Astoria Collection | Dancing Jewel Pendant

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What is Astoria Collection

– a dancing jewel pendant that is unsurpassed in brilliance, quality and style. A diamond is very strong, yet full of beauty. It has been a symbol of eternal love for thousands of years. Astoria proudly presents the dancing jewel pendant which signifies love and beauty and adds stunning sparkle to every celebration.



The Astoria collection –dancing jewel pendant has a unique design that magnifies the reflective brilliance. At the heart of the pendant is a beautiful cut round stone that is constantly in motion and is surrounded by sixteen round faceted accent stones which are all hand set in .925 sterling silver plate. The centre stone which is in movement increases the sparkle of the distinctive jewelry. Astoria collection is designed to give you peace of mind about every aspect of the jewelry. The design encompasses the art and science, rational and instinctive, the mind and the heart. Astoria collection guarantees a diamond that is perfectly suited for you. No other gemstone is as mesmerizing and stunning as the Astoria collection. Captivating and lustrous, these designs are stunning statements of eminence, prized as works of art, revealing qualities of light and life. The designs are crafted to last forever. It is a reminder of beauty and love you share forever. Surprise your loved one with the exquisite collection from Astoria. Astoria collection –dancing jewel pendant makes a lot of difference for you in terms of colour, sparkle, beauty and it is a new, contemporary design which sets it apart from the traditional designs. It is a timeless design comfortable to wear and you can be sure to get a lot of compliments and attention.


Cost effective

Astoria collection ensures you experience the beauty of priceless diamonds at a fraction of cost. Astoria collection ensures you receive exactly what you are searching for at an affordable price and an exclusive collection of matching earrings comes free along with the pendant. It is a gorgeous, high quality, elegant jewelry most modern women/men can appreciate. It is a reflection of your pride and you can hold your head high up by owning the Astoria collection. Astoria collection sets a high standard and believes that you deserve the best.


What do I get?

  • 1 Dancing Jewel Pendant
  • 1 Pair of Matching Earrings

All this for just: $19.99 + S/h. Official website:


2 thoughts on “Astoria Collection | Dancing Jewel Pendant

  1. Very upset with the Astoria Collection. I ordered and paid for 2 dancing jewel pendant necklaces and earrings and never received them. Tried checking the website but they couldn’t find my order. I then tried calling the number I had received when ordering and they couldn’t find my order either. I am very upset on the money I spent for something I NEVER received!!!

  2. So very sorry that you were taken, Kristal. This is the 2nd review I’ve read, in less than 15 mins time, where someone has purchased an item from one of your so called “trust worthy reviews articles” sites but NEVER received what they ordered. How can you call your site such a name and live with yourself?!?! How do you not know that people are getting taken advantage of?! Seems all you care about is writing a glowing “article” about a product and getting paid good money for doing so… your readers be damned!! Anyone reading my comment, if they had the guts to post it that is, I’d suggest exiting this so called site and never return. I’m OUT…

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