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MagicBax Earring Lifter REVIEW

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

About MagicBax

It claims to be a must have beauty breakthrough designed to instantly lift and support your earrings so they sit up right where they should. Magicbax sterling silver is hypoallergenic and non-irritating. It alleges to work with all earrings big, small or



MagicBax Earring Lifter CLAIMS

It is easy comfortable and instant, just replace any earring back with Magicbax. It is because of the easy lift heart shaped design
that safely and securely supports your earring against your ear lobe. They keep heavy earrings from drooping but they also keep little studs lifted feeling beautiful and confident. It is suitable to any one, any age, any post earring, any shaped earring. Go from sloped to secured just by simply sliding Magicbax onto any earring host.

Sounds too good to be true? Reviews will soon reveal the facts.


MagicBax Review

Magicbax was reviewed negatively by most of the customers. They do not stay on as claimed; first you may feel like they are on tight
and then gradually fall off after an hour or so. As stated Magicbax can fit any type of earring, this claim was falsified when a
customer wrote in her review that she got MagicBax for a particular earring that are thinner than the most earrings and it was too
big for the earrings.

Majority of the customers stated that Magicbax come off easily and have actually fallen off while just sitting. If at all it stays
at the back of the ear, the earrings still sag and fall forward thus not securing the earring upright. Also, they are of not uniform
size. There were complains that the metal used in Magicbax is of not good quality and resulted in a reaction with the skin. In
addition, the golden Magicbax immediately tarnishes and turn green and gross. Magicbax are definitely not worth the buy, sticking to
the original screws to keep the earring at place will surely save you from the skin reaction and money too.


MagicBax Questions and Answers

Q: Is this a universal fit? i.e. it will safely grasp all earrings?
A: One of the user had to say that she have used on multiple pairs of earrings, including a couple pair that have “uncooperative” post sizes and so far they have fit all my earrings.

Q: Will MagicBax work with screw-back lock studs?
A: Yes, they will

Q: Is it mixed gold and silver?
A: Yes, half are gold and half are silver,

Q: Are these earrings easy to take off or are the backs too tight?
A: MagicBax hold all size posts very firmly, but they are not difficult to remove.

Q: Will MagicBax work on fish hook dangle earrings, or are they too big ?
A: Guess they are too big.


What do I get?
2 pairs of MagicBax (Silver or Gold) for $24.99/$29.99 + $6.99 S/h at the Official website:

3 Second Lash vs One Two Lashes

Monday, December 11th, 2017

Compare what is it? 3 Second Lash vs One Two Lashes

3 Second Lashes are magnetic lashes that can be set within seconds without glue or adhesive that create mess. For more information and reviews about 3 Second Lash, check out this page.

One Two Lashes are magnetic eyelash extensions that guarantee to make your eyelashes look rich and voluminous while keeping the “false lash” effect at bay. One Two Lashes provide four diverse extensions, viz., the Accent Lash, the Original Lash, the Bold Lash and the Filler Lash.


Compare what does it do? 3 Second Lash vs One Two Lashes

3 Second Lash impart a naturally beautiful look to eyes and ensure your eyelashes appear thick, long and lavish. They are versatile magnetic lashes that suit people of all ages, looks and eye shape.

One Two Lashes create a naturally beautiful look for you by making your eyelashes appear long, thick and long.


Compare Material: 3 Second Lash vs One Two Lashes

They both 3 Second Lash and One Two Lashes are made of synthetic material.


Compare how does it stick? 3 Second Lash vs One Two Lashes

3 Second Lash are provided with 3 Second Lash micro-magnetic technology, which entails placing both the lashes over and below your natural lashes. The magnet in 3 Second Lash gets them to settle securely on top and bottom of your natural lashes and connect them wholly so they stay in place..

One Two Lashes have special budge-proof micro magnetic technology in them to keep the lashes steady when worn.


Compare how to use? 3 Second Lash vs One Two Lashes

3 Second Lash
Please follow the two simple steps given below to use 3 Second Lash:
1. Keep the top lash on your natural lashes.
2. Next, keep the bottom lash under your natural lashes to make it connect with the top lash.
When it’s time to take them off, you need to slide the magnetic strips apart with your thumb and forefinger. (Important: The lashes should never be pulled off to remove)


One Two Lashes
The two strips provided in the One Two Lashes pack are worn by placing one above your lashes and the other (with a red dot on its magnetic part) below them. The lashes come with a magnetic piece in the centre that keep them in place. To use One Two Lashes, follow the procedure given below:

1. Place the lash without the red dot on your natural lashes
2. Place the bottom lash (with a red dot on the magnetic part) under your natural lashes to make both connect with each other.
To remove these lashes after use, you need to take them off gently with your thumb and forefinger, ensuring that the lashes are never pulled directly off the eyes as that can cause harm.


