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What is Backnetix

As per the infomercial it is an amazing pain relieving solution that uses a clinically-proven formula to relieve lower back pain. It is to be worn on the calf muscle under the knee to soothe any pain caused by sciatic nerve.


Backnetix Review

Danielle Long in her Backnetix review says that the product is not as great as it claims to be. It did offer some relief from the sciatica pain in her leg but didn’t do much for her hip/back. Moreover getting the pressure pad adjusted in the right position took quite some time and didn’t quite provide the desired pressure.

Brooke Wallace in her Backnetix review gives it a satisfactory nod. She says it eases lower back pain when used for about 1-2 hrs each time. The one size fits all doesn’t quite hold true as she had bought one for her sister and it was too big. It also tends to slip its position constantly thereby requiring to be readjusted every now and then, especially while travelling.

Katelyn Woods in her Backnetix review says that it was too tight for her husband. Though there was enough space in Velcro, she complains that the two hands holding it together stretched very little.

Jacqueline Carter in her Backnetix review reveals that she suffers from scoliosis and that one of her legs is shorter than the other. Though she was thrilled to have found something smaller than her knee brace but was soon disappointed when she put on the Backnetix and the bottom elastic popped off. She agrees with others that the belt is for those with larger calves.

Harry Jenkins in his Backnetix review says that the fit is not that great but it did reduce the amount of numbness. The elastic straps were too long and nonadjustable. Also the Velcro strap doesn’t stretch much and has to be pulled tightly. Harry suggests making it in two sizes.

Steve Coleman in his Backnetix review says that even though the belt was effective in relieving the sciatic nerve pain in his calf, it failed to relieve pain from the source.

Chris Gray in his Backnetix review seems unsure if he received the same product that he had placed an order for. The reason being the two elastic straps buckle out when he tightens it. He is rather disappointed as his fellow gym person raved about the backnetix.


Backnetix Features and Benefits

Say goodbye to lower-back pain – Backnetix guarantees to be the one and only solution that is designed keeping in mind the aesthetics of human body to relieve it from any lower-back pain issues. Whether or not Backnetix really works is a question that will be resolved by user reviews. Backnetix states to be clinically proven and works much better as opposed to pain medications and costly physio-therapies. Such a comparison can be substantiated only once we receive Backnetix reviews for analysis.


Claims to reduce pain – Backnetix claims to provide relief from back pain immediately and is highly easy to use. Backnetix asserts that it takes care of back pain that can occur by sitting for a long time, sleeping, doing strenuous work, etc. Although there are no Backnetix reviews available yet that will attest to its claims. Backnetix alleges to be a strap that has a cushion pad in it to target the acupressure point in the middle of the calf muscle. Backnetix declares that this acupressure point soothes and intercepts pain that runs through the sciatic nerve. This is the longest nerve which causes most lower-back pain issues. Backnetix promises that the radiation of pain through the nerve is cut off almost immediately. Currently there are no Backnetix reviews available that will attest to its claims.


Numerous advantages – Backnetix assures to be perfect and natural as there are no drugs involved also eliminating any chances of side effects. Backnetix proclaims to be created for universal use and to fit under the knee on any sized calf very easily. There are adjustable straps that help in tightening and loosening it as per the requirement and amount of pressure required for pain relief. Backnetix does sound very fascinating; user reviews will expose the truth soon. Backnetix convinces to be highly beneficial to people of all ages for both men and women. Furthermore, Backnetix maintains to be perfect for wearing during work, exercising and even sleeping. This is made possible by its slim design that makes Backnetix concealable under clothing to provide active movement throughout the day anywhere desired. Can Backnetix really provide outstanding relief from back pain? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


What do I get?

2 Backnetix for £39.99 + S/h.

6 thoughts on “Backnetix

    • You dont need to buy such dubious devices. Ago puncture on the sciatic nerve can be done with less costs and more effective..take an elastic band and a small coned shaped stone or similar. Than find the position to gently press the stone on the nerve and band it gently..However there is nothing better than a little exercise directed to the spinal muscles which supports the spine to keep it its default position but most of all not to compress its vertebrae which are often the reason for pain. In addition you can use a back straightener which helps you to keep your spine in a default position. I did all of this and now i feel much less pain than ever after a decade of scrutinizing pain. the greatest advantage of all is that now i dont need to take as many medication as i did before..God luck and God bless.

  1. I was very sceptical about this product as I expect many people are. I’ve suffered sciatica for over 20years and it comes and goes. Just after Christmas 2015, I was house bound with sciatic back pain for a few weeks. I ordered backnetix, and WOW!!!!, unbelievable, I out it on and straight away I could straighten upright, and put my socks on without bad pain. I’ve been wearing it for a week now and I can’t believe that this actually works. I would have paid £100 for this to get the relief I’m getting.

  2. I have bought backnetix, unfortunately for myself it’s another pain relief that does not work, if you suffer from back pain you will try anything, I have not found anything on the market that does what it says

    • As you know backpain can be caused by many reasons. i also suffer from back pain and nerve pins and needles since a decade were i nearly wanted to have my limbs removed. My pain is the result of my professional life. However i found something which helped me to have less pain. I have started exercising my back muscle which support the spinal cord not to compress. In addition i use a back support device to force me to stand correctly. As you know back pain forces us to bend even more creating a dead end..This device and exercise has so far reduced my pain by half..Now i take much less medications what a relief!! Hope my experience helps you. Remember our back muscle and posture are the most important factors to keep our spine in its default position. Not a cure but perhaps a great help for less pain. Wish you all best of luck.

  3. If Backnetix is guaranteed to work or your money back.Why do the people who don’t like it simply ask for their money back. I mean will they get it and if so, easily?. I am willing to try anything at the moment to ease my pain but to pay £39.99+ postage is too much for it to fail.

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