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99 thoughts on “American Aviator Watch Review | Made in CHINA

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  1. I have had this watch for about 2 weeks now. It is nice looking and appears well made. However, I would expect that a replica of an American WWII watch would be made in America. This watch is made in China. The band is not breathable because the underside of the band is a plastic faux leather sewn on to the nylon mesh band. The body of the watch is black. It will glow in the dark if you set it under a light of a few hours or in the sun but the glow does not last. You will need a flashlight to see it at night. I would say it’s worth about $20.00. I will keep it but not for collector value, I’m just going to wear it for it’s looks not it’s function. I have already ordered another band for it. Some of the threads on the band are already starting to fray. It does hold the time correctly. They will sell a lot of these watches because of the presentation on TV. I was not that impressed.

  2. I was giving a lot of consideration to buying this watch. I went to the website to read about it. It says the watch is “Water Resistant” but I wanted to know more than that – but there is no information about that or any warranty on the watch. The closest they seem to get to a warranty is a 30-day money back guarantee.

    I sent an email to customer support asking them what the warranty was and what did “Water Resistant” mean. I received no response. If they are that unresponsive and that uninformative BEFORE the sale I cannot imagine they are any more helpful AFTER they have your money.

  3. Their reply to my inquiry:

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your message. To answer your questions, there is a 30 day money back guarantee and no you cannot swim with the watch on. The American Aviator Watch is water resistant which means it is sealed to witstand some pressure i.e. hand wash, shower. It is not water proof. Thank you and have a great day.

    Kind Regards,

    Mckayla Martinez
    American Aviator Watch Customer Service

    • The brochure that came with it says it is water resistant to three atmospheres, which is about 45 feet deep. Go figure.
      This thing is so cheaply made that you have to wonder about the rest of the junk he is hocking.

      • Correction, 3 atmospheres is about 99 feet deep. This crappy excuse for a watch can’t handle your bathtub, much less keep time. You would be better off just burning $40.00-$80.00 then buying this worthless junk. Thanks Rick! Cant wait to visit your store you rip-off bastard.

  4. Called the 844 #. A very polite person representing “American” Aviator told me the watch is made in China & distributed out of Las Vegas. Good job Rick! Not sure my Air force son would appreciate this for a gift. Should be made in USA.

  5. It’s obvious Rick from the show, Pawn Stars doesn’t make enough for me his store and his show. All I could figure is the old man, Corey and Chumlee are taking the biggest cut.

  6. What are the specs? This site “reviews” items, correct? The same yadayada is written 3 times in a row at top of page, questioning readers; but this reader wants answers. What’s the diameter? What’s the depth? Is the crystal mineral? Is the “glow-in-the-dark” dial Tritian Phosphorus or other hybrid? What are the specs? I won’t buy it!


  8. I e-mailed seller to find out where it was manufactured, they replied designed in USA and manufactured in China.
    So a watch made for American’s by a bunch of Commies.
    Not for me im a patatriot.

  9. This is my third week with this watch, and I am unimpressed. At first glance it is a handsome thing, and appears rugged and reliable. Wearing it in the real world is not so great however. 1st, it keeps slow time and must be reset every day or so. 2nd, the black face looks great, but they put the seconds on the out outside of the dial and the hours on a tiny inner diameter in dark red. The “luminous” hands and numbers fade in about ten minutes or less. It is very hard to read even in daylight. 3rd, the stem feels fragile and I see the thing leaks when in water from the complaints posted above, even though the specs that came with it boast “Water Resistance” to 3 atmospheres, or about 45 feet. I should have known better then to buy anything hocked by a pawn shop owner eh?

  10. I noticed on the TV ad for this American Aviator watch that the “collectors” case it comes in depicts a British Supermarine “Spitfire” fighter plane. Definite not an Anerican warbird. I was immediately skeptical of this product. I’ve enjoyed Rick Harris and “Pawn Stars” although she thinks Rick is a shyster. I’m beginning to agree with her after his endorsement of this watch.

  11. It does not glow in the dark. I have to charge it, put a flash light on it, but the glow fades to the point it does not glow. Seeing the American Flag on the back of the watch made me think it was made in USA, it is not. Made in China.

