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Rain-X REVIEW | Complete Rain-X Wiper Blade Report

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

What is Rain-X?

Rain-X are water repellent 2-in-1 wiper blades that claim to clear and repel water on your windshield while you drive. Raix-X asserts that the water beads and rolls away while you drive. Rain X Water Repellent blades alleges to work by transferring a Rain X water repelling coating from the wiper squeegee to the windshield during initial use. At this point of time there are no Rain X reviews to verify this claim.



How does Rain-X work?

Easy to install – Rain-X blades promises to be easy to install in just minutes. At this point of time there are no Rain-X reviews to verify this claim.

Rain-X asserts that it is designed with an advanced beam technology that features flexible construction designed to hug your windshield and claims to work by applying the repellent directly to the glass. Such claims of Rain-X does sound great but does it work well is a question better left to Rain-X user reviews.

Rain X wiper blades emphasizes to apply the water repelling coating to the windshield and claims to lasts for months. This claim of Rain-X will be attested only once users review Rain-X.

The synthetic blend rubber squeegee is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions for improved durability. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once the Rain X is reviewed.



Jack Estrada says in his review of Rain-X- “Rain-X seems to be smearing some kind of greasy film on my windows. Made them hazy and on first wipe it would go away and then as they returned to position, hazy again. Rain-X isn’t working.

Dustin Erickson claims in his review of the Rain-X- “22″ wiper streaked from day one and does not provide a good wipe when the windshield is wet. I am fairly disappointed with the Rain-X as I have only had them for a month now. I normally use Bosch wiper blades but figured I’d give the Rain-X a try.

Garrett Hodges who tried the Rain-X claims in his review of it- “The Rain-X actually leaves a huge mess on the windshield that takes a while to dry, and then it leaves spots all over that are impossible to clean by using the wipers since they dispense the product even on a dry windshield. Also, much to my disappointment and dismay, the wipers left actual scratches on my windshield”.

Another user, Bertha Howell, states in her review of the Rain-X- “Couldn’t keep rain off my windshield any better than using a sponge. I’m highly dissatisfied with these wiper blades. I bought the Rain-X after winter because I understand that cold usually burns up your wiper blades. Not 4 months later, and absolutely no cold days later.”

Betty Bennett says in her review of Rain-X- “Even when it was new, Rain-X didn’t ever sweep away the water from my windshield. It just smears and smudges it around. I’ve had some really cheap wiper blades that worked way better than the Rain-X.

Jimmie Watkins who purchased Rain-X claims in his review of it-“It does not fit the 2011 Range Rover with the side attachment. I kept trying and trying but this would not work with Range Rovers that have the style of attachment that requires you to use a screwdriver to slide the hook back”.

Leland Watts say in his Rain-X review that he had a bad experience with it. He says the rubber started to come out on the road and he would have to stop the car to put it back on its place. He further adds that if the travel is long he has to stop more.

Milton Rios says in his Rain-X review- “The universal mounting block on the wipers in huge compared to anything else I’ve seen. They are directly in my field of vision and the wiper arms are nearly 1 inch higher than the OEM blades. But worst of all Rain-X produces a constant high pitched rattle when I drive over 60 miles an hour”.

Vicki Manning, who bought the Rain-X, says in her review of it- “The installation couldn’t be easier. However, my problem with the Rain-X is that the wiper blade left streaks. Not only that, but the right side of my blade makes a noise that sounds like it was going to break/ fall out. I’m not going to feel safe using Rain-X when the rain season comes. I was forced to order this style since the weather beater was sold out in 28″. I feel that the weather beater blades have more stability with its designed that has more support. This style seems to have support only where it connects to the hinge”.

Dixie Young says in her review of the Rain-X that it is of poor quality. She is really disappointed with the Rain-X blades and says that after only a few months they started to leave streaks in even light rain. She also says it’s extremely frustrating to drive in rainy weather.

Albert Christensen who tried the Rain-X mentions in his review- “ After a dozen rain storms Rain-X no longer skips, however they sound like they are scraping across the top of my roof when they return down (I’ve checked that they are the right size and do not go off the windshield.)”.

