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About Atomic Cool

Cool down fast and easy whenever you need to with Atomic Cool. This powerful, ultra-portable, personal cooling system helps you get cool air anytime. Atomic Cool is lightweight and portable making it easy to carry even when you travel.

It uses evaporative water filters that use H2O cool fusion technology. Atomic Cool converts hot, dry air to cool, moist air. You can get precision-controlled room temperature with its built-in digital thermostat. It’s affordable and can be used in any room, even the kitchen. It cools up to 50 sq. ft. making it handy to use in dorms and RVs too.


Atomic Cool


Atomic Cool REVIEW

Atomic Cool is basically a spot cooler and many of the people are mislead into believing that spot cooler is an alternative to the air conditioning unit. Both work on different mechanism and is helpful only if used in the right kind of environment. It is learned from the customers who purchased Atomic Cool that is not that effective, for instance one of the customer said about Atomic Cool – “ You will get cool air from the Atomic Cool as long as the temperature of the water in the reservoir is lesser but because the water basin is not insulated, the water quickly gains temperature from the hotter surrounding and will no longer blow cooler air.” In addition many users felt Atomic Cool to be noisy and also makes the air muggy than cooler, thus making it not suitble for wet and cold places. One user suggested to keep one of the windows slightly open if you are using the Atomic Cool in the night, this will help lower the humidity.

Other than that you may have to take care of the water in the reservoir as it gets stinky after a few days. So you may want to drain the old water from the reservoir. The water tank can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Many people think Atomic Cool is just an expensive fan!! A customer had following to say – “ Cheap quality. The motor is very small and weak. After about 2-3 weeks of daily use, the machine konked out. By ‘machine’, I mean the fan motor as that is the only electrical component in it. Everything else are simple mechanical components of flimsy quality.” Another said – “ Atomic Cool is just a waste of good money…it needs a better fan….is on and hardly blowing and this is on high speed…the bottle would work better if the water is frozen in it before loading it…just awful….”


Atomic Cool PROS

Atomic Cool has no Compressor since it consumes lot of power instead it uses fan.
It is ideal for a single person living in a small apartment.
Atomic Cool works well in arid/dry areas.
Makes it bearable when you have the air blowing directly towards you.
Works well when used in small rooms with a window open, Atomic Cool works well in a cross-ventilated area.


CONS of Atomic Cool

Atomic Cool has a sort of Muddy Water smell.
Not more than 4 to 5 degree reduction in temperature is what is expected so do not think of Atomic Cool as as alternative to air conditioner.
Have to keep it near open window for best experience else you would feel increase in the humidity level in the room.
Weak fan and noisy.
No Warranty.


Atomic Cool Verdict

Atomic Cool is nothing new, they are simply trying to portray a simple ordinary personal evaporative cooler to be an magic gadget that will transform hot air into an air conditioner like air – that’s not going to happen. There are many of these personal “swamp coolers” like Atomic Cool available in the market, but all of their usefulness is limited given their working principle. All such personal coolers like Atomic Cool are expensive priced at around 200 bucks. If at all you want to buy one, we would suggest buying the much branded cooler – Honeywell CS10XE Portable Evaporative Air Cooler instead of Atomic Cool, which is available at A simple search for “personal evaporative cooler” will show you the complete list.


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