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About Atomic Lantern

Atomic Lantern claims to be brighter and stronger than regular flashlight like the Atomic Beam. The Atomic Lantern claims to be of military grade quality. You just have to pull it up to turn the Atomic Lantern on, and throws light in 360 degree though not too far. The Atomic Lantern retracts into the compact metal case(?) so you can carry it along. Atomic Lantern claims to be so durable that it can withstand military grade mortar blast and supposedly survive a tumble from 30 feet, as illustrated in the video. The Atomic Lantern claims to be water-proof and weather-proof too. The illumination source of the Atomic Lantern are 30 LEDs on 3 panels which throws light in all directions. The Atomic Lantern claims to be well suited for Hunting, Camping and other outdoor activities.



Atomic Beam Lantern Brightness: The website says 5000 LUX but this is really MISLEADING because the luminosity of any light source is measured in LUMENS and not LUX. This claim is not verified and attested by any independent study or test.

Atomic Beam Lantern Material: Casing is made of aluminum and rest is plastic

Atomic Beam Lantern Dimensions:
Length – 5.25″
Width – 1.50″ at its widest point
Weight – 1.38 lbs.

Atomic Beam Lantern Batteries: The basic model of Atomic Beam Lantern takes 3 AAA batteries and DELUXE model takes 1 Lithium Ion battery.


Atomic Lantern REVIEW

We have NOT tried this Atomic Lantern but we can tell you that it is not what they claim it to be. They over-exaggerate the features of a simple LED lantern. There is nothing special about it and there are plenty of such tried and tested LED lanterns available everywhere so we do not see any reason why you should stick to Atomic Lantern only.


Disadvantages of Atomic Lantern

  • LEDs are too bright and annoying to look at, looking in the direction of the LED’s (even though not at them) will cause you to see dark spots for a while.
  • Bottom of Atomic Lantern will rust when used damp conditions
  • The size of Atomic Lantern may be too small than it appears in the infomercial
  • Also Atomic Lantern may not be that bright as claimed in the TV infomercial
  • Because of flimsy material not much suited for outdoor camping
  • Though the Atomic Lantern’s popping out mechanism looks very simple and innovative, it can actually be a trouble. Most similar LED lanterns that we analyzed have a impossible to carry them by the handle without them popping out and activating.
  • lightweight and portable yet can withstand almost any abuse” – this is an utter lie
  • The Atomic Lantern batteries would drain fast and you have to replace batteries too often.
  • Atomic Lantern is not suited for outside use, prolonged outdoor use will cause the batteries to rust soon.
  • Atomic Lantern does not have any control over light output, there is no way of dimming the Atomic Lantern light.
  • Not an alternative to TRUE camping lantern which is ruuged.
  • Throw of the light is not very far.
  • Some people may find the light irritating. You can’t take the light on your face.
  • There is No ON OFF Button.
  • The light is UN-pleasantly bright when you look at it directly.
  • The LEDs may last lifetime but the Atomic Lantern won’t.
  • Atomic Lantern is distributed by Telebrands which is known for low-quality “cheap” as seen on tv products.
  • Atomic Lantern is available only at the official website Being an “As Seen On TV” product, ordering Atomic Lantern from the official website will subject you to all the hassles and troubles associated with infomercial products like high- S/h cost, mis-leading offers, buy 1 get 1 free scams, back-orders etc.
  • You have no option of buying one Atomic Lantern you have to buy 2 Atomic Lanterns for $30.
  • Atomic Lantern does not come with any Warranty. Normally other branded LED lanterns have a warranty of 10 years.


Atomic Lantern Advantages

  • The Atomic Lantern is just OK for use in your home during a power outage.
  • It is lightweight, compact and easy to carry.
  • These work great at night as general light to see in the tent.
  • These are good for hanging in tents and walking around at night to see whats in front of you.


Our Verdict – Atomic Lantern is not the ONLY LED lantern available in the market, there are tons of them all over. A simple search for “LED Lantern” on will list you scores of them. We would not recommend Atomic Lantern, instead buy a tried and tested LED Lantern like the Etekcity LED Campaign Lantern. Atomic Lantern is the ATOMIC RIP-OFF Part-II. Part I is the Atomic Beam Flashlight. Most of the pros and cons of Atomic Lantern also apply to other similar LED lanterns, our goal is to make you aware of the fact that Atomic Lantern is just an ordinary LED Lantern and nothing more, we are not saying that is THAT BAD, just that there are better alternatives available. If you could bargain and get the Atomic Lantern for $10, it would still be a good buy.