Compare Price: 3 Second Lash vs One Two Lashes

3 Second Lash: $29.99

One Two Lashes: $69


Compare what do I get? 3 Second Lash vs One Two Lashes

3 Second Lash
• One set of Natural 3 Second Lash Magnetic Lashes
• One set of Bold 3 Second Lash Magnetic Lashes
• One compact case with a built-in mirror

One Two Lashes
Four pairs of eyelashes are supplied in the pack.


Compare REVIEWS: 3 Second Lash vs One Two Lashes

3 Second Lash Reviews

Thelma Marsh, a disappointed customer who reviewed 3 Second Lash, says that the lashes are too big and look caked up. They are also not of very good quality and are unable to sustain their contours and curliness. Other users like Sophia Walton and Della Joseph have also raised similar points in their feedback about 3 Second Lash. Jodie Haynes, Maria Vasquez and Pamela Chapman further say that these magnetic lashes are not very easy to wear and tend to slip off when pulled to be removed. They are also very heavy and feel burdensome on eyes.

Erica Klein has written in her 3 Second Lash review that they are very small in size, due to which they don’t look natural but bizarre. She says it seems as if lashes are there only on the outside corners of the eyes. She also finds it difficult to wear them as the magnetic intensity of both the lashes is so powerful that neither stays in place without pulling the other while they shouldn’t. Overall, other users have given 3 Second Lash a one star rating.


One Two Lashes Reviews

Sarah Patterson has written in her One Two Lashes review that they are not worth the money she spent to purchase them as they are not only highly priced but also look substandard. The strips don’t look natural as they aren’t curved right and don’t suffice to cover eyes properly as they are too small. Other users like Laura Brown, Melissa Harris and Pauline Casey have also stated in their One Two Lashes reviews that it is difficult to manage eye make-up intact with the eye lashes on as it tends to get smudged. In addition to that, most reviewers have given One Two Lashes only a one star rating.

EZ Makeup Glasses

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

What is EZ Makeup Glasses?

It is a pair of single lens make-up glasses with special features that magnify each eye’s reflection so you can apply make-up perfectly.



Get your Make-up Right Every Time!

EZ Makeup Glasses could be just what you need if you are a perfectionist, especially when it comes to your appearance. This pair of special glasses has a single lens, which sit on one eye through which you can see an enlarged reflection of the other eye in your mirror when worn. It magnifies the appearance of each eye and provides a larger and clearer view for your convenience.


Smart Technology and High Definition Clarity
The design of EZ Makeup Glasses ensures there is no interruption in your movements while you use eye make-up applicator and still get a magnified view. You can do up one eye with the glass on the other and rotate it smoothly and place the lens on the other eye and apply make-up on it next. That ensures a complete hands-free way to do make-up with high definition clarity that its lens offers. In addition to that, EZ Makeup Glasses features adjustable in-built LED lights which, when turned on, provide ample amount of bright light along with the clearest view and three times magnification. You can apply make-up faster, more easily and without having to bend over the mirror to see your reflection. You can pluck eyebrows, wear false eyelashes and also wear contact lenses easily with the help of EZ Makeup Glasses.


EZ Makeup Glasses Reviews

Laura Walker comments in her EZ Makeup review that it doesn’t do whatever its advertisers claim. The right lens of her pair could not stay in upright position after she bent it a bit to apply make-up and after that it never got into its place. She thinks the EZ Makeup Glasses pair is not designed perfectly and its quality is also poor as compared to price.

Shirley Bennett, another customer who used EZ Makeup Glasses has said in her review that her nose pains whenever she puts it on and also finds it difficult to apply makeup with her fingers around its frame and lens. She says she wouldn’t recommend buying these glasses.

Ralph Ward has complained that EZ Makeup Glasses did not fit well on his head and that its lenses are also very dull. He couldn’t figure out how to go about using it, which became worse when his nose started to pain.

Tina Gonzales, who has a thin face, says about EZ Makeup Glasses in the review sent in by her that they do not fit her well. She could not apply makeup around the frame which feels like a big task. She wonders how its sellers could sell such a product which doesn’t work.

Christine Foster also faces problems while applying mascara wearing the EZ Makeup Glasses. She didn’t get screws in her package, because of which she had to use other screws She is not happy with anything about EZ Makeup Glasses, be it delivery, quality and satisfaction.


What do I get?
EZ Makeup™ Glasses for just $14.95 plus $5.95 processing and handling, and second pair of EZ Makeup Glasses, just pay separate $5.95 processing and handling.

Active Bright REVIEW | Activated Coconut Charcoal Teeth Whitening Exposed

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

What is Active Bright

As per the TV infomercial it uses activated coconut charcoal powder to whiten the teeth without irritating the gums and sensitive teeth.



Active Bright CLAIMS

Bright, White Smile – Active Bright guarantees that its teeth whitening system will offer a natural, brighter smile to anyone. In comparison with other systems and dental procedures, Active Bright assures to be safe, easy, and cost effective. Although there are no Active Bright reviews available currently that will attest to its claims.

