Airtouch Brush REVIEW

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What is Airtouch Brush?

The Airtouch Brush is a collection of make-up brushes that you can use to get a professional airbrushed look right at home. The Airtouch Brush is designed with coarsely filled bristles to perfectly apply, contour and blend your makeup leaving your face looking flawless like never before.



Airtouch Brush CLAIMS

Unlike ordinary brushes that do not cover your pores, leave the makeup uneven and just don’t do the job, the Airtouch Brushes ensure an even application every time you use it.

Great for any make-up – Designed with specially designed bristles, the Airtouch Brush promises to you a perfectly even application every time you use it. The Airtouch Brush is great to use for all your make-up – powder, liquid or cream. You can use it to apply cream, liquid or powder foundation to large areas of the face. It works flawlessly to blend and contour bronzing or highlighting powders.

The Airtouch Brushes evenly shades and blends your make-up and is great for applying concealer and contouring.

With the Airtouch Brush sculpting and filling eyebrows or contouring in the smallest spaces is a breeze. It is also ideal for applying setting powders to the face, neck, décolletage and body.

Order the Airtouch Brush collection today to enjoy a perfect even application of your favorite make-up every time!


Airtouch Brush REVIEW

The Airtouch Brushes are decent, the handles feel flimsy and there was a bit of shedding. The bristles of the Airtouch Brush have not been evenly cut (even though it was only a few strands per brush) and they soak up more product than other brushes of this type. The bristles on the eye brushes are too long. Overall the Airtouch Brush is not a favorite but will do for powder products.

The overall feel of the Airtouch Brush bristles is nice; however, the handles are really flimsy.

The Airtouch Brushes are okay, some of the smaller brushes are unusable as there is glue on most of the bristles.

The Airtouch Brush bristles are really nice but the material it is made out of is no good. It could break in half just by applying foundation.

The bristles may come out of the brush heads. If you are looking for have brushes that don’t shed hairs then the Airtouch Brush is not for you. The brushes also feel too flimsy to use compared to Artis brushes.

The Airtouch Brushes are soft. The handles of the Airtouch Brush are not sturdy. The foundation does not blend completely with the brush and leaves little streak marks.

Pros: The Airtouch Brushes blend out foundation.

Cons: It is rough on the face after one wash because they shed, so they are not comfortable to use but they do blend out your foundation.

The quality of the Airtouch Brushes is not great. It does not apply the foundation well. It leaves patches. So it is definitely not recommended.

The Airtouch Brushes work pretty well with matte foundation. The other ones are kind of streaky, and don’t evenly distribute. The Airtouch Brushes are way cheaper than buying the 400 dollar real ones but are definitely not of the same quality.

The Airtouch Brushes does its job, however, these only do a light coverage of makeup. So if you need a light application of makeup on your face then the Airtouch Brush is for you! They are soft to the touch, handy, delicate, and great to use. But if you need a medium coverage then the Airtouch Brush will not work for you.

The Airtouch Brushes are really soft! The handles do feel a little flimsy but the brush part is very dense. There are no guidelines on how to use them or how to clean them. It also does not mention what each brush is for. The Airtouch Brushes are pretty okay overall.

The Airtouch Brushes are super soft. The brushes are too long and you may have a hard time controlling the powders and the blending. Otherwise the large oval ones are great!

The Airtouch Brushes are decent enough but the handles feel like they’re going to break. Can’t use the Airtouch Brushes to put on powder or you look cakey and it’s pretty hard to put on eye-shadow, but not impossible. Save your money and get the five piece set rather than the ten piece set.


Airtouch Brush Questions and Answers

Q. Is the rose gold part of the Airtouch Brush plastic or metal?
A. The Airtouch Brushes feel like metal, but they are a very sturdy plastic.

Q. How big is the biggest Airtouch Brush?
A. In the set B, the biggest brush is about 3 inches across at the longest point. It’s perfect for powder foundation. If you want the bigger set then set A has them.

Q. Are the Airtouch Brushes from the USA or China?
A. These Brushes are from China.

Q. Do you have to wash the Airtouch Brushes before you use them?
A. You can wash it using a solid beauty blender cleaner. It is the most effective in removing all of the leftover makeup. The best part about these brushes is they do not absorb that much product since they are so dense. If you do not have the solid beauty blender cleaner then use a regular bar of soap. When drying the Airtouch Brushes remember to place the brushes bristles down onto a towel so that the water dries completely.

Q. How do you clean the Airtouch Brushes? It is washable?
A. The Air-touch Brushes are washable. Just wet the bristles and pour on a small amount of baby shampoo. Rub the bristles with your fingers and rinse. Dry the Air touch Brushes flat, not standing up. Cream blush and powder cosmetics come off easily but foundation is hard to get out.


What do I get?

  • Airtouch 5 Brush Collection
  • 1 brush cleaner solution

Price: $29.99 plus $4.99 p&h | Official website:

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  1. Do NOT buy!!! Zero customer service, as in the number just hangs up on you and it is impossible to return.

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