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15 thoughts on “Balloon Bonanza vs Bunch O Balloons

How To Buy Xanax Pills
  1. […] Should you buy it? Balloon Bonanza is not a too bad product. But we know one product that works even better than the Balloon Bonanza – Bunch O Balloons. And we recommend buying it instead of Balloon Bonanza. It is available at for just $20 and you can return them hassle-free if you don’t like them. Here is a comparison of Balloon Bonanza and Bunch O Balloons. […]

  2. I’m curious as to whether you have to purchase the product all over again in order to get more balloons, or can regular balloons be attached to it once the originals are used up? Most parents know that 100 balloons don’t last very long, especially if several kids are having a balloon fight. I’m interested in getting one of these products for my son, but I’m wanting more information.

    • These devices are not reusable. The balloons are affixed to the tube with tiny rubber bands, so once the balloons fall off the tubes they are automatically sealed with the bands. I have used bunch o balloons and they weren’t that great. Not all the balloons fill, they fall off under their own weight before they are full enough to pop easily, and the hose attachment leaks terribly. The balloons just bounce off everything and roll across the driveway. My kids and I ended up just squeezing them onto each other. Not so much fun, but I guess it beats individually tying every balloon.

  3. This product, the balloon bonanza, was a disappointment to my kids. The balloons never filled up enough to actually pop when thrown at a person. They just bounced off and rolled away. Many of the balloons leaked as well. It was a waste of money as far as I’m concerned. It left my kids very sad.

  4. If you are going to buy these, please buy them locally. Buying from the company is a complete joke. They overcharged me and didn’t send everything I ordered. It has been a complete pain trying to talk to anyone. The only way they will talk to you is through email. It takes them forever to reply. Just a heads up, I wish I would have went to Toys R Us or somewhere else to get these. I don’t even know if they work yet seeing as I can’t get the company to send them to me.

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