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11 thoughts on “Boom Touch

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  1. This company is impossible to deal with. I received an email from them on 12/19/2016 stating that “The carrier has already picked up your package from our warehouse”. This is complete and total BS. According to the FedEx tracking web site the only thing that’s happened is that someone at Boom Touch generated a shipping label, but that label has never been attached to a shipment and sent on its way to me. It’s now been 6 business days since I received the “Shipping Confirmation” from Boom Touch and there is no way I can find to get in touch with their customer service department other than by phone so there’s no record of what was said, very clever.

    • I ordered a boom touch from the official boom touch website and I never received a package it is been passed the days of waiting basically FedEx has the label but they don’t have the package to attach the label to so therefore I just paid for something that I’m not even getting a load of crap I’m so pissed $47 down the drain and no boomtouch speaker that I actually could order from Amazon

  2. If it only works while a cell phone is placed on a speaker then that means you have no access to your phone. Once you pick up the phone…No Music. Bluetooth allows you to still use your phone to check emails, make phone calls, etc…So, I see no reason to purchase this at any price.

  3. same comment. They claim, order shipped two weeks ago – it has not arrived. When I e-mail them the e-mail gets returned. Sounds like a SCAM ? Don’t buy from them.
    The so called tracking does not work SCAM ?

  4. Works as advertised. Useful with my iPod touch. (I keep my phone separate anyway.) Bass has a little distortion at max iPod volume. With moderate volume, this is great for kitchen use while cooking. I ordered the combo (two units with power adaptor). Arrived quickly. No scam.

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