2 Atomic Beam Lanterns for $30 at

Rating: 2

48 thoughts on “Atomic Lantern REVIEW | EXPOSED | Atomic RIP-OFF

  1. I ordered the lantern on 12/26/17. Website indicates my order is canceled. Can’t get ahold of CS to find out what’s up! Chgs still pending on credit card. I went through pay pal.

    Rating: 1
  2. Like a dummy I ordered this lantern. It’s a joke! As for it lighting up a room, that’s no lie (as long as your room is the size of a closet.). I live on a fixed income and wasted my money. I tried it outside and the range of light is just around my body. I’m not shipping it back, that’s just spending money I don’t have. Should have read the reviews first.

  3. Here is the truth, they lied on the commercial. If nothing else catches you that this is bull, that should. I tried to buy one yesterday after watching the ad. They say they will throw in an additional lantern and flashlight for free. T^his is not true and the non-English speaking rep called me a liar when I pointed this out, literally called me a liar. I played the ad for him and he still called me a liar. So my point is sop being crabs, to each other. The company lied off the get go period, you cannot trust them!!!!!

  4. “We have NOT tried this Atomic Lantern but we can tell you that it is not what they claim it to be. “….so how can this be an accurate review?

  5. I went to their website and discovered it was a total scam. You do not get two of these lanterns for the price of one. If you want this so called deal it will cost you almost $60.00! They do not give you anything free! Buyer beware!

  6. The lanterns are cheap lightweight plastic junk that stays on about an hour before dimming. And as for their typos, if they used a smartfone I can understand typos. I think faster than I can type and hit wrong keys all the time. Anyway, dont buy this. Get off your keister and try different light lantedn style profucts in store.

    These companies know that 98% of buyers will not bother to ship back their crap. Thats why there are new infomercials almost daily, to get your money on the next thing that is too good to be true.

    We need to let them know and stop buying this as seen on tv crap that lasts maybe a month, if that.

    Ok, off my soapbox…….

  7. I’ve seen bad reviews, but this one for the Atomic Beam (AB) lantern is likely the worst I’ve ever read. Writing a product review without having seen and used it is absurd, stupid. Virtually every negative judgment is self-evident (“Capt Obvious”), misleading (“Capt Rabbit-hole”), pointless (“Capt …What?) or just plain wrong (“Capt Clueless”). There are too many instances of improper syntax, diction, grammar, and spelling to catalog.

    The reviewer is right about a few things: (a) the claims of virtual indestructibility are almost surely exaggerated, (b) you can’t dim the light, and (c) Telebrands products are often of poor quality. That said, the rest is garbage.

    Even 2 of the 3 specs he provides are wrong: yes, the lantern (closed) is 5.25 inches high. But it’s just shy of 4 inches wide, and it weighs only about 10 ounces (with batteries).

    I bought two of these lanterns at the official site for $30, no S&H or tax – so $15 each. They came promptly. Light specs, whether in lumens or lux, are confusing and misleading…I went into a large closet, completely dark. I compared the brightness from the AB lantern (fresh batteries) and an open 40w incandescent bulb (nominally 280 lumens). I found them to be pretty evenly matched, but you should test for yourself.

    I used fresh alkaline AA’s, and tested it for one-time continuous use – I left the lantern on to see how long it would last. It seemed to be VERY bright for about an hour, then slowly dimmed over the next 3 hours to the point where it was no longer useful…not bad. And, when I turned it off for half an hour, then back on, it gave good light for another 45 minutes.

    I replaced the alkaline batteries, and tested it for intermittent use – I turned it on for 1 hour each night for 5 nights, and it was STILL quite bright. It continued to give useful but not brilliant light for another three nights: 8 hours of at-least-decent light – I think that’s pretty good endurance.

    My dog’s tail knocked one of them off a coffee table onto a wood floor: no problem. I purposely dropped the other, open with the light on, six feet to a carpeted floor: no problem. I can’t state that all of these lanterns will be free of flaws or as durable as mine, but mine seem to be plenty strong enough to take camping.

