Ionic White REVIEW

What is Ionic White As per the TV infomercial it is an at home teeth whitening system that uses a patent pending LED technology to deliver a white smile easily.     Ionic White CLAIMS Tooth whitening system Ionic White claims to be an amazing solution to achieve a dazzling white smile. Ionic White states […]

Airtouch Brush REVIEW

What is Airtouch Brush? The Airtouch Brush is a collection of make-up brushes that you can use to get a professional airbrushed look right at home. The Airtouch Brush is designed with coarsely filled bristles to perfectly apply, contour and blend your makeup leaving your face looking flawless like never before.     Airtouch Brush […]

Last-Tastic Review

What is Last-Tastic As per the infomercial, it is an innovative lipstick substitute that gives the look and feel of a lipstick without the smudgy characteristics. It maintains to have a hydrating botanical lip tint mask and give a natural matte shade on application.     Smudge-proof innovative lipstick Last-Tastic assures to be a smudge-free […]

Bye Bye Ridges Review

What is Bye Bye Ridges As per the infomercial it is a revolutionary tool by PedEgg that helps in achieving younger looking nails by shaping, buffing and shining them.     Hide your age Bye Bye Ridges promises to get rid of ridges that form on the nails but there has been no Bye Bye […]

Peel EEZ Review

What is Peel EEZ As per its infomercial it is a nail polish that is specifically created for young girls for styling their nails. It has a water-based formula that is kid-safe, non-toxic, chemical free, easy to apply and even easy to remove with peel-off technology.   Safe and stylish nail polish Peel EEZ alleges […]

Ped Egg Bare Nails Review

What is Ped Egg Bare Nails It claims to be a mineral-based micro-finishing technology based roller that expertly provides smooth finish to nails and a chemical-free shine in seconds. It has rollers that perform buffing and shining like professional nail salons right at home.   Nails like never before Ped Egg Bare Nails proclaims to […]

Silkn Revit vs PMD

Compare what is it? Silk’n Revit vs PMD Silk’N Revit is an at-home Diamond-tip Microdermabrasion device that claims to combine gentle and safe diamond peel exfoliation with vacuum that supposedly treats age-spots, wrinkles and acne scars. PMD too is an DIY microdermabrasion device that claims to deliver the same professional results in the comfort of […]

Crepe Erase Review

What is Crepe Erase It is a body treatment that claims to transform your aging skin and lift, smooth the look of crepey skin on your arms, legs, neck and more. Crepe Erase maintains that it is a revolutionary body treatment system that assures you positive results so that you can get that younger looking […]

Jerome Alexander Perfect Face Kit Review

What is Jerome Alexander Perfect Face Kit? Jerome Alexander Perfect Face Kit claims to be a complexion correcting kit with a self-correcting powder, Italian Marble Mineral Dual Blush/Bronze Powder, Liquid Silk Under Make-up Primer and Under Eye Concealer. It asserts to hide all your skin flaws and work on any type and complexion of skin […]