Canon PowerShot G7 X Review

What is Canon PowerShot G7 X

It is a superior high performance camera that claims to be packed with exciting and impressive features for your benefit.

Canon PowerShot G7 X is a compact digital camera that has been designed to ensure that you can take top quality pictures with ease. If you love photography and want to take snapshots that will be cherished for a lifetime then this camera makes your task easier and a lot of fun too. Canon PowerShot G7 X asserts that it is packed with several capabilities that will bring you brilliant results.


Canon PowerShot G7 X: An Overview

1.0-inch, 20.2 Megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor is where it all begins for the Canon PowerShot G7 X, which is powered by the new generation DIGIC 6 Image Processor. As a result you get stunningly rendered pictures, even in low light and up to ISO 12800, according to its claims. The IS lens is a f/1.8 (W) – f/2.8 (T) frame of the Canon PowerShot G7 X gives you a lot more in your frame while 4.2x Optical Zoom is a delight to work with. 3.0-inch touch panel LCD and full resolution continuous shooting up to 6.5 fps and 1080p/60p HD video are some of its other important features.


1” Type CMOS Sensor: Canon PowerShot G7 X has a sensor similar to other EOS digital SLR cameras including 3:2 aspect ratio but what it also does is captures more light at the pixel level. That’s why avid photographers can get top quality pictures with greater detail. What’s more, it makes the most out of its enhanced dynamic range to cut down noise and distortion to offer those results even at higher ISOs.


Canon 24-100mm f/1.8 – 2.8 Lens: The performance of the Canon PowerShot G7 X is boosted by the large sensor, which ensures that you have a greater range while shooting pictures. The bright aperture value of f/1.8 at the wide angle and f/2.8 at the time it is completely zoomed to the factor of 4.2x, is a huge advantage for avid photographers. Moreover it stresses that you have the option of capturing macro shots from about 5 cm range.


Brilliant Image Processing: Canon PowerShot G7 X emphasizes on the fact that signal to noise ratio is dramatically reduced so that you have less noise and distortion. It means that your images are of high quality in different circumstances. Target exposure value and contrast characteristics are some of the features you have for image processing and they give your pictures the highlight you want. You can also change the exposure index from standard from SOS to REI and click pictures at same brightness with the same Av, Tv, and ISO settings like EOS.


Canon PowerShot G7 X means accelerated operation: The DIGIC 6 Image Processor of this camera ensures that all the operations are fastened while you manage to shoot top quality still and moving images. Hence if you have zeroed in on a shot that you just don’t want to miss, this camera will be the right solution for you, according to its claims.


Clear Images in Low Light: The Canon HS SYSTEM works together in tandem with the DIGIC 6 Image Processor and a large sensor to assure you brilliant performance every single time. You will thus notice that the pictures you have clicked can be processed quickly while the noise is reduced. You also have the ability of using high ISO speeds at full resolution.


Record Brilliant Quality full HD Videos: DIGIC 6 Image Processor of this camera comes into play again and lets you shoot full HD videos in MP4 without any hassle. These 1080p in 60p HD videos can be seen online or you can play them back on your HDTV at home; their quality will be undiminished. The HDMI output makes it quite simple to replay the videos and relive those moments.


Manual Controls to Boost Results: Canon PowerShot G7 X is known for its manual controls that can be completely optimized. If you are a photographer who wants to take your creativity to a whole new level then you can simply use the control ring to choose between one of the many shooting modes it has. Aperture, speed, ISO, flash, and focus are just some of the aspects that can be adjusted to get the results you are looking for.


Canon PowerShot G7 X’s Powerful Processor: Having talked about the Canon DIGIC 6 Image Processor before, it’s important to delve into its actual functioning. Quite simply, it maintains that it improves light sensitivity with higher resolutions even in rather dark conditions. Dynamic IS on the other hand is capable of compensating for tilt and parallel movement. That’s how you get distortion free distortion free videos, which are shot in MP4 so that they are compatible with today’s phones and tablets.

This processor of the Canon PowerShot G7 X also has a provision for MF Peaking function, which is a focusing tool of the highest order for you.


Canon PowerShot G7 X and the Canon HS system: This highly exciting system is a combination of the large format 1.0-inch High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor and the processor in the camera. On the back of this system you can shoot gorgeous low light shots in great detail and minimal noise even in shadowy areas. It does that by noise reduction even at high ISO speeds up to 12800 while processing pictures at high speeds also when you are using full resolution, according to its claims.


High-resolution Multi-angle Touch Panel LCD: The LCD screen of this camera is one of its highlights and makes taking pictures a cakewalk even for beginners. To start with, the screen can tilt up to 180 degrees, which ensures that you can take that perfect selfie without any problem. You could be at home or a historical site, Canon PowerShot G7 X will let you take your selfie and a postcard for memory album. Capacitive touch-panel operation is intuitive and you won’t take time to get a hang of it. Different control settings, shutter release and focus can all be accessed right on the screen with a simple touch.


Full Resolution Continuous Shooting and High-Speed AF: Canon PowerShot G7 X stresses that now you can get high speed continuous shooting experience thanks to its noteworthy processor. The continuous shooting can be done up to 6.5 fps, which is completely available to you in P, Tv, Av, M and Auto modes. Canon PowerShot G7 X also maintains that you can now shoot and process in tandem, which will reduce the buffering time considerably. That is how you can get high shooting speeds with this camera, which claims to be ideal for both, beginners and photography enthusiasts alike.


Cutting Edge Advantage with 31 AF points: One major advantage of using the Canon PowerShot G7 X is that there are 31 focus points that have been placed in expanded and wide pattern on the image plane. Hence focusing with this camera is never going to be a problem for you. In fact, Canon PowerShot G7 X is able to focus with complete precision in double quick time to make things easier for you. Smaller focus frame sizes this camera offers also make sense since you can get precise focus even on really small objects, which can otherwise be a tricky task for you.


Built-in Near Field Communication: Canon PowerShot G7 X has clearly been designed for today’s users, who not only want to click top quality pictures but share them instantly as well. That’s the reason this camera is powered by NFC technology. All you have to do is touch the NFC icon on the camera to the Android device you have. It will ensure that the CameraWindow app is launched to give you the option of remote shooting. With this feature the Canon PowerShot G7 X also becomes a quick and reliable source for sharing pictures.

The Built-in NFC technology in the Canon PowerShot G7 X gives you a helping hand while installing the app, which will be done quickly. In case the app hasn’t been installed for whatever reason, as soon as you touch the devices for the very first time, you will see that the download screen has been displayed. You can then get the app and start making the most out of it.

Overall Canon PowerShot G7 X is a compact, digital camera that makes taking pictures a fun exercise with its convenient options. Importantly, thanks to its powerful features it ensures that you will have top quality images that you will be proud of.


What do I get?
PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera
Battery Pack NB-13L
Battery Charger CB-2LH
Wrist Strap WS-DC12

Price: $699.99 + S/h. Official website:

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