    • CAVEAT EMPTOR. As soon as I saw the ad, first thing in my mind was “probably made in china. Never SAID “made in USA”, which SHOULD have been a MAJOR selling point. So I looked, and ended up here. No surprise. Rick doesn’t have enough money yet?? Wow. THIS is the epitome of GREED and ANTI-PATRIOTISM. Good job, @$$hole. Keep hawking CRAP, and TOTALLY show your true, greedy rip-off-the-ignorant ways. But, like I said, CAVEAT EMPTOR–let the (prospective) buyer BEWARE. Question ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you see advertised. They spend beaucoup bucks telling you that it’s GREAT, and how much you NEED it.

  12. My wife got me the American Aviator watch for Christmas. It showed up on the 28th of December. The watch runs slow, every 24 hours its off by 15 min, IT DOES NOT GLOW IN THE DARK, THE BAND SUCKS, AND ITS NOT WATER RESISTANT AT ALL. ON TOP OF THAT ITS NOT MADE IN AMERICA . ANYTHING FOR A BUCK .

  13. I bought the American Aviator watch and got it last week and the stem has pulled all the way out but I finally got it back in watch I need the ph. # for them cause I want to return it, thanks.

  14. Just received my watch. It would not run . I guess it’s the battery. They told me to send it back and they would replace it. I told them horseshit I will. I finally spoke to teh manager I guess and they said they will send out a new watch and a prepaid box to send it back.
    It looks like I will have two of these watches that 🙂
    Lets see if they keep time, if not…both will go back in the prepaid box !

  15. I just ordered two watches, and for that Price you can’t go wrong, as for the glow in the dark every watch I had in the past only stayed on a little , for the water residents unless its a diving watch will keep water out, and for being made in China who care’s ,wake up Americans we all need to get along on this planet earth!!!

  16. This is so disappointing! I was considering purchasing this product. I’m a watch-a-holic and have been searching for a timepiece that was relevant, interesting, well functioning and attractive. I was sure, that with the presentation I saw on the television, that this was finally the watch I’ve been searching for my whole adult life.

    The internet is a completely different story. One or two or, shoot–even somewhere between five and ten negative reviews would make me pause to make a decision yet still take a shot here. But page after page? It’s not happening!

    • I don’t really care if it’s made in America or not. At most it would be a topic of comedic reference among my cohorts; however, I can completely understand the issue here. It’s trying to present the American spirit and yet it’s made elsewhere–I get it. Frustrating.

  17. These CHINESE watches are total garbage! My wife bought me one for my birthday 2 months ago and it has been totally useless. As others have pointed out these ‘watches’ don’t keep time and after 6 weeks mine just kept stopping. Now it won’t go at all. Dead battery on a 2 month old watch? Give me a break. As for the ‘glow in the dark’, if you are quick enough to look at it as you turn the light off, you might just get a faint glimmer! This needs to be looked into. We are talking about an audacious fraud here! The best of it is they don’t even look authentic! Someone’s heads’ need to roll!

  18. As soon as as I connected my new American Aviator Watch to my pole, I was able to catch snipe fish within 10 seconds.

    The luminous dial and water proof crystal let me go to the bottom where the sucker like to hide.

    After paying for the watch, I now consider myself to be a huge largemouth sucker belonging to Ricks fan club.

    Looks like I paid for this in arrears.

  19. Another well packaged ripoff. Couldn’t even get the right airplane on the box. got the watch as a gift for Christmas 2015. Quit working in January. Tried contacting these people but it is nearly impossible to find anyone who can make a decision. I emailed them serveral times and got a “received” message” but no follow up. Finally talked to someone who said the “corporate office” had to make a decision about what to do…and they would call me. Got this twice and still no phone call from “corp office” and it is now July 2016. Complete scam, nice pictures and advertising but crap watch. These people are criminals. Better to buy a $10 watch! I would rate it at less than one star if I could.

  20. I was about to buy this watch. After reading all the comments, I would rather clean my ass with my $44 paper sheet than them flicking it with a rigorous smile. Another con avoided with pretty good reason.

  21. If you ever wanted to get rear-ended by Rick with his chubby fingers and his chubby itself, grab the pawn shop counter and order this watch to be delivered.

    You will receive it in arrears as Rick smiles with his mud covered member.

  22. Mine didn’t even keep the time and froze.. Customer service stated they would give me 5 bucks credit card for return…its more than that plus a half hour in the post office.. In the garbage it goes. Buyer Beware at least my experience.

