Big Top Freeze Pop

What is Big Top Freeze Pop:

It is a tool that lets you make delicious frozen treats from your favourite drinks.
Big Top Freeze Pop can come to your rescue in case you have young ones at home who love their treats on a regular basis. You don’t want them to have those store-bought frozen goodies because you are being health conscious, which is understandable. But making them at home has been a tough ask so far. Big Top Freeze Pop claims to offer you a simple solution that works well with all kids.


Big Top Freeze Pop is very simple to use, even kids can make their frozen treats

Big Top Freeze Pop works in three easy steps to get the job done for you; so much so that even your kids can use it. To begin with, you can fill it with the chosen drink, gelatine or pudding for that matter. Once that’s done, you have to insert the stick upside down and place it in the freezer. Big Top Freeze Pop does the job within no time and you have a frozen treat that you can pop out of the frozen chamber and devour.


Big Top Freeze Pop makes sense for all occasions

If you have restless kids at home in warm summer months looking for mouth watering cool treats then Big Top Freeze Pop offers you a sensible option. You can also use it well when you are hosting a party for kids and want to make them healthy treats. These delicious goodies will work as the perfect dessert after dinner or practically any time of the day, according to its claims. From an orange creamsicle to chocolate pudding, raspberry and banana treats, you can make any number of treats with it.


Big Top Freeze Pop is convenient for regular use

Big Top Freeze Pop is known to have a built-in drip catcher, which will ensure that there’s no mess when you are using it. It’s also dishwasher safe for your convenience and doesn’t contain any BPA making it safe for use.


What do I get?

  • You get 2 Big Top Freeze Pop™ Kit just for $10.00 + 13.90 S/H.
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