    Yeah, if you look right at the lantern, it will blind you. Same as if you looked right at a 40w bulb. So don’t look at it.

    The area right below the lantern is not brightly lit due to the shadow of the base. We use it at our off-grid cabin, sitting on shelf in the corner, and it lights the whole room (11×12) pretty well. For kitchen work, we hang it off to the side of where I or my wife will be cooking or washing up, and it works well. In my shop at night, I don’t hang it, I use the magnetic base (GOOD magnets) to stick it horizontally to a metal plate on the wall, 3 feet above the bench. To increase and focus the light, I fastened a curved metal reflector above it…the perceived light is about 3 times brighter than the lantern alone without the reflector.

    You DON’T have to buy 2 – if you just want 1, it’s $20 from the official website, or (if you don’t like giving your financial info to a telebrand website) you can buy these lanterns for $20 ea (plus tax) at Sears & Target.

    The multiple statements that the light is too bright to look at, or you can’t stand the light on your face, contradict the judgment that the lantern isn’t as bright as it’s claimed to be. In comparison, I have two good old Coleman lanterns (one gas, one propane). They ARE brighter than the AB lantern, but they are much bigger, heavier, noisier, and stinkier, and you need fuel and mantles and….

    I already had a good Panasonic NiMH battery charger and a slew of newer Panasonic Eneloop AA’s (can recharge 2,000 times, and don’t lose power). When freshly charged, I find their performance is slightly better than the alkalines I used to test the lantern’s endurance. When the Eneloops have been on the shelf for a month, the performance is virtually identical to fresh alkalines. Goodie! I’ll never have to buy batteries, just carry a dozen extra charged NiMH batteries to the cabin, and I’m good for several weeks.

    Understand me – I am NOT trying to say that all the AB lantern’s claims are true. I am only saying that I have been impressed by my first 2, and am ordering 2 more to keep in my home for power outages. I am not associated with the makers or sellers of the AB lanterns, I have received NOTHING for my review here. You don’t have to believe the AB lanterns are great, but at least my assessment was made after owning and using them for 2 months.

    Rating: 4
    • Hi. Well my mom purchased the two lanterns and I ended up with one. I find that the brightness is not very bright at all and shuts down maybe an hour on. I used it instead of my ott- lite doing some crafts and was very surprised when it dimmed the shut off. I know this product could not withstand a big drop, let alone from a tower. I’m just saying I’ soo tired of all the bogus claims on TV for these sham products. It will eventually get to where people will mute these crazy commercials and assume its crap. Off the product subject a minute, my mom also got the “ceramic” plug in heaters and she said it wouldnt even help in a small powder room. Maybe now she has learned that all these people want is to steal our money. Nine times out of ten, people dont want to bother with shipping it back. I would but she said it was “fine for now”.
      Just stop spending your money on the junk they peddle on the boob tube and get out and test products before buying.

      (pardon if there are any typos, Im not very good with quick texting.)

    • I have not tested to see how long until I run out of battery. You pull the lantern up to turn on. Of the two I received, one will not turn off. You can push it down, but light will leak slowly. I also noted a little trick that if you do not uncheck the box for insure, you will be charged separately an additional $2 for insurance. Not nice. So, I have one lantern that works on day one and another lantern that will have to have the batteries dislodged in order to turn it off. Should I send them both back? Well, they charged shipping and handling for the “free one” and do not refund shipping or handling, and it will cost me the price I already paid to ship back. I will call and ask they send me a shipping label or a working lantern – – one or the other. If not, I will complain to my credit card and have the charge removed. I note on the website, contacting them is made difficult (always a warning sign). I wonder how many others received one nonworking lantern in this one lantern free pay shipping on it deal?

      Rating: 1
    • you convened me it’s not worth the money in Sooooo many ways, Sorry I’ll stick with my mag light that I haven’t had to change batteries in 4 or five years. I guess I should check the battery compartment for leaks LOL

  8. Re: mark the keeper of the internet,! Thanks for taking care of all the bogus AD’s on all the websites out there.
    Also I got kinda carried away with my last comment. It’s just that I get upset about all the illiteracy of the people who want to write about something on the websites and it just shows how ignorant they really are. But I figured that the lanterns weren’t worth the money to buy it cuz it’s the same kind of thing with the flash light they sell. Crap!!

