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Beddo by Sobakawa

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

What is Beddo?

It is a mattress that guarantees the ultimate comfort and support while sleeping as it is constructed with a 10-inch thick foam layer packed with billions of soothing microscopic air capsules.



Beddo by Sobakawa Claims

No more discomfort while sleeping – Beddo by Sobakawa poses itself a modern version of the famed Japanese shikibuton design known to provide utmost comfort and practicality to the user for centuries. One of the highlights of this revolutionary mattress is the fact that it is composed of a 10″ thick foam layer that its makers assert is all about premium performance since it is filled with billions of microscopic air capsules that provide the desired softness. This feature of Beddo by Sobakawa is projected as the one that offers maximised head-to-toe support to the body that protects one from any kind of stress on body while sleeping.

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Responsive to all your needs – The makers of Beddo further state that it takes pressure that builds up off the body that uncomfortable mattresses simply cannot. It distributes the weight of the person who sleeps on it evenly, which reduces the occurrence of motion transfer due to the movements of the one sleeping beside. Beddo reduces painful pressure points and provides maximum support to even those who toss and turn a lot. In addition to that, it also claims that it absorbs excess heat quickly so that you stay cool and can sleep calm throughout the night and wake up feeling fresh.

Easy to unfold and use – Beddo is no bulky, heavy or immovable mattress. Once you unpack Beddo, all you need to do is keep it on a flat surface and unbind it, cut off the plastic overwrap and take out its inner wrap. The mattress expands to assume full size and is ready. It’s also easy and convenient to maintain Beddo as it doesn’t have to be flipped or rotated ever, which can cause considerable strain on your body. Further, to clean your Beddo, you just need to run it through spot cleaning with mild soap and warm water to find it spotless, fresh and wholesome always.


What do I get?
Choose from:

  • Twin Beddo for $450
  • Full Beddo for $650
  • Queen Beddo for $750
  • King or California King Beddo for $850

Official website:

Side Right Pillow Review

Monday, November 17th, 2014

What is Side Right

Side Right Pillow claims to be a therapeutic neck and back pillow that is doctor-designed and doctor-recommended. Side Right Pillow promises that it will allow you to get sound and undisturbed sleep throughout the night so that you wake up refreshed every morning. Side Right Pillow asserts to align your head, shoulder and spine naturally so that the pressure on your neck is relieved and you do not wake up with a stiff neck and shoulder. Side Right Pillow states to have a special place for your ear also to give you 100% comfort.

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How does Side Right work?

The secret of Side Right Pillow is proclaimed to be in the millions of air beads filled inside the pillow. These air beads are asserted to mold according to the shape of your neck when you rest your head on the Side Right Pillow so that your head and neck are gently supported while the air flows freely so that your body remains cool and comfortable all night. Side Right Pillow emphasizes to have a therapeutic spine design and comfortable ear well to ascertain complete comfort.


Get restful sleep throughout the night
If it is becoming increasingly difficult for you to get restful sleep at night, your pillow might be the reason. Most pillows are either too soft or too hard and they do not support your head, neck and shoulders well so you end up tossing and turning around uncomfortably in your bed almost all night and wake up with a stiff neck and shoulders. Not getting adequate and quality sleep can cause many health issues and not waking up fresh can ruin your day.

But with its alleged patented design Side Right Pillow claims to let you sleep like a baby like never before each night. The pillow proclaims to be recommended by doctors and to have a therapeutic spine design that softly guides your head, neck and vertebrae into perfectly natural alignment relieving your neck of the pressure and unhinging the airways. These make sure you sleep well throughout the night and wake up recharged to get through the day energized.

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Corrects your posture
Side Right Pillow also maintains that it cradles your back to correct your posture even when you sleep making it a mistake-proof and easy to use pillow. Side Right Pillow states that it will prevent stiff neck and shoulder in the morning so that you feel rejuvenated and after using it regularly you will even feel fresher and younger. Side sleeping has been proven to be the best sleeping position, and with its special design, Side Right Pillow alleges to make adjusting to side sleeping more comfortable and easier even if you are used to sleeping on your back or tummy all your life.

Along with reducing unhealthy sleeping, Side Right Pillow also proclaims to reduce aches and pain in the body and snoring that sleeping on your back with regular pillows usually causes, so that not only you but your partner can also sleep fit. Side Right Pillow contours according to the shape of your neck and shoulder so that you wouldn’t have to keep adjusting it in the night and thus losing out on sleep. Side Right Pillow convinces to be hypoallergenic so there are no worries of allergies.


