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7 thoughts on “Bright Eyes Blanket

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  1. I can’t say anything about the actual product because it never arrived. I can, however, speak about the “customer service.” There is no customer service. There is a number you can call that no one answers and will disconnect you after a ring or two. Save yourself the time and do not order this product.

    • Agreed! Ordered Bright Light Blanket over a month ago and it never arrived. There is no customer service (that works), no email, no physical address to write to and a non working 1-800 number. It’s a shame you can’t even purchase something for your kids these days.

  2. I wish I would have seen the reviews for this! I hope that I get my blankets! -Not impressed with the ordering process! The website claims if you order more than one blanket, you get a discount on the second one- well that did not happen! I was able to talk to a customer service rep and I have to wait 2 hrs for my order to process before trying to get the adjustment. Also, once you initially place your order the next page asks if you want to upgrade the material to a thicker material for $10 extra for each blanket ordered. -Nice- I wonder what the material will be like on the ones that I ordered! -You don’t get what is showed on the actual website. -Very disappointing!

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