All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

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Compare what is it? All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

Both, All-Clad Prep & Cook and Thermomix are versatile kitchen appliance that offers multiple functions such as chopping, beating, mixing, whipping, grinding, kneading, stirring, heating, blending, juicing, grating, mincing, and more.


Compare what does it do? All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

The two cooker and processors, All-Clad Prep & Cook and Thermomix, come with high-quality stainless steel bowls and super-sharp blades to perform all the prep work. They can be used to mix, steam, blend, stir, grind, whisk, emulsify, simmer, knead, cook, and chop food. Apart from these options, they can be used to cook, stir-fry, and slow cook food items as they have programmed and custom temperature and speed control available.

All-Clad Prep & Cook comes with a digital push-button control panel that helps the user to select from its various options such as 6 automatic programs for sauce, soup, simmer, steam, pastry, and dessert, adjust time and temperature, 12 variable speed settings, and pulse and turbo. With these many readily available options and customization features, cooking enthusiasts and experts can quickly and easily make numerous recipes.

Thermomix TM5 is a new-age appliance and top in the ‘thermal blender’ class. It features 2.2 liter of surgical steel bowl, super-sharp blades, and a high-powered, integrated heating element. Apart from the various options, it also features a built-in digital scale for preparing recipes with perfection.


Compare Features: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
It features multiple options between various prepping and cooking work with 6 automatic programs that make the sauce, steam, soup, pastry, simmer, and dessert at the touch of a button. The adjustable settings provide a wide range to create custom programs. It has an adjustable time up to 2 hours, the temperature can be switched from 90 to 270 degrees F, the speed can be selected between 12 options, and a pulse and turbo setting can be used to control the appliance for custom recipes. It ships with multiple accessories with 5 unique tools in a display case, a stainless steel steam basket, and patented lid with steam control for various purposes. The intuitive control panel is easy to use for users and is waterproof for safe use in the kitchen. The unique large handled design can be used to carry the bowl easily. The 4.7 qt. cooking bowl has flared edges to ensure drip-free pouring. All these items are removable and can be placed in a dishwasher for easy cleaning. A recipe book with 300 recipes for over 1MM menu options is sent along with the package.


This smart device handles and automates most of the cooking process to save time and take away the guessing from cooking. Its clever design along with a Guided Cooking feature can be accessed on the touchscreen display. The easy-to-use interface has a one selector dial for a quick and precise selection control.

Its integrated sensors automatically monitor the temperature of the food to ensure it cooks consistently and makes even the delicate of dishes easily. For cleaning purposes, a self-cleaning feature is available that washes its mixing bowl once the meal is prepared.

There are locking bars available in Thermomix so that the lid closes and opens easily during operation. It also has an electronic motor protection that protects the device and food from overheating. There are Recipe Chips, interchangeable storage devices, available that hold a host of recipes in digital form to browse and following on the screen while using it. The recipes cater to specific dietary needs and have all nutritional information for people who are looking to lose weight, manage allergies, and count calories. This 12-in-1 system acts as an electronic weighing scale, countertop blender, food processor, bread maker, slow cooker, steamer, coffee grinder, smoothie maker, etc.
Since it replaces many of oven and stove recipes and minimizes their usage, it saves on energy and helps lower the energy bills and improve the carbon footprints. For further cost-efficiency, it switches off after 15 minutes of idle time.


Compare Built-in Automatic Programs: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
There are total 6 programs available in this processor that takes the guessing out of these recipes. It has a Sauce program that can cook the most difficult of sauces with the unique combination of stirring and optimal temperature. Another program helps in making Soups that are either creamy or chunky as per the user’s requirement. It can be used to Simmer food items with browning, intermittent stirring, and using the right temperature for browning to slow cooking. All-Clad Prep & Cook also has a Steam Cook option to steam vegetables and seafood with ease. It comes with Pastry option that kneads and stirs the dough automatically and has a Dessert option to create creamy, yummy recipes at the touch of a button.


This food processor and cooker have the ability to make perfect pancakes or crepe batters easily since it can mix anything with perfection including, cakes, tortes, cookies, and slices. The Steaming option can be used with the intelligent Varoma attachment that cooks food in vapor with the aroma. Simply add spices to the water in the mixing bowl to add the flavor through aroma on fish, meat, or vegetables. Thermomix’s Blending function is perfect for making smoothies, cocktails, or blends ice cubes and frozen ingredients. The built-in scale helps in weighing the food that is to be cooked with ease and also weighs as the ingredients are mixed and even while the motor is running. The Stirring option stirs the food gently and helps in achieving even, consistent heat while cooking the food. The Grinding or Milling functions is perfect to mill flours from different grains, grind coffee, grate parmesan, or grind herbs and spices easily. The function is powerful enough to crush ice in seconds, grind poppy or sesame seeds, and more with custom speed and duration.

Thermomix also has a Whipping function that whisks using the butterfly attachment to create smooth creams and beat egg whites into rich peaks easily. Its Emulsifying option is perfect for making salad dressings and mayonnaise. The measuring cup pours the oil on the lid to drizzle down into the bowl with the other ingredients for a perfect mix. The Kneading attachment makes perfect bread, pizza, brioche, and delicate recipes such as scones. There is special interval mode that replicates the kneading action perfectly for optimal rising. Its Cooking function warms, heats, cooks, and sautés recipes easily. Lastly, the Chopping function chops onions, nuts, herbs, vegetables, meat, etc. with ease within seconds.