Active whitening system – Active Bright promises to whiten the teeth quickly and naturally with its activated coconut charcoal. As per the manufacturers, Active Bright allegedly traps toxins and chemicals in its millions of tiny pores. This system also absorbs the plaque and bacteria in the mouth that otherwise stain the teeth and even cause bad breath. Once users rinse it off with water, the teeth start to display their natural color and turn white over time. Such farfetched claims made by Active Bright will be only proved once we receive user reviews for further analysis.

Exclusive Features – Active Bright claims that although it has a charcoal color, it leaves a minty fresh breath behind. Since it is to be used with a toothbrush, it convinces to be easy for use and requires no additional procedure. Active Bright proclaims to be completely safe to use every day and works on stains left by red wine, grape juice, coffee, tobacco, tea, and more. Currently, there are no Active Bright reviews available that will substantiate its claims.


Active Bright REVIEW

According to Janis Ball’s Active Bright review, it doesn’t seem to work. She isn’t sure if it whitens the teeth of just scours them and badly sticks to the gums. Even after rinsing and brushing with regular toothpaste with multiple times, the gums looked gray and black all day.

Nancy Bush writes in her Active Bright review that it is not worth the money. In the review, she states that she used Active Bright consistently for several months and didn’t see any type of result. She mentions that the paste is messy and requires multiple washes to remove it off.

Bobby Mann’s Active Bright review is a little positive in terms of achieving teeth whitening. But he had to discontinue using it due to gum irritation and soreness.

Another hopeful Active Bright customer, Ricky Pena says in his review that the charcoal kept getting stuck under the rims of the gums and caused soreness. He highlights in his Active Bright review that he didn’t notice any difference in his teeth color.

One Active Bright review by Johnnie Olson asserts that the charcoal stays behind under the gums even after thoroughly cleansing it. Using regular toothpaste after it also doesn’t make much of a difference. His Active Bright review reveals that brushing the teeth with it at night to avoid seen with blackened gums caused dry and scratchy throat in the morning. As per his review, Active Bright does work but comes with so many disadvantages that users might not be interested in using it.

Steve Johnson, an Active Bright reviewer, reveals that it failed to provide any sort of whitening to the teeth even after a month of regular use.

Johanna Austin too has similar views in her Active Bright review but does mention that the teeth feel smooth after wash and leaves a fresh feeling behind.

Maggie Mathis, a customer who reviewed Active Bright, exposes that it failed to work. Instead, it left a weird taste in her mouth and gave a stomach ache. She warns other users in her review that Active Bright might not be value for money and they should look for alternatives.

An elderly reviewer, Laurie Berry, criticizes Active Bright saying it didn’t offer any great results even after a month of consistent use. According to her review, she used Active Bright to whiten her yellow teeth that surface due to enamel erosion. She wished Active Bright worked better since she is a non-smoker, non-alcoholic, and non-coffee drinker, and takes good care of her teeth. In her review, she suggests users go for something else instead of this system.

Walter Hollaway’s review of Active Bright calls it a fake and cheap knock-off of similar systems that are tried and tested.


Active Bright Questions Answers

Q. Does Active Bright work on veneers?
A. No, it is meant to be used only on real teeth.

Q. Does Active Bright contain gluten?
A. Charcoal is gluten-free by nature but there may be some trace amounts due to other ingredients in it. And since it gets rinsed off instead of ingesting, it should be fine to use.

Q. Can Active Bright work with an electric toothbrush too?
A. It is recommended that Active Bright should be used with a separate soft bristle toothbrush or it will leave a stain behind on your regular toothbrush. Plus it should not be spun around with electric power as it might just get easier to inhale. Plus it doesn’t have fluoride and might cause abrasions in the enamel due to electric power.

Q. How quickly can Active Bright produce results?
A. No results have been recorded yet.

Q. Will Active Bright affect the color of filling on a front tooth?
A. It doesn’t work on any fillings, crowns, etc. and is meant to whiten only the natural teeth. Sadly it doesn’t change the shade of the teeth much. But different individuals have had different results.

Q. Can Active Bright whiten the fillings as well to make the teeth look even?
A. No, it doesn’t.

Q. Does Active Bright really help with removal of stains between the teeth?
A. No, there hasn’t been a much noticeable difference.

Q. Are the results from Active Bright permanent or will it require brushing consistently forever for maintaining the whiteness?
A. There have been no results at all so there is no answer as to how long should it is used.

Q. Should Active Bright be used before or after brushing?
A. It is better to use Active Bright after brushing since sometimes the charcoal is left behind on the teeth and gums. Brushing after with normal toothpaste can help clean it all up in a better way.

Q. Is Active Bright powerful enough to even out uneven stain colors?
A. It is difficult to say since most people will teeth that are not stained will see better results. Active Bright is not a solution like bleach white but can give a white pop to the teeth for a bright smile.

Q. Can Active Bright remove stains that stem from tobacco use?
A. No, there have no results recorded yet.

Q. Is Active Bright FDA approved?
A. No.

Q. Can Active Bright whiten the bridge work and bonding?
A. No.

Q. Will Active Bright work fine with braces on?
A. No, the fine powder of charcoal might settle in small places and might even stain the cement that attaches the braces.