In her review of the Rain-X Donna Valdez says that Rain-X is a very bulky attachment that makes the wiper look awkward especially on nicer vehicles.


Rain-X Questions and Answers

Q. Does Rain-X come with one or two blades in packaging?
A. Rain-X comes with one blade only.

Q. Does the Rain-X blade come with the PTB adapter?
A. Yes it does but nothing remotely close to how Rain-X shows it attaching in their install videos. They haven’t bothered to update their install videos since they’ve changed the way Latitudes attach to PTB arms.

Q. Will the Rain-X fit Hyundai Elantra 2016?
A. Rain-X will fit the driver’s side. The passenger side takes a 14″.

Q. Will the Rain-X fit on Nissan rogue 2015?
A. Yes, Rain-X will fit your vehicle.

Q. When it says that the blade is for my “front left”-which is considered the left? Is the driver or passenger side considered the left?
A. The driver side is considered the left side. The 24 inch is for the driver’s side and 20 inch is for the passenger’s side.

Q. Can Rain-X be put on a 2009 Toyota Camry?
A. No, Rain-X is not made for hybrids! You need to buy the green ones.

Q. Is the Rain-X blade recommended for 2005 Yukon?
A. Don’t buy it. It’s really cheap plastic on the clips. I purchased it for a 2015 Toyota 4Runner limited and they are garbage.

Q. I replaced mine in the rain so my instructions got wet. Do you remove the yellow part or is that part of the blade system?
A. Yes remove the yellow cover.

Q. Does the Rain-X fit 2011 Infiniti G 37?
A. All you need is the length of the blades. You can search the blade length according to the make and model of your vehicle.

Q. Will the Rain-X fit the 2015 Audi A8?
A. Unfortunately, Rain-X will not fit the 2015 Audi A8. Rain-X does not offer a blade for that model.

Q. Does the Rain-X work good in the winter? I plow snow and have yet to find a decent blade with these wacky new attachment clips.
A. Rain-X is very expensive. They don’t hold well and they do not clean the glass like they did in the beginning. It could be that my vehicle sits in the sun all day and dries them out but if that’s the case I can buy cheap ones and save the money.

Q. Would the Rain-X fit my 2013 Honda CRV?
A. Not sure but if you enter the year and model of your car it will tell you if it fits your car or not.

Q. Will the Rain-X blades have any kind of effect on the windshield wiper fluid?
A. Yes, there is a chemical reaction and it will leave holes in your windshield.

Q. Will the same size wiper blade fit on both sides?
A. No. There are two different sizes for the x5 24″ & 22″

Q. Does the Rain-X fit the left and right side?
A. Yes, it’s very easy. Just push it in and lower the clamp.

Q. Why does amazon say Rain-X won’t fit my 2015 sonic?
A. Blade is too long and doesn’t fit the curve of the glass.

Q. How long do the wipers last, and do they have a warranty on them?
A. Had a set on my truck and they lasted 9 years.

Q. Does Rain-X fit a 2011 Honda Civic coupe w/PTB arms? The existing PTB adapter from the last set of latitudes looks completely different!
A. Don’t buy it. I bought them because it said they would fit my car and they did not because the adapter is different. I went to an auto-parts store to get the correct ones and was told that the “older model” had a different adapter and would have fit my car but the new ones would not. The fit information listed for them is based on the older model.

Q. Do I need to apply Rain-X water repellent to my windshield before using these blades?
A. No. Just clean window good and note instructions to remove yellow blade cover and operate dry for a short time using the spray once to activate the chemical in the blade.


What do I get?

  • 2 Rain-X Latitude Water Repellency Wipers
  • 1 Rain-X Anti-Fog Wipe
  • 2 Pack of Rain-X Spot Free Wash – 2oz. each

Price: $50.00 | Official website: | Order the Rain-X wiper wiper blades today!

Wipe New Rainbrella

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

What is it?

