Solar Flowers

About Solar Flowers Solar Flowers states to be a decorative flower that dances back and forth when placed in direct sunlight. It alleges to be great for cars, window sills, or even desks.   How does it work Solar Flowers proclaims to be solar powered and doesn’t require batteries or electricity to work. Just placing […]

Wizard Mat Review

What is Wizard Mat? Are you tired of unwanted spills, scratches and messes on the inside of your car? Now there is a simple, easy and amazing way to put an end to all of that. Here’s introducing the most amazing and most useful mat, the Wizard Mat. The Wizard Mat is a precision-made multi-purpose […]

Wipe New Re-Color

What is Wipe New Re-Color? It is the first ever wipe-on clear coating and sealant that restores the shine and beauty of furniture, fixtures and several other articles at home courtesy its exclusive proprietary nano-polymer formula.     Wipe New Re-Color Claims Revive the magic of the past – The creators of Rust-Oleum ReColor by […]

Air Dragon REVIEW

What is Air Dragon? It is an easy to use tool to fill your car tires yourself with complete precision, according to its claims. Air Dragon assures you a way to fill your tires wherever you might be without having to wait for professional help. It also promises to be versatile to work with all […]

Take Out Buddy Review

What is Take Out Buddy As per the TV infomercial it is an amazing levelling system that helps avoid spills and things such as take out containers from falling from car seats.     Never waste a take out Take Out Buddy promises to be the most convenient and efficient device, which is created for […]

Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating Review

About Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating assures to be a great asset to your vehicle if you want to enhance the look of your tires. Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating claims to increase the shine and protection of your tire and provide a long term solution to the oxidation and […]

Wiser Visor

What is Wiser Visor As per the TV infomercial it is a visor clip that can hold any type of smart phone easily. It is extendable for accommodating up to 3.5 inches of phone width and can be clipped anywhere on the visor.   Keep your eyes on road Wiser Visor states to be an […]

Renumax Review

What is Renumax? As per the TV infomercial it is a car scratch remover that easily helps in eliminating expensive scratches, scrapes and scuff marks. It takes absolutely no time to perform such surgical scratch removal and works on all types of colors on any type of vehicles.     Renumax REVIEW Francke in his […]

Black Magic Tire & Wheel Cleaner Review

What is Black Magic Tire & Wheel Cleaner It is a set of tire and wheel cleaner from the renowned brand that offers you impeccable results, according to its claims. Black Magic Tire & Wheel Cleaner asserts that now you can have perfectly clean tires and wheels on your drives without too much hassle or […]

EZ Lift Review

What is EZ Lift It claims to be a portable handle that can easily latch to a car’s strike plate to provide ergonomic support for getting out of the car. It also has features such as flashlight, glass breaking hammer and a seat belt emergency cutter all in a compact size.   Find support EZ […]