Q. Will Active Bright clean the gums too?
A. No. It is intended for whitening the teeth and should not be scrubbed over the gums. Such an action might damage them. Care should be taken while using a soft bristle toothbrush to apply it only on teeth.



What do I get?
120-Day Supply of Active Bright with shade guide for $10.00 + $13.98 S/h at the official website:

Lashnetics REVIEW | Magnetic Lashes As Seen On TV

Monday, July 24th, 2017

What is Lashnetics?

Lashnetics are magnetic lashes that go on in just seconds without the use of messy glues or adhesives. Order your set of Lashnetics Magnetic Lashes today!


How does Lashnetics work?

Lashnetics employs micro-magnetic technology to sandwich your natural lashes between two extremely lightweight fiber strips creating a bold, dramatic lash line in only seconds.

The unique design of Lashnetics gives your lashes a natural look while making it look long, thick and luxurious too.

Lashnetics is perfect for people of all ages, ethnicity, and fits any eye shape.



How to use Lashnetics?
Lashnetics is very easy to use.
1. Place lash on top of your natural lashes
2. Place the bottom lash under your natural lashes, so it meets and connects
3. You can now enjoy salon quality results!


Lashnetics Features and Benefits
• Ultra-lightweight – you won’t feel like you are wearing them
• “Budge-proof” magnetic technology holds your Lash in place until you’re ready to take them out
• Safe to be used everyday: Glue-free design prevents irritation of eyes and no damage to your natural lashes
• Reusable – Use them over and over again!


Lashnetics REVIEW

Thelma Robbins says in her review of Lashnetics- “Was way too long and didn’t look natural at all”!

Doreen Vasquez mentions in her Lashnetics review “The lashes do not keep their shape. After one use they lose the curl. I’ve tried an eye lashes curler and it still does not curl. They defeat the purpose of falsies since they stick straight out”.

Another user Ernestine Swanson who purchased Lashnetics states in her review- “Nice for girls who like long big eyelashes. It doesn’t look natural to me. The purchase went very well, item as described. It’s just that those are not the eyelashes for me”.

Daisy Thomas tried Lashnetics and says in her review-“Longer than I felt comfortable wearing”

In her review of Lashnetics Meredith Keller states-“They are good and look really natural however they can only be worn once. I love these, it just stinks how beat up they get after wearing them for 6 hours”.

Della Marsh has mixed feelings about Lashnetics and says-“They are lovely, but don’t last long from cleaning. I expect longer wear time”.

Katherine Glover is not completely satisfied with Lashnetics and mentions in her review of it- “The band on these is so flimsy which is a good and bad thing. Good because that makes them comfortable to wear but bad because it makes them hard to apply and reuse as well. They get bent out of shape pretty easily. They looked good on though”.

Jody Shaw is extremely disappointed with Lashnetics and states in her review that they are fake looking, hard to wear and ripped when she was trying to take one to put it on.

Yvette Weaver says in her Lashnetics review- They are not natural and are very thin”.

Another user Whitney Chapman who bought Lashnetics says in her review of it- “These are terrible quality. I love fake dramatic lashes. I tried to put them on and they were so heavy they have no curve to the natural lash line”.

In her review of Lashnetics Minnie Abbott states-“The lashes are very hard (plastic feeling). There are shorter designs of them than the fuller, cuter ones”.

Rosalie Collier is not completely satisfied with Lashnetics and mention in her review-“They’re good but rigid and it’s hard to conform to your eye”.


Lashnetics Questions/Answers

Q. Are Lashnetics reusable?
A. Yes, they are reusable.

Q. What are Lashnetics made of?
A. Lashnetics are made of synthetic material.

Q. Can Lashnetics be worn with glasses?
A. Doubtful.

Q. Are Lashnetics waterproof?
A. No, they are not waterproof.

Q. How do you remove Lashnetics?
A. Please ask the manufacturer.

Q. Do Lashnetics come with adhesive?
A. No they do not come with adhesive.

Q. How many times can you reuse them?
A. You could use them a couple of times. These are about as terrible as false lashes get.

Q. Are they latex free?
A. No idea.

Q. Are these the authentic lashes?
A. No, they are fake.

Q. Do these need to be cut?
A. You may have to cut them because they are long.

Q. Can you swim with these?
A. No, you cannot swim with them.

Q. Would Lashnetics look good on a bride?
A. Yes they would look good on a bride.

Q. Are they hard to put on?
A. Yes, they are a bit tricky to put on.

Q. Are these made of real hair?
A. No, they are not made of real hair.

Q. How do you clean the eyelashes?
A. You don’t really want to do that and get an eye infection.

Q. Are these black?
A. Lashnetics are black.

Q. Can I leave these on longer than a day?
A. No, you cannot.


What do I get?

