Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight REVIEW

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About Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight

The Atomic Beam Fearless is a powerful flashlight combined with tools essential for survival in any life-threatening situation or disaster. The Atomic Beam Fearless is designed with an LED that shines up to an incredible 5,000 LUX! It is the next version of the more popular Original Atomic Beam Flashlight.



Atomic Beam Fearless CLAIMS

Eight Tools in One
The Atomic Beam Fearless is a combination of eight tools put together:
Flashlight – The Atomic Beam Fearless can be seen from miles away. It goes from a spotlight to a powerful floodlight.

Strobe – Featuring a built-in red strobe that can be used as a road flare when you are in a roadside emergency, the Atomic Beam Fearless is a must have in any vehicle. The amazing strobe option also makes it easy to distract attackers and the beveled end can be used as a self-defense tool.

Blade – A powerful tool than you can use in emergencies.

Opener – Lets you open the lids of bottles, cans and more.

The Atomic Beam Fearless also features a Philips head screwdriver, a multi-mini hex wrench, a pair of razor sharp scissors, a seat-belt cutter and retractable window breaker.


Compact and lightweight
The Atomic Beam Fearless is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry wherever you go. With the Atomic Beam Fearless you will always be prepared for any disaster! Order the Atomic Beam Fearless today!


Atomic Beam Fearless Questions & Answers

Q. Does the Atomic Beam Fearless have an “S.O.S. MODE”?
A. Yes, it has a flashing light mode.

Q. Could you provide information on the “guarantee of the Atomic Beam Fearless?” Does it mean if it breaks, it will be replaced for free?
A. Atomic Beam Fearless comes with a lifetime guarantee so if it breaks for any reason, you will get your money back.

Q. How long does the battery of the Atomic Beam Fearless last?
A. It depends on how often you use it.

Q. Where is the Atomic Beam Fearless made in?
A. Claims it is made in the USA

Q. How many Lumens is the flashlight?
A. Maybe 5000 LUX

What is the size of the Atomic Beam Fearless? Sounds like it might be very small?
A. Atomic Beam Fearless is useful for many situations and it is not a mini. It fits comfortably in the hand and is lightweight and portable.

Q. What battery sizes does it take?
A. Maybe 3 AAA

Q. Can you tell me how to change the bulb if it blows? The light just stopped working after a minute out of the box.
A. You can get to the bulb by unscrewing the front lens guard and then removing the lens. It is probably something other than the bulb so it is better to contact the seller.

Q. Does the Atomic Beam Fearless have a rechargeable battery yet?
A. No.


Atomic Beam Fearless REVIEW

Atomic Beam Fearless is very disappointing. Picked the Atomic Beam Fearless up on a recent lightning deal and even with the discount the Atomic Beam Fearless is not worth the money. On opening the Atomic Beam Fearless, one of the cheaply glued “metal” grips fell to the floor. Then after messing with the tools the “stainless” knife had rust on it.

The quality of the Atomic Beam Fearless is poor, especially the contacts for the battery sleeve.

The Atomic Beam Fearless is clearly not well-made. One of the two metal pieces on the side of the flashlight had fallen off. The measly dabs of glue failed to hold the tool together. Atomic Beam Fearless is a big disappointment.

The seat belt cutter couldn’t even cut a piece of paper. The Atomic Beam Fearless is junk. The Atomic Beam Fearless flashlight did not work.

Atomic Beam Fearless metal handle has unglued itself. Atomic Beam Fearless looks okay but made very cheap and it looks like the light’s extra features like knife, small scissors are placed on this tool like an after thought.

The added metal plate on top of the plastic makes for a muddled design. The AA’s have 2.5x the capacity of AAA’s and would be preferred as size convenience is not an issue. Atomic Beam Fearless came slightly broken.

One of the battery compartments of the Atomic Beam Fearless was missing a spring or something, rendering the entire light useless. The side panels fell off shortly after purchase. The power on button is too easy to press so if you put it the glove box it will get turned on accidentally just rolling around. The flashlight quit working all together after about six months of normal in car use.

The Atomic Beam Fearless tools seem to be soft metal that will become dull or break quickly. The light is reasonably bright. The silver handle part had already fallen off while still in the packaging, the pointed window-breaker was flipped out of its protective area and did not go back in securely (and it is sharp!) and the silver handle was glued on way too low on the handle (not lined up at all to the area to which it was supposed to be glued,) which left sharp metal sticking down below the red plastic handle. At the top of each one (the area where the light shines) the metal is very sharp and jagged – so sharp it would cut your skin! It’s just sharp and jagged for no reason and it is cheaply made.

None of the devices are outstanding-all are average. Do not to use the Atomic Beam Fearless as a hammer! Atomic Beam Fearless is not made for that, and it will surely break. Atomic Beam Fearless needs to be made more durable.

The Atomic Beam Fearless is good, but the knife is a bit dull. The crown around the Atomic Beam Fearless flashlight has sharp edges. In addition, when the Atomic Beam Fearless arrived, the metal cover at the back end fell off.


What do I get?
You can get Atomic Beam Fearless for $19.99 with free shipping. A “double offer” will get you two flashlights for $29.98, also with free shipping | Official Website:

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