Driving in the harsh and pouring rain can be extremely dangerous for drivers. And windscreen wipers just don’t do the job. Now there is an amazing and easy way to instantly repel nature’s worst elements – rain, mud, dirt and more!

Here’s introducing Wipe New Rainbrella, an innovative wipe on long lasting crystal clear, haze-free glass treatment that enhances the visibility of drivers to give you a safe drive back home.



How it works?

When Wipe New Rainbrella is applied to the windscreen, it increases the visibility and safety of drivers in the worst weather conditions. Wipe New Rainbrella is like an umbrella for your car.

Easy To Use
Wipe New RainBrella is quick and easy to apply. Wipe New RainBrella is perfect to use on additional automotive glass surfaces such as side mirrors, side windows and rear windows.

Wipe New RainBrella protects your glass through 100 car washes and lasts lasts 2x longer than similar products in the market.

The Wipe New RainBrella kit comes with two Pre-Saturated Wipe-Its, Microfiber Buffing Cloth, Pair of Gloves, and instructions.

Order the Wipe New RainBrella today and never struggle to drive in the pouring rain and harsh weather conditions!


What do I get?
Wipe New Rainbrella kits for $9.99 plus just $5.00 for shipping and processing

Solar Flowers

Monday, September 12th, 2016

About Solar Flowers

Solar Flowers states to be a decorative flower that dances back and forth when placed in direct sunlight. It alleges to be great for cars, window sills, or even desks.


How does it work

Solar Flowers proclaims to be solar powered and doesn’t require batteries or electricity to work. Just placing it in the sunlight powers its mechanism to get it to sway.


A flower that sways in sunlight
Add delight and fun to your workspace, kitchen or living room with the decoration piece Solar Flowers that asserts to sway back and forth when you place it in direct sunlight. Solar Flowers proclaims to work on solar energy and requires no battery or electricity thus delighting you for practically no cost and being environment-friendly. There are no Solar Flowers user reviews to know the truth yet.


Ideal for any space
Solar Flowers convinces that it is great for any space including your car and desk and will put a smile on any onlooker or passerby’s face. Let’s read some Solar Flowers user reviews before believing these claims. It guarantees to come with a decorative vase and colored base to complete the piece. Send us your reviews if you were impressed with Solar Flowers.


What do I get?
Buy Solar Flowers just for only $19.99 + 3.99 P/H
solar sunflower includes a high efficiency solar panel which powers the unit.

Wizard Mat Review

Friday, August 12th, 2016

What is Wizard Mat?

Are you tired of unwanted spills, scratches and messes on the inside of your car? Now there is a simple, easy and amazing way to put an end to all of that. Here’s introducing the most amazing and most useful mat, the Wizard Mat.

The Wizard Mat is a precision-made multi-purpose car mat that can be used anywhere in the car. You can use the Wizard Mat in any vehicle. You can also use the Wizard Mat in so many different ways. You are sure to love the versatility the Wizard Mat provides and once you use the Wizard Mat you will never travel without it in your car. The Wizard Mat is that amazing!



Wizard Mat Claims

Wizard Mat Design – The Wizard Mat is tough, it features a built in Velcro panel that ensure it stays in place. It is also designed with a raised edge so it contains spills so there is no mess. The Wizard Mat is guaranteed to protect your car from scratches, spills and messes.


Wizard Mat Uses – The Wizard Mat can be used in so many ways. You can use the Wizard Mat to protect the interior seas and floors of your car, use it as an instant pet barrier, a utility mat when you want to bend down and fix your car, and so much more. With the Wizard Mat in your car you can always protect your car from spills scratches and messes. Order the Wizard Mat today and never have another spill or scratch in your car ever again!


What do I get?
You will get Wizard Mat for $19.99 +$7.99 P&H | Official website

Wipe New Re-Color

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

What is Wipe New Re-Color?

It is the first ever wipe-on clear coating and sealant that restores the shine and beauty of furniture, fixtures and several other articles at home courtesy its exclusive proprietary nano-polymer formula.