  • 1 set of Natural Lashnetics Magnetic Lashes
  • 1 set of Bold Lashnetics Magnetic Lashes
  • 1 Compact case with built in Mirror

Price:$19.99 + $4.99 P/H at the official website:

Mirror Mirror As Seen On TV REVIEWS and Questions/Answers

Friday, July 7th, 2017

About Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror claims to be a specially designed dual-sided mirror with LED lights that illuminate the face with perfect amount of daylight. It also offers distortion-free 5X zoom for detailed make-up. Mirror Mirror proclaims to be a revolutionary mirror that helps in eliminating shadowing and helps apply makeup even in dark areas.



Mirror Mirror CLAIMS

Mirror Mirror declares to have LED lights with TruLight Technology that offers perfect amount of natural looking daylight for applying a flawless makeup. At this point of time there are no Mirror Mirror reviews to verify this claim.

Mirror Mirror maintains to have a 360 degree swivel that switches between a regular mirror to a magnification side. Both sides are glare and distortion free for better makeup application, tweezing, removing jewelry, etc. The claims seems to be too far-fetched, will be confirmed only after Mirror Mirror is reviewed.

Mirror Mirror convinces to be better over other solutions since it is cordless and portable. The LED lights are powered using batteries and last up to 100,000 hours. Mirror Mirror asserts to have a compact design that sits easily on any table or desktop. Does it sound like it too good to be true? Mirror Mirror reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Mirror Mirror Reviews

Janis Jimenez, a Mirror Mirror customer, writes in her review that the mirror is fine but is difficult to switch it on. After switching it on, it wouldn’t stay on for longer to apply makeup properly.

Another Mirror Mirror customer Andrea Foster complains in her review that it didn’t work for her and she had to return it back. Her review reveals that Mirror Mirror has decent magnification and the packaging was excellent too. Her issue was with the lights not turning off easily and not providing enough illumination.

Lori Parks found Mirror Mirror really difficult to use. As per her review the lights weren’t bright enough for getting reflections from the mirror.

One customer, Casey Franklin, reviewed Mirror Mirror as poorly built. She was satisfied with the illumination but not with the quality of the mirror.

Sylvia Dixon’s review of Mirror Mirror asserts that the magnification is too much and can hamper viewing the complete face while applying makeup. Her review further adds that Mirror Mirror doesn’t have very bright light that helps see the face clearly in darker areas.

Another Mirror Mirror customer Tammy Rodriquez states in her review that the mirror is lightweight and does what it says. Her issue is that her taller frame requires a tall mirror for applying makeup comfortably.

A Mirror Mirror review by Patsy Harrison complains that the mirror is uncomfortable to use. She found that the surface area on the mirror is too less to actually view the entire face.

Lydia Ballard doesn’t rate Mirror Mirror highly in her review. She found it to be too low for applying makeup. Additionally, her review says that Mirror Mirror’s magnification made her feel dizzy while using it.


Mirror Mirror Questions and Answers

Q. What is the magnification provided by Mirror Mirror?
A. The mirror comes with dual sides. One of the sides is a regular mirror and the other side provides 5 times distortion-free magnification. Switching between the mirrors is easy with its 360 swivel design.

Q. Does Mirror Mirror come with plugin cord?
A. No, Mirror Mirror is designed as a cordless mirror and is powered by batteries only.

Q. Do the LED lights on Mirror Mirror come with different settings?
A. No, there is no adjustment feature on the LED lights.

Q. Is Mirror Mirror compact enough to carry in a suitcase?
A. The mirror is not suitable for travel and works great only as a desk or tabletop mirror.

Q. Can Mirror Mirror provide enough light to apply makeup at night?
A. Yes, it is bright enough to apply makeup in dark areas. It is however recommended to switch the room lights on too if available.

Q. Where is the on/off switch on Mirror Mirror? Can the light intensity be controlled?
A. There is a touch sensor at the center of reflect mirror that switches it on. There is no intensity adjustment available.

Q. How big is the Mirror Mirror?
A. The mirror is quite big and covers the entire head in its reflection.


What do I get?
You get 2 LED Light Illuminated Mirror Mirrors for $19.99 + $15.98 P&H at the Official website

JML Miracle Hose REVIEW

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

What is JML Miracle Hose?

Miracle Hose maintains to be an instant body sculpting tights that asserts to give slimmer and beautiful looking legs. It claims to be crafted with special compression zones that tone the waist and lift the bottom up. Miracle Hose promises to flatten the stomach and beautifully define the waist. The claims seems to be too far-fetched, will be confirmed only after Miracle Hose is reviewed.

Miracle Hose emphasizes that in an instant of wearing one can feel the comfort and beauty. An integration of super-comfy tights and triple-zoned support wear it also proclaims to be ladder resistant and give instant results. The anti-ladder fabric states to ensure one is beautifully groomed all day. Miracle Hose guarantees to make one look slimmer, trimmer and well-toned. At this point of time there are no Miracle Hose reviews to verify this claim.

