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9 thoughts on “Bluestone Cookware

Buying Xanax Online Cheap
  1. Potential concept, could learn to love same, but purchased same approx a year ago and am disappointed that the no scratch claim is true of mine. Dispite the fact I only use non metal utensils on it. Very early my fry pan was very scratched and Big pot stained have tried several times to contact someone with out success not happy with the condition of my cookware especially taking cost into account. I have a non stick pan that is older and in better condition much cheaper which would allow replacement if scratched, also. you are welcome to check the authenticity of my claim.

  2. Blue Stone cookware is the biggest bit of rubbish out, yes it worked for the first month, even following directions of resealing all the time and just wiping out, but after a couple of months the food starts to stick and they are no better of than a $20 pan from Big W, I got two sets and gave one away as a present and they are having the same trouble with theirs.

  3. Not very good. Even following all the instructions. After a month or so, food sticks. Better to get a heavy based cast iron pan or even stainless steel and season it well with oil and salt. Couldn’t recommend these for serious cooks!

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