Wipe New Re-Color Claims

Revive the magic of the past – The creators of Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New present it as a revolutionary solution that can restore the beauty of virtually all articles, whether antique or new, that are a part of your home and need immediate rejuvenation. It promises to transform the way you’ve been maintaining the beauty and looks of essential articles and décor all along. It’s a wipe-on clear coating and sealant that does not behave like conventional coatings that simply stay applied on a surface. Rather, it blends with the original colour that it is about to restore and simultaneously enriches the overall look with better attributes. This solution thus promises to do a world of good to all that you treat it with, which other brands cannot.

Compatible with many surfaces – Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New has been designed for use on several surfaces that include shutters, sidings, patio furniture, grills, window trims, metal railings and hardware, garden accessories, lighting fixtures, grills, mailboxes, kayaks, golf carts, applications including vinyl, plastic, stone and metal surfaces.

Quick and efficient – According to the promoters of Wipe New Re-Color, it takes up only some minutes to make your old collectibles shine like new. It also facilitates last minute touch ups to your décor on occasions such as visitors paying a surprise visit unexpectedly. It can also restore a wide range of products and make them look new within a few moments.

Abundant protection and care – The sellers of Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New state that it doesn’t just add a breath of freshness to your precious objects and decorations but also safeguards their surfaces from UV and liquids with the proprietary nano-polymer formula. According to them, the formula goes deep inside to protect and restore the product for years and also defends them from oxidation, fainting, damage due to sun and water and similar occurrences. Also, its effects last for years, which render it all the more dependable.

Easy to use and mess-free – If you are wondering how convenient it is to use Wipe New Re-Color, its promoters guarantee that it’s much easier and better to use this formula than traditional methods like painting. Wipe New Re-Color doesn’t require implements like paint brushes, spray cans, overspray, tape, drop cloths, drips and several other knick-knacks for application that tend to create a mess. It also needs no taping, sanding, disassembling or removal of frames, shutters, etc., which saves you from a lot of hassles. You just need to wipe this solution on surfaces; to begin with, you need to clean and dry the surface, then remove the pre-soaked starter cloth from the package and wipe over the target areas and wait for results to be seen. Within minutes you will notice a glossy new look that, its promoters claim, isn’t possible through other means.


Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New kit includes:

  • 1 bottle of ReColor
  • 3 microfiber cloths
  • 1 microfiber applicator sponge
  • 2 durable nitrile gloves
  • 1 detail brush
  • 1 instructions

Price: $19.99 plus $5.00 at |

Air Dragon REVIEW

Monday, July 18th, 2016

What is Air Dragon?

It is an easy to use tool to fill your car tires yourself with complete precision, according to its claims. Air Dragon assures you a way to fill your tires wherever you might be without having to wait for professional help. It also promises to be versatile to work with all types of car tires. We will get our hands on Air Dragon reviews to verify these claims.



Air Dragon CLAIMS

Easiest way to fill car tires – Air Dragon emphasizes on the fact that it’s so easy to use and has an ergonomic handle for practically anyone to fill car tires now. You simply plug it into your car’s 12 volt outlet and check your car’s PSI. Now when you are running low, you can fill your tires quickly and go. These are tall claims that have to be confirmed with Air Dragon reviews.

No more guesswork – Air Dragon takes the guesswork out of filling your tires. That’s because of the easy to read pressure gauge that lets you know when you have reached perfect PSI. Air Dragon reviews can validate this.


Air Dragon REVIEW

Air Dragon review calls it useless and it was returned. It didn’t have a pressure setting to switch it off when the desired pressure was achieved.

Air Dragon review says that it possesses a number of good features but they don’t function well together. It doesn’t pump while recharging the battery.

Air Dragon review criticizes the pump as too weak to fill even a small tire. NiCad battery is obsolete, which makes it inconvenient to drain the battery before recharging.

Air Dragon review statues that it is junk. When it was received, it looked like a used piece. After charging it overnight and trying to fill a tire that had 20lbs, about 20 minutes later, it pumped only 3lbs of air in the tire. This was undesirable in the winter of Minnesota. Air Dragon also needs standing bent over the whole time while pumping the tire.