  23. I ordered the watch on 7/23/16 because my wife complained that I was ruining my expensive watch….when I received the watch, removed the plastic from the stem and set the time…watch ran fine for 2 days then stopped…pulled the stem out and reset the time…watch started to lose time….”wonderful” product. Should have read the reviews before buying…a sucker is born every minute, guess I am the sucker of this minute. can’t return this piece of junk because I threw all the garbage that came with it in the trash. Am going to contact the BBB, may not come to anything but it will at least be read by someone….all people ripped off by this watch should contact the BBB… would rate this product but there are not enough negative stars.

  24. This is absolutely a piece of junk! Received it last Christmas. Only worked well a few months. Doesn’t keep time. Stops completely at times. Two attempts to contact company. No reply. Certified mail to Rick Harison asking for help. No reply. Guess he’s too busy counting his money after hawking this crap. Save your money.

  25. I just saw the commercial on daytime TV and I noticed that the minute hand moves upwards when the second hand moves. Just seeing that tells me the movement is not quality. Other spots in the commercial show the watch freeze frame to hide the glitch.

    The guy from Pawn Stars is a Weasel and the fact that he endorses it is a big red flag for me.

  26. What a load of steamers..Watch made in China
    Watch the TV ad and the 4 Jets that fly by are MIG29s.
    Suckers born every minute . Show your american stupidity and buy this watch and support american hucksterism at its finest.

  27. I purchased the American Aviator watch in December. By 3-4 months it began periodically stopping on its own. After several more months I contacted their customer service line and was told it only had a 60 day warranty, and even with my credit card doubling that warranty, the coverage had already expired. Now, what kind of company only warrants a watch for 60 days? Avoid this product!
    “Zero” stars

  28. The review indicates that this watch is water resistant up to 3 atmospheres or 45 feet. Three atmospheres is 99 feet not 45 feet. And who is so silly as to believe an American made watch can be bought for 39.95. One ours this watch is made in China. Shame on Rick. I will no longer watch his show.

  29. ordered first watch…arrived with scratched crystal…second watch arrived much later …number don”t shine in dark just needles briefly and is 2 hours behind on the 2nd day…a scam…a peace of garbage which Rick knows very well to be true…don”t even watch the show any longer …like the old man I am a Navy guy same age as Rick”s dad …disappointed…

  30. i wasn’t even considering purchasing the watch i just saw the commercial for the second time and wanted to say how much it pisses me off that he is just using veterans and the american spirit to make money and line his pockets none of the proceeds are going to veteran affairs, it’s not even made in america. it’s absolutely disgusting and even more disgusting that now i’ve seen the reviews of how crappy this watch is. he is a slimy scammy dude.

  31. I bought the american aviator watch (I used lower case letters on purpose) and am greatly disappointed. It ran well for the first couple of days, then it stopped running. If this thing is an example of the precision that was used to win WW2 I am amazed that we won the war.

  32. This watch STINKS. I’ve had it for a week or two and now it doesn’t run. It does not have a luminescent dial as advertised. The TV ad is a joke! The presenter is dishonest. I’ll bet he doesn’t own one, much less wear it. Not even worth the one star I gave it. Zero wasn’t one of the choices!

  33. I love reading all your comments about the aviator watch if you listen in the commercial they never once say made in America that’s the first big bang you knuckleheads I’m so happy you bought one what you should do now is buy another one maybe it’ll work if not give it to somebody you don’t like prom so glad you knuckleheads bottom keep on going guys

  34. wow!!!!!!! AFTER READING ALL THESE REWIEWS, I AM ADDED TO THE ,(HAVE BEEN TAKEN LIST), I ordered this for my sweetie for part of his Christmas, and it stopped twice, then we were going out, he was late, the watch had lost time of 30 min. or so, never again. I want a complete refund on my visa, or else!!!!!!. can’t get an answer to check ,need to talk to some on in customer service!!

  35. How much did the “vets” in that comrrcial get for their b.s. I see vets wearing nam and korean vet hats
    made in china buying American flags at harbor freight that are made in china.
    No excuse you are trying to come up with now covers it.
    Maby im too American,even the nra cant come up with afree sign up gift made in America.
    Signed-very disapointed forign ancestor having just American!

  36. Shame on you Rick! You really want to brag about this watch? Have you stooped to this level? This is an absolute POS! I’ll bet the so called vets in this commercial are not even vets. Rick if you want to promote something vet related make sure it works and you might consider donating some of the proceeds to the real vets!