Miracle Hose alleges to be intricately designed with different zones of support and declares to not leave any rolls and bulges. It convinces to not run, due to the anti-ladder technology that is more resistant than conventional stockings or tights to rips, tears, ladders and runs. Does it sound like it too good to be true? Miracle Hose reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Miracle Hose Questions and Answers

Q: How difficult is it to pull miracle hose up and down to go to the bathroom?
A: There is no problem in pulling them up or down.

Q: Are miracle hose opaque?
A: Relatively, but not completely opaque.

Q: Is the color “midnight” a dark blue, gray or black ?
A: Blackest of black

Q: Can you see a line on the thigh where the “compression” area stops, would that show in a short
A: Depends on the length but it wouldn’t look any different than regular tights.

Q: How much compression in the legs?
A: The actual MIRACLE HOSE tights give about 30mm pressure in the legs and ankles.

Q: Are miracle hose more “tight” or “leggings” look or feel?
A: They’re tights. They feel like tights and look like tights.

Q: Will miracle hose make the calves appear slimmer?
A: They do not hold you in that much. They simply provide a smoother look. Miracle hose are not
that thick through the calves, they are thicker through the thigh so they provided more support
and smoothness but they are not a girdle.

Q: Do they smooth the bum area also?
A: It smooths out the bum, tummy, and thighs quite nicely.

Q: Do miracle hose completely cover your toes or can you slip your toes through them?
A: They completely cover your toes. They are traditional tights but with a little more support.

Q: Is the material of miracle hose smooth enough to wear jeans over these tights, or does the
material stick to the jeans and make it difficult to smooth the legs
A: You could wear jeans over them.

Q: Is there a front seam?
A: Yes, there is a seam, but it does not show.

Q: Do these tights have an open gusset (open crotch) for easy bathroom access?
A: Yes they do.

Q: Do they constantly fall down?
A: No, they do not fall down or roll down. Miracle hose are high waist. The problem is when the
waistline falls around belly, then it rolls under it.

Q: Are these see through can I wear them with a shirt?
A: Yes, miracle hose are see through.


What do I get?
2 pairs of Miracle Hose just for only £29.99 | Official Website:

Ionic White REVIEW

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

What is Ionic White

As per the TV infomercial it is an at home teeth whitening system that uses a patent pending LED technology to deliver a white smile easily.



Ionic White CLAIMS

Tooth whitening system
Ionic White claims to be an amazing solution to achieve a dazzling white smile. Ionic White states to be an at home tooth whitening system that helps in cleaning teeth of stains and whitens them with every use. It assures to work on stains occurring due to coffee, tea and wine as well. How effective Ionic White really is will be only known once users review it.


Easy to use system
Ionic White guarantees to be the most effective system for teeth whitening since it can be used by users themselves with ease. The entire kit alleges to come with a whitening pen that should be applied as a coat over the teeth. Once done, the Ionic White’s patent pending ionic light should be shone on the teeth. This light activates micro-pore gels to penetrate deep into the teeth and make them whiter. Ionic White promises to deliver white teeth in just minutes; user reviews will expose the truth.


Numerous benefits
Ionic White asserts to be painless and safe to use when compared to other at home whitening systems. Ionic White declares to be effective from the first use itself and can whiten the teeth to several shades white on regular use. Did you find your teeth getting whiter and stain-free after using Ionic White? Send us your Ionic White reviews.


Ionic White Review

Here are some of the excerpts of Ionic White reviews:

“Ionic White reviews say that the Ionic White’s light does not function.”

“The blue light quit working after only a couple uses. Ordered another one thinking the first one was just defective, but the second quit working after only one use. Would not buy Ionic White again!”

“Ionic White is time consuming!”

“The mouth piece didn’t even work.”

“Ionic White didn’t work even after using it every day till the gel finished. It didn’t do a thing, don’t spend your money.”

“The instructions are not explained very well. The led flashlight was damaged after the first use, because it does not state that it should be considered to remove the batteries by exposure to moisture in the mouth. The person simply saves it when finished using it, and for the next use, it no longer works because there is moisture inside and the batteries are rusted and damage the circuit.”

“Ionic White will damage your gums if you are not careful.”

“The directions are not clear. Used Ionic White for the longest recommended period time and used the light to accelerate the results. However, there was not much improvement.”

“Mouth piece is difficult to work with and upon trimming developed a hole.”

“Ionic White works indeed, but after a few days your teeth may become sensitive especially when drinking cold beverages.”

“Ionic White made teeth brittle.”

“Used Ionic White fifteen minutes a day for about two weeks and saw absolutely no difference.”

“The blue light is defective. Ionic White is a very cheap product. The light doesn’t work like they say it does. Also there is not enough paste in the tube to be very effective.”

“Great teeth trays and even better light, but Ionic White didn’t seem strong as it relates to actual whitening.”

“The formula for the whitening gel must have been too strong for my teeth (used a small amount like instructions said). Even after washing the majority of it off, still felt like getting kicked in the teeth.”

