Bluestone Cookware

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What is Bluestone Cookware:

It is said to be the most advanced cookware that can help you cook to perfection and healthily too.

Bluestone Cookware has been created so that you can cook without the hassle of non-stick oils and sprays that seem to be essential to eat healthy. The problem with the regular non stick cookware is that it doesn’t last long and you end up having to scrape food items from it too. Cleaning them is another problem as well, which you can now avoid, according to the claims made by Bluestone Cookware.


Bluestone Cookware finds its strength in its layers

Bluestone Cookware has a Sapphire coating made out of water based fluororesin that is applied by spray. Good news is that it doesn’t contain PFOA. There is also a non stick top coating and wear resistant primer coating, which make it what it is. Bluestone Cookware also has base layers of Aluminium 3003 core, High temperature exterior coating and an induction base. That not only leads to a cookware that cooks well and without the need for additional oils, it also enables even heat distribution, which ensures you can cook with perfection.


Bluestone Cookware doesn’t lead to hot spots

One of the reasons Bluestone Cookware works well for everyone is that it can be used on different surfaces, from gas to electric ceramic or induction stoves. And thanks to the multi play construction process it is said to do the job efficiently every single time. You are also told that thanks to the way this cookware functions, there is no fear of hotspots while you are cooking. That’s clearly a huge relief because you don’t have to think twice about food cooking unevenly when you are using Bluestone Cookware.

Bluestone Cookware is easy for regular use

You invest in your cookware because you want it to last for a long time. And Bluestone Cookware is said to be quite durable and made to last. Thus it says that it can be your money’s worth. But that’s not all; Bluestone Cookware makes your cleaning a lot easier too. Now you won’t have to keep scrubbing over and over again, even with those so called non stick pans.
This cookware claims to cook well, healthy and to your convenience too.


What do I get?

Now you can receive the Bluestone™ 24cm Deluxe Deep Pan and 24 cm Saute Pan with a FREE 24cm Casserole Pan with glass tempered lid! Don’t miss this amazing offer! The Casserole Pot and lid is yours to keep even if you return the other pans!This product comes with a 14 Days Money Back Guarantee, & our 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty. In the instance of a claim customer will pay to ship product back to As Seen On TV Direct, & we will happily ship product back for FREE. Official

Rating: 3

9 thoughts on “Bluestone Cookware

  1. Can you please tell me if you can use the casserole pot on a gas stove or only on glass top electric stovetop.

  2. Does anyone know how to tighten the screw in the handle of the fry pan. The handle has some movement in it now. It is not Phillips screw or Allen key.

    Rating: 4
  3. Not very good. Even following all the instructions. After a month or so, food sticks. Better to get a heavy based cast iron pan or even stainless steel and season it well with oil and salt. Couldn’t recommend these for serious cooks!

  4. Blue Stone cookware is the biggest bit of rubbish out, yes it worked for the first month, even following directions of resealing all the time and just wiping out, but after a couple of months the food starts to stick and they are no better of than a $20 pan from Big W, I got two sets and gave one away as a present and they are having the same trouble with theirs.

  5. Potential concept, could learn to love same, but purchased same approx a year ago and am disappointed that the no scratch claim is true of mine. Dispite the fact I only use non metal utensils on it. Very early my fry pan was very scratched and Big pot stained have tried several times to contact someone with out success not happy with the condition of my cookware especially taking cost into account. I have a non stick pan that is older and in better condition much cheaper which would allow replacement if scratched, also. you are welcome to check the authenticity of my claim.

    Rating: 1

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