  37. I thought Rick Harrison knew his shit? Apparently all he knows is how to sell shit and make a profit off garbage like the American aviator watch made in China.It’s sad a hard working bluecollar American such as myself got roped into this bullshit. He should have a lawsuit against him for endorsing a phony product. I’m so ashamed of how this country is thriving on their own kind just to make a few dollars. When will Americans wake up and smell the coffee?

  38. Needed a new watch and bought mine at WalMart on a whim. The watch looked good, and it’s specs were impressive. Wore the watch for about 3 days and it stopped. examined the watch and found the stem had popped up. Reset the stem and it ran for about 4 days before it stopped again. Figured it was the battery but couldn’t find the battery type listed in the literature. so I went looking on the web. found this site and am now sorry I bought the watch.

    As others I thought watch was made in the USA and being an “authentic” WWII replica I assumed it was a wind-up watch but with it stopping all the time I came to realize it was battery powered. Now the darn thing is running at slow super slow speed losing on an average 5 minutes every hour.

    This has sure given me credence to the “look before you leap” and “buyer beware” adages. Also bought the razor that was advertised by the con-man pawn broker. It shaves about as close as a lawn mower and leaves a barber rash that takes two days to clear up. Like people have already stated the man is a fraud. I’ll never buy anything that has his name attached to it again. May he choke on his ill-gotten gain and rot in hell for his lies.

    On the positive side the watch does look good. But looks can be deceiving.

  39. WHAT A POS. Endorsed by a POS, Rick Harris, of Pawn Shop. My watch stopped running w/n days. I expected to get screwed when in Morocco or the Mexican border, Rick, you phonet patriot MF! I give you this Yiddish blessing:

  40. I purchased one of these watches also. What a waste of 30 dollars. Doesn’t keep time. Always stopping. Stem won’t stay in for watch to run. Another watch I will throw on my chest and not wear.

  41. Like many of you I was drawn to this watch however didn’t purchase one Instead I purchased WENGER Swiss army watch for $ 130.00 on sale keeps great time looks great, glows bright in the dark for hours,has real leather band and a military look. Sometimes you have to spend a few more bucks. I would like to thank you guys for your comments I dodged another bullet.

  42. DO NOT BUY THIS WATCH. . .IT DOESN’T WORK. I gave it to my husband last Christmas, and it never kept time. What a waste of $44.15. I tried to send it back and get credit however, I talked to someone from the Caribbean, and our warranty is over which she said is only 60 days. No wonder they know it it a piece of junk. He didn’t even wear it for two months because it didn’t work! He tried to give it a fair chance, how fair is this company, and why won’t they take it back? Very upset, and all we want is to return it and get our money back! Diana & Bill

  43. I don’t know how Rick Harris gets on TV and promotes a piece of junk like this, and doesn’t at least stand behind the item for like most companies a year. I think I know why, he knows it isn’t going to work for long if it will ever run the way a watch shoul! How can he sell something and take working people’s money selling this item? He has to know it isn’t work a $1.00. He has NO credibility at all! So many people taken by his ad!

  44. I purchased this watch.. And piece of trash worst purchase ever in life.
    If it keep runs on you good? you are lucky to buy a ticket of Powerball!
    It will stop on you within few days! And nothing is true as advertised…

    Sosososl mad

  45. Poor quality at best. It doesn’the keep correct time requiring constant resetting, in spite of it’s quartz movement. Glow in the dark dial does not work. My suggestion, spend a few dollars more and purchase a more reliable time piece

  46. This watch never kept accurate time. Would stop working at anytime even when not being worn. Fortunately I purchased at Wal-Mart and kept my receipt. Returned it. They needed the barcode. I had taken a picture with my cell phone and they scanned. No problem money returned. Made my day. What a piece of JUNK!

  47. PIECE OF JUNK. DO NOT BUY. SAVE YOUR MONEY. Does not run half the time when it does it looses 5 to 10 MIN. in a 12 hour period. DOES NOT DESERVE A ONE BUT THAT IS AS LOW AS THEY WILL LET ME GO. I GIVE IT A MINUS 10.

  48. My sons bought me this watch for fathers day. I loved it at first because it was a gift.
    I still wear it because they got it for me, but it really is garbage. It glows for about 5 minutes. It stops working a lot and has to be reset. That Harrison family should be embarrassed to endorse this watch. Haven’t you made enough money with that staged, crap show. It’s just good old greed.

  49. HaHa, there is nothing but negative reviews.
    I used to watch that show a lot with my sons.
    I would never sell (or buy) anything to them.
    bunch of trash.
    the show is Bullsh*t
    chock on the money bald ASS

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