Compare Speed Settings: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
It features 12 variable speed settings.

It has a special speed setting with an alternating mode designed for dough preparation. The speed in the appliance is controlled automatically with an electronic motor protection to prevent overloading.


Compare Number of functions: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
It has 12 functions

It has more than 12 functions


Compare Power: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
1400 W

500 W


Compare Max RPM: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
15000 RPM

10,700 RPM with a Gentle stir option at 40 RPM


Compare Minimum cooking temperature: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
90 °F

37 °C


Compare Maximum cooking temperature: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
270 °F

120 °C (248 °F)


Compare Time range: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
It can cook food from 0-120 minutes range.

It is designed to automatically stop after 99 minutes of maximum cooking duration.


Compare Bowl working capacity: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
2.7 Qt.

2.2 liters


Compare Bowl material: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
Polished stainless steel

Surgical stainless steel


Compare Cleaning: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
It features dishwasher-safe bowl and attachments.

Its mixing bowl is to be washed by hand but the rest of the parts can be placed in a dishwasher.


Compare What do I get? All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
It comes with an Ultrablade Knife that performs the chopping function and mixes soups or fruit purees with ease. The Whisking attachment beats and emulsifies eggs, cream, etc. for a light, frothy mixture. The Mixer attachment slowly and carefully mixes the ingredients or stirs them perfectly while cooking. The Kneading/Crushing blade kneads dough, grinds, and mixes hard ingredients such as nuts, ice, etc. with ease. The Steam Basket attachment can be used to cook vegetables, fish, and meat with flavor in a healthy and gentle way. All-Clad Prep & Cook also comes with a recipe book for making delicious items.


It comes with a Mixing Bowl lid that adds more safety to the system since it won’t start unless the lid has been locked in properly. The Varoma attachment makes steamed food while cooking other dishes to save time and add custom flavor to the recipes. A Spatula is provided that exactly fits the shape of the mixing bowl and reaches every crevice for easy scraping to reduce food wastage. The Simmering Basket is a perfect fit for placing inside the mixing bowl to prepare rice, potatoes, vegetables, and other side dishes. It can also be used as a fruit or vegetable strainer for preparing the meals. Its Knife attachment can grind nuts or knead bread dough with ease. Thermomix’s Mixing Bowl has an integrated heating system and temperature sensor at its base to provide perfect cooking every single time. For whisking items easily, the Butterfly Whisk attachment works optimally. The accompanied Measuring Cup is designed to permit steam to escape and helps in adding liquids to the ingredients. It also saves the counter from food splashes while blending and is easier to clean. Additionally, it traps the heat so that it doesn’t escape the bowl. There are Recipe Chips available that present the recipes in a digital format and can be followed on the interface. It shows tips, variations in recipes, and even the nutritional information of ingredients to be used.


Compare Price: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook



Compare Warranty: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
It offers a limited lifetime warranty.

It comes with a 24-month warranty.


Compare Reviews: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook REVIEW

One customer who used All-Clad Prep & Cook reveals in her review that its recipe book is pretty unorganized. There is no grouping of food items apart from the Side, Main, and Dessert recipes and they aren’t in an alphabetical order too. One will need to refer the index every time to find something specific.

Another review by an All-Clad Prep & Cook user complains that it would do better if there was a way to explain how to perform basic functions just as whipping egg whites well. Also, it doesn’t grate food well enough such as carrots or potatoes.

An All-Clad Prep & Cook review states that once it kneads the dough, it has to be put inside an oven to actually bake the bread. Also, the grinding isn’t as great as the chopping mechanism when it comes to meat.

A confused user asserts in her review that there is no way to remove the spindle that attaches the blade with locking ring. As per the instructions, All-Clad Prep & Cook has a label on it that says removable for cleaning.

According to an All-Clad Prep & Cook review, the processor is a bit complicated to use as shown in the advertisement. There are 3 separate lids that make up for the top lid assembly and are to be separated for cleaning.


Thermomix REVIEW

As per a Thermomix reviewer, its mixing bowl doesn’t come with a pour spout. The user also discloses that the gooey ingredients such as dough get caught in the blades. The user suggests that Thermomix would have been better if it utilized its turn-wheel control to the optimum.

One customer who used Thermomix complains in his review that the top layer of rice in its simmering basket didn’t get cooked. The processor failed to reach the selected temperature and it would leave bits of mixture untouched and required some manual mixing of it.
A satisfied reviewer says that Thermomix mixes food well especially in the Turbo mode. Also, the bottom of the mixing bowl and knife can be twisted off the bottom for removal for hand cleaning. The accessories can be put in the dishwasher for easy rinsing.

A frustrated customer writes in his Thermomix review that there was a manufacturing defect in it. The system always showed a lid error. Also when it doesn’t, it overheated while warming food items and shuts down automatically.

A review of Thermomix by a user warns that it isn’t meant for salads since it just creates a mush/puree of sorts and doesn’t slice, dice, or chop in different shapes.

One other Thermomix review exposes that it is useless when it comes to processing small quantities of food items. The recipe simply remains unprocessed for small items and works only when large quantities are used. The arms take a long time to lock and unlock and even with that seal, it leaks while blending at high speeds. The user further adds in the review that cleaning the arm is a little difficult. She also exposes that the Varoma tray used for steaming in Thermomix is made out of thermoplastic polymer.

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