Air Dragon review exposes it for not seating properly and not inflating anything.

Air Dragon review reveals that it’s not was expected. One can only blow basketballs with it and not tires.

Air Dragon review rues that it stopped working after filling lawn mower wheels.

Air Dragon review points out that it’s a piece of junk and money should not be wasted on it. It took over five minutes to put 2lbs more pressure in a car tire. The pump turned too hot to hold.

Air Dragon review says that it can be used on bicycle tires, and it doesn’t hold the charge at all.


Air Dragon Questions & Answers

Q. Does Air Dragon support road bicycle Presta valves and inflate a bicycle tire to 100 psi? How frequently does it need recharging?
A. Air Dragon doesn’t live up to the expectation. Its gage doesn’t work and it takes a long time to inflate a tire. It’s a rip off.

Q. Is Air Dragon good enough to inflate commercial vehicle tires such as tractor trailer?
A. Possibly not, because the piston is too small. Even if the pump did inflate commercial vehicle tires, it would take ages. The nickel-cadmium batteries do not last long either.

Q. Is Air Dragon ideal for bicycle tires?
A. Yes

Q. Does Air Dragon work on car tires?
A. No, it is too slow. Mine had to be returned.


What do I get?
You get Air Dragon Pro with LED light and 3 tip nozzles for $39.99 + $9.99 shipping and handling. Official Website:


Compare Air Dragon with Air Hawk Tire Inflator, RYOBI and Craftsman Tire Inflator.

Take Out Buddy Review

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

What is Take Out Buddy

As per the TV infomercial it is an amazing levelling system that helps avoid spills and things such as take out containers from falling from car seats.



Never waste a take out

Take Out Buddy promises to be the most convenient and efficient device, which is created for people who travel in cars every day and face problems of stuff falling off their seats. Such farfetched claims by Take Out Buddy will be only accepted once users review it. Take Out Buddy assures that anyone who has a passion of carrying a take away in the car but doesn’t do so due to the fear that it might slip from the seat. At this point of time there are no Take Out Buddy reviews available that will attest to your claims. Take Out Buddy emphasizes to be better at its work and is designed keeping in mind all types of items. Take Out Buddy does sound highly promising; Take Out Buddy reviews will expose the truth.


Clever design

Take Out Buddy alleges to be a breakthrough levelling system that has a design that works for any kind of item to keep it secure. As opposed to some belts that need to be fixed to keep items secure, Take Out Buddy states to have a design that has non-slip material that lets any item stay on it intact. Currently there are no Take Out Buddy reviews available to substantiate its claims. Take Out Buddy asserts to have a design that has an inflatable pump that adjusts the slant level on the car seat. Once it’s done any item can be placed securely over it. On paper Take Out Buddy does sound quite fanciful and effective but will be proved once Take Out Buddy reviews are available for further analysis. Take Out Buddy declares to have a durable material and non-slip heat-resistant material that helps in placing absolutely anything. Did you find Take Out Buddy really effective and helpful? Send us your Take Out Buddy reviews.

Write/Read Reviews

Perfect for everything

Take Out Buddy convinces to be good to keep not just bags and purses but also take away items and even cakes, coffee mugs and pastries without it getting affected by bumps and high speed. More shall be revealed once users send us their Take Out Buddy reviews. In fact Take Out Buddy promises to even hold flimsy containers that otherwise keep rolling and falling but will be known once Take Out Buddy is reviewed. Take Out Buddy maintains to be good at stowing away too because it can be simply deflated and rolled up to keep it inside the glove compartment. All such claims by Take Out Buddy cannot be accepted or denied as there are no Take Out Buddy reviews available yet to affirm its claims. Take Out Buddy proclaims to be perfect for all types of cars and SUVs as it has a universal design. Such promises made by Take Out Buddy are subject to speculation due to lack of user reviews.


What do I get?

Please see official website

Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating Review

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

About Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating

Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating assures to be a great asset to your vehicle if you want to enhance the look of your tires. Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating claims to increase the shine and protection of your tire and provide a long term solution to the oxidation and dry cracks caused by the use harsh chemicals to clean tires. Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating states to be a fantastic solution for cars, motorcycles, trucks, trailers, ATVs, and other vehicles.