“Ionic White is okay, hard to put into mouth and you have to be careful how much gel you put on. Too much and it kills your teeth.”

“It got a hole in it after two uses. The mouth guard piece was a little hard to form around the teeth. It ended up lopsided and uneven from the other side. The hole developed after two uses and then was unable to use the rest of the gel on the bottom. Did see a slight difference in teeth after using Ionic White wice. Ionic White is good but the trays are terrible. They should send more than one set.”

“Ionic White burns so bad and they don’t give you any instructions.”

“Ionic White was liquid, not gel. Don’t know what the chemical was but it was like water. Tried anyway, and there was no tingling, no whitening, just a drooling mess!”

“Ionic White is easy to use and priced at a reasonable price. Used Ionic White for stains on teeth but did not see any changes. Tried the whitening treatment again, waiting 24 hours, and saw no changes even though directions were changed entirely by doing away with the retainers and applying directly to the teeth. With or without the retainers saw no difference in the teeth’s shade. Took the retainer away the second time to see if direct application would make Ionic White product work but it didn’t. Nothing is as good as professional treatment.”

“The plastic mold doesn’t mold teeth well. Put small dots in the mold and left it in for 3 minutes and gums started burning.”


Ionic White Questions and Answers

Q. My teeth are sensitive…will Ionic White make them hurt?
A. Ionic White won’t hurt your teeth, but if your gums are sensitive as well they will burn.

Q. Are they soft and flexible?
A. They are very soft and flexible, but not too much so that they lose shape. It’s like a rubber.

Q. My teeth aren’t so straight – will the mouthpieces still fit?
A. Yes, these will fit any size mouth and fit everyone!

Q. Where can I find the ingredients of Ionic White?
A. You probably won’t. Ionic White is peroxide based product and will cause irritation if you get it on your gums. But it does work. Your teeth will be noticeably whiter after 1-2 times of using Ionic White.

Q. Will Ionic White work on porcelain crowns?
A. Ionic White does not work on porcelain crowns.

Q. Will Ionic White make my teeth sensitive?
A. Yes it will make them kind of sensitive.

Q. What percentage is the Ionic White gel?
A. 5 ml, maybe.

Q. Does the Ionic White kit help whiten old fillings?
A. No.

Q. How do I use Ionic White?
A. It is very simple to use. You can use the mouth trays if you like. Used the whitener without the trays, just brushed it on the teeth and used the ultra violet light. Be careful not to get it on your lips or long term on your gums.

Q. How long does the whitening last?
A. Due to staining from eating and drinking, maintenance is required.

Q. What is the percent of peroxide?
A. There is a difference between Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide. 44% is the content of Carbamide Peroxide. A 44% Carbamide Peroxide would yield just under 15% Hydrogen Peroxide. Please note that it’s the Hydrogen Peroxide that is the bleaching agent, which takes time for the breakdown to occur. A full strength treatment at a dentist office would be around 40% Hydrogen Peroxide.

Q. Does the Ionic White gel have a taste?
A. Not really maybe a little like peroxide.

Q. Can you use Ionic White if you have braces?
A. Yes, you just have to mold the mouth piece to fit your braces.

Q. Will Ionic White hurt my gums?
A. If you get the gel on it and use the light it will burn them and turn them white. But it goes away.


What do I get?
One Ionic White kit is priced at $19.95, plus $6.95 S&H. You can purchase a second kit for an additional $6.95 S&H.

Each order includes:

1 Whitening Pen
1 LED Light
1 Color Chart
Official Website:

Airtouch Brush REVIEW

Monday, October 24th, 2016

What is Airtouch Brush?

The Airtouch Brush is a collection of make-up brushes that you can use to get a professional airbrushed look right at home. The Airtouch Brush is designed with coarsely filled bristles to perfectly apply, contour and blend your makeup leaving your face looking flawless like never before.



Airtouch Brush CLAIMS

Unlike ordinary brushes that do not cover your pores, leave the makeup uneven and just don’t do the job, the Airtouch Brushes ensure an even application every time you use it.

Great for any make-up – Designed with specially designed bristles, the Airtouch Brush promises to you a perfectly even application every time you use it. The Airtouch Brush is great to use for all your make-up – powder, liquid or cream. You can use it to apply cream, liquid or powder foundation to large areas of the face. It works flawlessly to blend and contour bronzing or highlighting powders.

The Airtouch Brushes evenly shades and blends your make-up and is great for applying concealer and contouring.

With the Airtouch Brush sculpting and filling eyebrows or contouring in the smallest spaces is a breeze. It is also ideal for applying setting powders to the face, neck, décolletage and body.

Order the Airtouch Brush collection today to enjoy a perfect even application of your favorite make-up every time!


Airtouch Brush REVIEW

The Airtouch Brushes are decent, the handles feel flimsy and there was a bit of shedding. The bristles of the Airtouch Brush have not been evenly cut (even though it was only a few strands per brush) and they soak up more product than other brushes of this type. The bristles on the eye brushes are too long. Overall the Airtouch Brush is not a favorite but will do for powder products.

