Black Magic Tire & Wheel Cleaner Review

What is Black Magic Tire & Wheel Cleaner

It is a set of tire and wheel cleaner from the renowned brand that offers you impeccable results, according to its claims.

Black Magic Tire & Wheel Cleaner asserts that now you … Read the rest

EZ Lift Review

What is EZ Lift

It claims to be a portable handle that can easily latch to a car’s strike plate to provide ergonomic support for getting out of the car. It also has features such as flashlight, glass breaking hammer … Read the rest

Extra Eyes Mirror Review

What is Extra Eyes Mirror

As per the TV informercial it is a unique convex rear-view mirror that expands the field of view by two times. The mirror provides a panoramic view that increases the field of vision by 100% … Read the rest

XtraView Mirror Review

What is XtraView Mirror

As per the TV informercial it is a convex anti-glare rear view mirror that can be attached over a regular mirror easily. This mirror is great at providing 180 degree view to eliminate blind spots and … Read the rest

DashCam Pro REVIEW

What is DashCam Pro

It is a personal security dashboard camera for your car that promises to help you save a lot of money and hassle. DashCam Pro assures you much needed peace of mind while you are driving and … Read the rest

Perfectback Rest Review

About Perfectback Rest

Perfectback Rest claims to be a revolutionary solution to help relieve the back from stress and strain. It is also very good at maintaining a firm and perfect spinal position. Most importantly, Perfectback Rest alleges to be … Read the rest

Nu Seat Review

About Nu Seat

Nu Seat states to be car seat covers that can extend the life of your car interiors and keep them looking brand new even after years. Nu Seat assures that it can fit the car seat of … Read the rest

Bestline Lubricant Review

What are Bestline Lubricant?

Bestline Lubricant is a synthetic treatment agent for your car that claims to contain MLT (micro lubrication technology) that ironically bonds with your engine oil to protect the car’s internal parts from friction and heat. Bestline … Read the rest

Cool Ride Review | Car Fan

What is Cool Ride

As per the TV Infomercial it is a solar powered exhaust fan that can help normalize the inside temperature of a parked car. It is easy to install and compact enough to fit inside a glovebox.… Read the rest

Therm Oil

What is Therm Oil?

It is a battery de-mister and de-sulfater that eliminates corrosion in battery and eradicates and reverses battery sulfation so that the life of the battery increases.


Oil that is battery de-mister and de-sulfater

Therm Oil … Read the rest