How does it work

Applying the Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating is maintained to be simple and stress free. It comes with a brush, which is alleged to be a no-mess applicator that applies the Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating in a smooth and efficient way. It is important to judge the shine and apply just the right amount of coating. The Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating proclaims that you can control the shine of the tire. If you have an old tire that has lost its shine you can refurbish them by applying this coating and make them look as good as new. When you add brand new tires to your vehicle applying the Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating is a good idea.


Improves your tire

Different weather conditions bring different challenges to your tires, the Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating considers various situations and protects against weather damage. There are many ways you can maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of your vehicle and many ways in which you can clean the tires as well. The Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating is among the safest if these methods and promises to provide a long term solution. It declares not to contain any harsh chemicals making the Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating friendly to your tires.

Write/Read Reviews

Creates no mess

Most times cleaning your vehicle or just working on it creates mess and there is no escaping that. With the Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating you are guaranteed to experience a difference. It convinces that you will enjoy working on your vehicle as it is easy to apply the coating. Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating is no-mess application and serves as it alleges. The application of the Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating is made in a quick manner with the no-mess applicator. Another great asset is the fact that it dries fast and leaves a solid even black finish.


Long term solution

Effectively maintaining your vehicle improves the life of your vehicle and taking care of your tires by consistently giving a brand new look can be challenging. By consistently cleaning and applying different dressings give mostly a short term solution. The Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating maintains your tires in a smart and sensible way. It is allegedly completely safe and withstands repeated pressure of washing as well. Various coats disappear over a short period of time whereas Real Deal Plastic Tire Coating asserts to last for a year. It assures to be robust and protects against weather damage as well.


What do I get?

You Get Real Deal Tire Coating (Complete Kit) and Bottle of Real Deal Tire Coating for $19.95 Plus $11.9 P&H.Official website

Wiser Visor

Friday, November 13th, 2015

What is Wiser Visor

As per the TV infomercial it is a visor clip that can hold any type of smart phone easily. It is extendable for accommodating up to 3.5 inches of phone width and can be clipped anywhere on the visor.


Keep your eyes on road

Wiser Visor states to be an amazing phone holder that provides a comfortable place for phone to sit while you are driving. At this point of time there are no Wiser Visor reviews yet that will verify its claims. Wiser Visor asserts to be perfect over other types of holders that are to be mounted on the dashboard simply because they are not flexible and convenient. Currently no Wiser Visor review is available that will attest to its claims. Wiser Visor proclaims that its unique design and usability will keep the driver’s eye on road for a safe drive. Wiser Visor does sound pretty impressive; user reviews will soon reveal the truth.


Thoughtful design

Wiser Visor alleges to be an outcome of worry when drivers take their eyes off the road to get the phone from bag or drop them from the dashboard. Its unique design is meant for keeping the phone in the driver’s eye level. Whether or not it achieves it will be only known once it is reviewed. Wiser Visor convinces to be perfect for use in car as it is to be clipped anywhere onto the car’s visor. The easy click mechanism and the cradle allow users to insert their phone in it. Wiser Visor claims are quite fascinating and shall be confirmed only once we get to analyze user reviews. Wiser Visor states to securely fit the phone in its cradle and allows user to access any option required easily. This way a person can drive, talk and check GPS too safely. Can Wiser Visor provide such ease? Send us your reviews.


Numerous advantages

Wiser Visor assures to be fully adjustable up to 3.5 inches to accommodate most types of smartphones available today. More will be revealed once users review it. Wiser Visor promises to provide hands-free access to the phone at eye level, which is not possible with dashboard mounts. Another assurance by Wiser Visor is that it is completely adjustable, reusable and completely adjustable. These advantages surely make Wiser Visor a worthwhile holder but nothing is confirmed till we receive its reviews. Additionally the reviews should also tell us whether or not the frame and quality of Wiser Visor is as good as it claims to hold the phone securely. Wiser Visor also declares that the cradle that grips the phone is non-scratch in nature to avoid any damage. Such fancy claims by Wiser Visor will be attested once it is reviewed.