The overall feel of the Airtouch Brush bristles is nice; however, the handles are really flimsy.

The Airtouch Brushes are okay, some of the smaller brushes are unusable as there is glue on most of the bristles.

The Airtouch Brush bristles are really nice but the material it is made out of is no good. It could break in half just by applying foundation.

The bristles may come out of the brush heads. If you are looking for have brushes that don’t shed hairs then the Airtouch Brush is not for you. The brushes also feel too flimsy to use compared to Artis brushes.

The Airtouch Brushes are soft. The handles of the Airtouch Brush are not sturdy. The foundation does not blend completely with the brush and leaves little streak marks.

Pros: The Airtouch Brushes blend out foundation.

Cons: It is rough on the face after one wash because they shed, so they are not comfortable to use but they do blend out your foundation.

The quality of the Airtouch Brushes is not great. It does not apply the foundation well. It leaves patches. So it is definitely not recommended.

The Airtouch Brushes work pretty well with matte foundation. The other ones are kind of streaky, and don’t evenly distribute. The Airtouch Brushes are way cheaper than buying the 400 dollar real ones but are definitely not of the same quality.

The Airtouch Brushes does its job, however, these only do a light coverage of makeup. So if you need a light application of makeup on your face then the Airtouch Brush is for you! They are soft to the touch, handy, delicate, and great to use. But if you need a medium coverage then the Airtouch Brush will not work for you.

The Airtouch Brushes are really soft! The handles do feel a little flimsy but the brush part is very dense. There are no guidelines on how to use them or how to clean them. It also does not mention what each brush is for. The Airtouch Brushes are pretty okay overall.

The Airtouch Brushes are super soft. The brushes are too long and you may have a hard time controlling the powders and the blending. Otherwise the large oval ones are great!

The Airtouch Brushes are decent enough but the handles feel like they’re going to break. Can’t use the Airtouch Brushes to put on powder or you look cakey and it’s pretty hard to put on eye-shadow, but not impossible. Save your money and get the five piece set rather than the ten piece set.


Airtouch Brush Questions and Answers

Q. Is the rose gold part of the Airtouch Brush plastic or metal?
A. The Airtouch Brushes feel like metal, but they are a very sturdy plastic.

Q. How big is the biggest Airtouch Brush?
A. In the set B, the biggest brush is about 3 inches across at the longest point. It’s perfect for powder foundation. If you want the bigger set then set A has them.

Q. Are the Airtouch Brushes from the USA or China?
A. These Brushes are from China.

Q. Do you have to wash the Airtouch Brushes before you use them?
A. You can wash it using a solid beauty blender cleaner. It is the most effective in removing all of the leftover makeup. The best part about these brushes is they do not absorb that much product since they are so dense. If you do not have the solid beauty blender cleaner then use a regular bar of soap. When drying the Airtouch Brushes remember to place the brushes bristles down onto a towel so that the water dries completely.

Q. How do you clean the Airtouch Brushes? It is washable?
A. The Air-touch Brushes are washable. Just wet the bristles and pour on a small amount of baby shampoo. Rub the bristles with your fingers and rinse. Dry the Air touch Brushes flat, not standing up. Cream blush and powder cosmetics come off easily but foundation is hard to get out.


What do I get?

  • Airtouch 5 Brush Collection
  • 1 brush cleaner solution

Price: $29.99 plus $4.99 p&h | Official website:

Last-Tastic Review

Saturday, August 13th, 2016

What is Last-Tastic

As per the infomercial, it is an innovative lipstick substitute that gives the look and feel of a lipstick without the smudgy characteristics. It maintains to have a hydrating botanical lip tint mask and give a natural matte shade on application.



Smudge-proof innovative lipstick

Last-Tastic assures to be a smudge-free solution unlike traditional lipsticks that smudge, feather, or smears. With Last-Tastic your lips allegedly never dry and it also promises that the color remains consistent throughout the day. Does it really have such great benefits? Last-Tastic user reviews will reveal more. The great asset about Last-Tastic is stated to be the fact that it is water-resistant that lets the wearer be carefree when having meal, fruits or even a glass of water because it won’t wipe off or smudge. Last-Tastic emphasizes to contain an anti-aging formula that makes your lips attractive and enhances your look. Such farfetched claims made will be verified once Last-Tastic is reviewed.


Easy to apply
Last-Tastic is comfortable not only in use but also in application. The steps of application of a face mask and Last-Tastic are stated to be the same; you only have to apply, let it dry and then peel it off. Whether it functions as it claims will soon be revealed by user reviews. The 5-10 minutes that Last-Tastic requires to dry up are worth the time for the quality tint it gives you. Last-Tastic does sound highly impressive but there are no user reviews to know the truth.


What do I get?
You will receive Last-Tastic in color of your choice for $10 plus $4.95 P&H.
Official website: