Blue Wave LED Light for ACNE – REVIEWED

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What is Blue Wave? It claims to be a powerful, hand-held device that uses LED light to get rid of existing acne and protect the skin from future breakouts.



Blue Wave CLAIMS

No more acne
Blue Wave guarantees that its LED light wave therapy can remove existing acne easily and ensure that the skin doesn’t have any more future breakouts. The light in the device allegedly penetrates deep into the skin and eliminates bacteria that generates acne, and removes existing swelling and redness without even touching the skin. At this point in time, there are no Blue Wave reviews available to attest to its claims.

Use at home
Blue Wave states to compress its blue light photo-therapy in a compact, hand-held design that is easy to use. Also, the LED light system is asserted to be durable and lasts for a long time before needing replacement. More shall be revealed once users review it. This device assures that using it for 10 minutes a day, three times a week will give professional results right at home. It promises to be soothing and gentle to use regardless of the skin type and works on both men and women. Did you find Blue Wave really useful? Send us your reviews.


Blue Wave Reviews

Annette Boone is disappointed with the Blue Wave and claims in her review of the Blue Wave that she didn’t see any real changes in her blemishes. They didn’t go away any faster. She says the Blue Wave was useless on such breakouts.
In her Blue Wave review Christina Price writes- “It’s really annoying to use. It seems to irritate the affected area even more. It is somewhat painful to use as you need 2 minutes for each spot”.

Michelle Craig tried the Blue Wave and states in her review of the Blue Wave- “Lasted one month using it once daily and it stopped vibrating and timing a session”.

Bernice Pena too is unhappy with the Blue Wave and mentions in her Blue Wave review- It stopped working after one month. It vibrates your hand more than what you place it on. The light doesn’t heat till the end, quality control is very poor”.

In her review of the Blue Wave Kristina Warren says- “The only downside is the time investment required. Each blemish should be treated for 2 minutes, 3 times a day. It really takes a lot of time”.


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