What do I get?

Get 2 Wiser Visors for $10.00 + $13.98 S/h. Official website:

Renumax Review

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

What is Renumax?

As per the TV infomercial it is a car scratch remover that easily helps in eliminating expensive scratches, scrapes and scuff marks. It takes absolutely no time to perform such surgical scratch removal and works on all types of colors on any type of vehicles.



Renumax REVIEW

Francke in his Renumax review reveals “Having worked in the automotive industry for nearly 15 years, I can confidently say that this product is just making false claims. Though I haven’t used it yet, I have experience with many others that eliminate scratches. There’s no product in the market that can do what it’s boasting of. It’s just hype and completely misleading.”

Denish complains in his Renumax review “Boy, can you beat the hype and blatant lies being promoted in the name of advertising? It’s just not possible to make a scrape or scratch disappear on a painted surface like it claims it can. I haven’t fallen prey, and I think you shouldn’t either.”

Earl who used the Renumax product complains in his review that “I used Renumax on minor scratches but it didn’t work. I’m really disappointed. Returning it right away and hoping for a full refund.”

Teresa complains in her Renumax review “Total hogwash and waste of money. It doesn’t even eliminate minor scratches. Even the packaging was pathetic. My advice- DON’T buy it.”

Belgio says ”Sad to see unsuspecting customers like you being cheated by unethical sellers, who’re minting millions at your cost…”

H.Mudge warns “Don’t buy this product. It didn’t eliminate even a small scratch on my vehicle. In fact, scratches look magnified to me. It can’t even dry clear, and you have keep removing the residue repeatedly. Very disappointing.”

Paul complains ”I wish I hadn’t believed the dubious advertisement of this product and purchased it from a shopping channel. It showed how it makes vfx scratches disappear. Forget big scratches, it can’t remove even tiny scratches. I’m aiming for a full refund. Don’t buy this product.”

Ian says “I purchased Reumax from the ‘Best’ Direct shopping channel. Turned out to be a disaster. It’s a piece of garbage. Don’t buy it.”

C Edwards reveals in his Renumax review “I purchased this product on Best Direct TV in December 2015. It didn’t work, so I returned it on the address mentioned on the package. However, no refund came and when I contacted them, they said they don’t sell this product. I’m left shocked. Can someone help?”

Walter says ”Wonder why people fall for such ‘miracle’ products and then repent. I believe that scratches can only be painted or rubbed down by an expert. Products like Duralube are the perfect example. No pain, no gain…”


What is the Ingredeint of Renumax Car Scratch Remover – The manufacturer of the product does not find it necessary to mention the INGREDIENTS of the product. They just say RENUMAX

Why is Renumax so expensive?
Because the include some cheap vacuum cleaner with it.


Renumax Exposed

If you have to eliminate deep scratches, repainting is the best solution instead of using products like Renumax. A soft rubbing compound effectively removes swirl marks and other subtle scratches. A clear coat works best on superficial scratches while regular scratch removal methods can remove deeper scratches when mixed with it.


Car Scratches Facts – Car scratches actually aren’t what they usually seem. Taking care of the vehicle’s body, shine and coat is essential to prevent them. ‘Scratches’ occur if the surface of a car rubs against some wooden board, painted car bumper, rubber bumper, etc. Actually, these objects usually don’t penetrate nor cause scratches on the car’s body but simply deposit some residue on it and look like a raised mark.

If objects that rub against the car are tougher than the paint, patches of lost paint may appear on the car’s surface. Some of them can be mended as they aren’t too deep and affect only the base colour), not the primer and metal). Appropriate sanding, buffing and waxing can effectively remove colour left at the bottom of the scratch.


What does Renumax NOT Work on? – Renumax may remove scratches and is also used commonly like paint correction. It cannot eliminate scratches that go deep into the primer or touch the metal of the car. Also, it also works only on cars that have clear coats that are a modern addition, so it’s not effective for cars manufactured before the early 80’s.