    Rating: 1
  9. I tossed mine out the third story window to the lawn and it worked. Put in fresh c.v.s.alkaline batteries 5hrs ago, pulled the top out and it’s still burning bright. I can’t stare into it but why would I want to? There’s no seal for the battery compartment. I’m not planning on swimming with it anytime soon. Idk, I think for the money it’s a good light to keep around for an emergency. I keep old school candles as well.

    Rating: 5
  10. I own the atomic flashlight, and have no problems, except I wish the battery life was longer. I just purchased the lantern, but of course will not get it for a few weeks (or more). Even if the batteries need replaced, it SHOULD still be of value for occasional use for indoor power outages and also walking around in the yard at night looking for something. I’m hoping (and expecting) the best!!

    • Boy you’ve got so many people who can’t spell worth a damn even with all the spell-check software out there. Yet they still want to claim to be an expert on, “what” I guess we’ll never know, all the lanterns that are out there for sale I guess. Also if I was going to expertly review something like this I would buy one first and then I would do a review of it AFTER I had actually used it for awhile. Then and only then can I write a review of it. All these so-called experts need to look up the definition of “review”,!

  11. Customer service sucks on refunds,camped one night lantern stopped worked due to the night air was damp.very cheap made.mostly plastic,would be great if you buy it for $1.99 with free shipping.

    Rating: 1
  12. Thank you all for all the feedback given here for the Atomic Beam Lantern. After almost all the negative comments and reviews given here, it helps to make up my mind in not purchasing one. Thanx again!

  13. I ordered two Atomic Beams and one would not turn off even when I closed it. The second one worked but when I used it to work on my car at night it did not work so well. Every time I shifted the position of the lantern it would shut off and I would have to adjust it again. I could not imagine if I dropped it. I think it would be the end of it. Never again.

  14. One can tell when a review or description was written by the chi-coms. This “review” reads like one of those goofy click bait articles.

    The battery life of this lamp is less than an hour. Not much help. I’m sad Hunter Ellis is plugging it.

    Rating: 1
  15. Actually the reviewer is correct. My son just received one for xmas. I placed the batteries in and the LED is too bright. It won’t turn off as the directions indicate. Also, the batteries are heating up and smoke is emitting from the base. I removed the batteries before they melted the lantern. Fair warning, DO NOT USE THIS LANTERN. I do. NOT have any stake in this product or any others.

  16. Trustworthy person not so trust worthy…
    Review is the quality that my son may have written when he was eight yo.

    “Atomic Lantern is not suited for outside use, prolonged outdoor use will cause the batteries to rust soon.”
    “Bottom of Atomic Lantern will rust when used damp conditions”
    The magnets may rust, non stainless Steel Screws may rust, and I suppose there may be poor quality batteries that might rust, but an anodized aluminum built case can not rust.

    “LEDs are too bright and annoying to look at, looking in the direction of the LED’s (even though not at them) will cause you to see dark spots for a while.”
    “The light is UN-pleasantly bright when you look at it directly.”
    And what kind of genius looks into any lantern and expects it to be pleasant, let alone be able to see with their irises constricted from looking directly at a bright light source. Same genius might find it more interesting to see how well you can see using magnifying glasses to see the sun spots on the sun…

    “Not an alternative to TRUE camping lantern which is ruuged.” Well I have broke a few “TRUE camping Lanterns”. Things happen.

    “We have NOT tried this Atomic Lantern but we can tell you that it is not what they claim it to be.”
    Then how the hell can you write a review with any claim to be “trustworthy”?

    Here is my review of the Atomic Beam that I just received a few weeks ago.
    Battery life using AAA begins degrading after 20 minutes, but is usable up to an hour. Using a rechargeable lithium 18650 battery lasts well over hour. With my use of average ~20 minutes a day, I charge the battery once a week just because I like to be ready and am realistic. I noticed zero light degradation in that week. (no testing gear used). If there was in loss in intensity, it was negligible.
    I have true tac lights, while the convenience of switching between functions (bright, med, low, strobe, SOS) is not tac quality, for the average user it will not matter. It certainly can’t replace a true tac light in terms of usability for switching to strobe or constant light. Otherwise, it perfectly functional.

    As for the atomic lantern, I am waiting for mine.

    • Why would anyone want to look directly into the lantern, if it’s for lighting up a room? That’s not what the intended use is for and it’s kinda silly, don’t you think?

    • @Corey, and you sir are an idiot. Feel free to buy a cheap Chinese light. It’s the same crap as their Atomic flashlight which are worth about $3.
      Your the type of people they advertise this crap for. Let us know how your fantastic new light works.

    • You’ll be waiting a long time. I ordered 2 in December. They never came. Got a postcard in March saying my order was cancelled. I guess I should consider myself lucky.

    • You have to look over typos if they are doing their review over a smsrtphone. Im not soo good on my phone when typing long paragraphs and hit wrong keys right and left. Just saing…..I gave a disclaimer after typing a stating excuse the typos.. My brain goes too fast to type.

  17. This product is sold everywhere! Target, Home Depot, Walmart. You don’t have to buy “two”, and they’re $19.99 w/ free shipping. If this “expert” reviewer lied about that, what else did they lie about? Amazon posted this “review”. Hence the ads showing similar products.

  18. You do NOT have to buy 2 like they say. You can buy only 1 if you want to. I agree with the previous replies. They give expert opinions when they haven’t even tried it. Not reliable in my opinion.

    Rating: 5
    • Amadou, I was thinking the same thing while reading this.
      Plus, reviewing a product you’ve never used?
      Also, misspelled words and wrong words used where they shouldn’t have been….hmmm. Bogus review!

      • Yeah, the grammar and choice of words in the bullet points is really poor. Hard to put much weight in a review when the product wasn’t tested and it’s written illiterately.

        Let’s take this one and fix the wording and (lack of) punctuation:

        “The size of Atomic Lantern may be too small than it appears in the infomercial”

        Should read:
        The size of Atomic Lantern may be smaller than it appears in the infomercial.”

        Rating: 3
    • Bingo! As I was scrolling down I was expecting to see similar products advertised at Amazon, and sure enough, there they were! Their claims aren’t all factual either.

  19. How can you review something you haven’t used.
    Thoughts on a product are not a review just untested thoughts ! I am concerned that the AtomicBeam web site does not give any needed information.
    ie. Size of lamp open & closed , size and how many batteries required, weight, with and without batteries, lumens lamp gives out ?
    This is all normal product information for a camping lamp. The lack of any of this information is more of a deterrent then your supposed “review”.

    Rating: 1
    • Hi, oh no. They get you one way or another with proccessing and handling charges. It says if you get the “free” second one there are seperate charges.

  20. So, you’ve never tried it but you have an expert opinion on it. That doesn’t make a very good case for trustworthiness. Did they not hire you or something?

    Rating: 4
    • Bsmith, I totally agree.

      It was that admission where I wondered how you can actually do an Expert Review without Actually doing a Review….?
      I almost stopped reading at this point…..Curious, I read on.

      Unbelievable how you can make a Huge List of Con’s on the product and never even look at it, or test it.

      This REVIEW is the “Atomic Ripoff”! and should be immediately be removed from the internet.

          • 1. How come this obviously BOGUS review is STILL showing??? The whole site should be taken down just for making false claims!

            2. Btw, it gets better: As I posted my above comment at 7:52pm ET on Feb.22, 2017, I noticed in the box saying “Your comment is awaiting moderation” that the time of my post surprisingly showed 12:52AM on Feb.23, 2017…. which proves this website is not even based in the US but 5 HOURS East of us, in EUROPE (where it’s already tomorrow)!!! No wonder why the “expert” couldn’t test the actual item since it is only being shipped within the US! How about that for a “thrust worthy review” (.net)?

      • 1. How come this obviously BOGUS review is STILL showing??? The whole site should be taken down just for making false claims!

        2. Btw, it gets better: As I posted my above comment at 7:52pm ET on Feb.22, 2017, I noticed in the box saying “Your comment is awaiting moderation” that the time of my post surprisingly showed 12:52AM on Feb.23, 2017…. which proves this website is not even based in the US but 5 HOURS East of us, in EUROPE (where it’s already tomorrow)!!! No wonder why the “expert” couldn’t test the actual item since it is only being shipped within the US! How about that for a “thrust worthy review” (.net)?

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