have reached perfect PSI. Air Dragon reviews can validate this.

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2 thoughts on “Air Dragon

  1. It says my comment wouldn’t be posted and I figured as much! Knock the $10 charge for the “free” Air Dragon and I will order 6-10. Thanks, Mike

  2. I was going to purchase until I saw the “free” Dair Dragon is not free. Just pay an additional fee of $19.99. If s&h is $9.99 for the first one then why is it double the price for the second one? This means the second is actually $10 plus $9.99 s&h. That’s not free. I was going to order several as gifts for friends and family. I don’t mind the $9.99 S&H but I’m not paying for the “free” Air Dragon. Thank you. This is my opinion which I made with common sense.


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