Types of Car Scratches and those Renumax Works on – It’s important to know that not all scratches on vehicles are deep, and that types of scratches can be identified. Car scratches are categorised in three ways and on the basis of intensity of the scratch and expenses borne to remove them.


Car Clear Coat Scratch – All cars manufactured now are provided with multiple layers of paint, and the Clear Coat layer is used as a final touch-up to prevent abrasions on the painted surface. A Clear Coat layer also imparts a mirror-like sparkle to the car’s body paint. Scratches that occur on this layer are known as a “Clear Coat Scratch”.

To identify a Clear Coat scratch, run your fingernails over it. If you don’t feel the vehicle’s surface on your fingernail, you may not notice gray colour (the primer) or bare metal through the scratch. Clear Coat scratches are the easiest to mend as they are the lightest. Renumax and most scratch removers seen in adverts can usually eliminate such scratches.


Car Primer Scratch
The primer coat offers deeper level protection to the car paint. However, applying primer to a car is a time-consuming, expensive and troublesome process. A scratch that penetrates the clear coat and affects the primer is included in the “Primer Scratch” category.

Car primer scratches are more intense than Clear Coat scratches. If you run a fingernail over it and feel the abrasion, it means the primer is affected. Gray colour paint visible through the scratch is the colour of the primer. However, bare metal body of the car wouldn’t be visible in this case. Some paint work may adequately eliminate such scratches. Renumax cannot remove primer scratches.


Car Paint Body Scratch – Car Paint Body Scratches can delve deep and even affect the clear coat, erode the primer and damage the metal body of the vehicle. Such scratches are most severe as the metal surface has no protection and can even corrode. It should be attended to promptly at a professional centre only. A fingernail run test will cause a deep cut and display exposed bare metal. Renumax will not work on a Car Paint Body Scratch.


Easy car scratch removal

Renumax guarantees to remove all type of car scratches, scrapes and scuff marks like no other solution. Is Renumax really so effective at such elimination? Renumax reviews will expose the facts soon. Renumax asserts to be a better option than sending the car to the garage for repainting or repairing in terms of both cost and output. There are no reviews of Renumax currently available that affirm such a comparison. Renumax assures to have a revolutionary formula that can perform its job in mere seconds. Such a claim by Renumax will be proved once we get to analyze user reviews.

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Easy to use

Renumax states to be the fastest at removing scuff marks and scratches off car surface thanks to its proprietary formula. The formula is very powerful and when rubbed over the surface leaves millions of micro-particles that fill the scratch quickly. These micro-particles not only eliminates the scratches and scuffs but also retain the shine in the area. This way Renumax convinces to go unnoticed completely. Although at this point of time there are no Renumax reviews available to attest to its claims. Renumax claims to be easy to apply and just needs to be applied with its applicator. Such an easy way of treating the scratches is very appealing but will be confirmed with Renumax reviews. Renumax promises to have a sponge applicator attached to the bottle. This helps in using Renumax over larger areas easily and even on curve sections of the car, which includes the backside of the mirrors. Renumax does sound fancy; user reviews will soon reveal the facts. Renumax spreads evenly over damaged surface and disappears within seconds by magically fading the scratch away. At this point of time there are no Renumax reviews available that will substantiate with its claims.


Features and benefits

Renumax declares to be beneficial when it comes to saving money on sending the vehicle to a repair shop. In fact, Renumax also alleges to involve no hard work where one has to rub very hard with solutions and end up with greasy hands. Renumax sounds quite promising but will be verified once users review it. The best thing that is proclaimed about Renumax is the fact that it works with on any type of colors on various vehicle surfaces. Although there are no Renumax reviews yet makes its effectiveness still in question. Renumax emphasizes to dry in minutes for producing a smooth, clean finish on any type of vehicle be it cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs and even boats without causing any type of damage. Whether or not Renumax works on all types of surfaces and is completely safe to use will be known once Renumax reviews are out.


What Do I Get?

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