XtraView Mirror Review

What is XtraView Mirror As per the TV informercial it is a convex anti-glare rear view mirror that can be attached over a regular mirror easily. This mirror is great at providing 180 degree view to eliminate blind spots and also reduces glare up to 50% while driving at night.     Drive safely XtraView […]

DashCam Pro REVIEW

What is DashCam Pro It is a personal security dashboard camera for your car that promises to help you save a lot of money and hassle. DashCam Pro assures you much needed peace of mind while you are driving and knowing that you won’t have to pay for mishaps caused by no mistake of your […]

Perfectback Rest Review

About Perfectback Rest Perfectback Rest claims to be a revolutionary solution to help relieve the back from stress and strain. It is also very good at maintaining a firm and perfect spinal position. Most importantly, Perfectback Rest alleges to be different than most other solutions that promise similar things. In actuality, Perfectback Rest is not […]

Nu Seat Review

About Nu Seat Nu Seat states to be car seat covers that can extend the life of your car interiors and keep them looking brand new even after years. Nu Seat assures that it can fit the car seat of any standard vehicle including SUVs, sedans and trucks and save them from dirt, stains and […]

Bestline Lubricant Review

What are Bestline Lubricant? Bestline Lubricant is a synthetic treatment agent for your car that claims to contain MLT (micro lubrication technology) that ironically bonds with your engine oil to protect the car’s internal parts from friction and heat. Bestline Lubricant maintains to use the latest patented futuristic technology and give the best lubrication available […]

Therm Oil

What is Therm Oil? It is a battery de-mister and de-sulfater that eliminates corrosion in battery and eradicates and reverses battery sulfation so that the life of the battery increases.   Oil that is battery de-mister and de-sulfater Therm Oil promises to increase the life of your lead battery by minimizing sulfation and de-misting it. […]

Headrest Helper

What is Headrest Helper – It’s a hanger with multiple hooks that lets you keep your groceries and other supplies off the floor of your car. You can hook it on to the head rest of your seat in the front or back to have things within reach   Write/Read Reviews Transforms car headrest into […]

Wipe New Tires

What is Wipe New Tires It is long lasting tire shine that doesn’t crack, peel or wash away and offers protection to tires of your drives. Wipe New Tires is meant to be a smart solution for car enthusiasts, detailers and just about all car owners who want to protect their car tires and add […]