What do I get?

  • 2 Side Right Pillows
  • 1 Pillow Cases

Price: $19.99 + $12.90 S/h. Official website:


Saturday, June 28th, 2014

What is BoosterPalz:

It is a huggable, soft neck support pillow that claims to offer comfort to kids when they are travelling.
BoosterPalz promises to give adequate support to children’s necks when they are travelling in cars, trains or planes for that matter. You know when they fall asleep, especially on these long journeys they can really hurt their necks if they don’t have the right support for them. BoosterPalz maintain that they offer your kids just the right support for their neck when they are travelling. What’s more, they are soft and cuddly animals that will become your kids’ favourite travel companions too.


BoosterPalz and how it works

If you are driving you might have witnessed your kids falling asleep in the backseat in awkward positions with their neck being jerked with every bump. BoosterPalz insists that it will give your kids non-confining support when they are sleeping while travelling. It means, no matter what position they are sleeping in, they will get comfortable support they need. BoosterPalz also emphasizes on the fact that it is a soft cushion with a plush body, which ensures that your kids won’t hunch forward or fall sideways and travel safely with you.


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BoosterPalz can be your kids’ favourite travel companion

If you have to go on long journeys with your kids, you know what a tricky task it can be because children don’t enjoy them at all. But now with BoosterPalz for company they will start looking forward to the travel, according to its claims. Not only are these cuddly friends a lot of fun, they also have a front pocket, which can be used by kids to store snacks, toys or card games for that matter. With BoosterPalz the options are endless for kids to have fun on the way.


BoosterPalz are magnetic

BoosterPalz claim to be designed in a way that they can be conveniently used by kids on their own. That’s why; they are magnetic and kids can open and close them easily whenever they want. BoosterPalz are also quite versatile and when they are not being used as travel companions, they can be used as cuddly pillows. They can also be flipped around to get back support while sitting on chairs.


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What Do I Get?

  • Buy BoosterPalz for $25
  • Official website:
  • Ziplt Bedding

    Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

    What is Ziplt Bedding

    It is bedding that has zippers and is meant to help kids make their beds super-fast. If making your kids bed isn’t your thing then zip it bedding could be just what you’re looking for. It is a mom-invented unique solution for easy bed-making for parents and kids alike that is practically like a sleeping bag. It’s a comforter and fitted sheet that zip together, making it a breeze to make the bed look neat and tidy within just seconds.

    Ziplt Bedding works like a sleeping bag, according to its claims and offers respite for young ones and their parents who tend to struggle over unmade beds ever so often. You want your kids to do up their bed when they wake up in the morning but they find it too hard and give up on it rather easily. But Ziplt Bedding claims to offer them a simple solution so that they will get into the good habit of making their beds in the morning. And they will sleep comfortably in them at nights too.


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    Ziplt Bedding Features and Benefits

    That’s one of the major advantages of using Ziplt Bedding apparently because now kids can make and change their beds in a matter of seconds. And they seem to be the right option for those tricky and hard to make bunk beds too. Making and changing Ziplt Bedding is said to be as simple as stripping and washing when needed. You can then simply fit it as one when you are ready. From bunk beds to Murphy beds, air mattresses and trundle beds, this bedding seems to be the right option for all.

    Zip It Bedding puts an end to your early morning hassle of tiresome bed making as with this you can make and change your bed in seconds giving you more time with easier bed making. Instead of fussing with rumpled sheets with Zip It Bedding you simply smooth out the entire cover, sheet and all, zip it up and you are done. Your kids too can make their bed by just zipping up the bedding which puts an end to the fights over unmade beds. It has zippers to the side of the sheet set and the comforter combining the two creating a mix between bedding and a sleeping bag which makes it easier for you to wash your bedding too.


    Ziplt Bedding is comfortable to sleep in at nights

    The comfort of your young ones is important to you, especially when they are in bed alone at nights. Good thing about Ziplt Bedding is that your kids can stay tucked in it all night long. It’s a fun and interactive option for them so that they are relaxed before going to bed as well. Ziplt Bedding not only glows in dark for their comfort but has pockets on the side so that your kids can store anything they want close to them too.

    It is super soft and durable which helps your kids stay tucked in and warm all night. You can wash it in your washer and it will come out of it as good as new which shows the quality used is the best in the zip it bedding.


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    Ziplt Bedding promises top quality

    That’s something you can’t compromise on for your kids and Ziplt Bedding works on that count too because it’s said to be super soft and durable. Thus Ziplt Bedding can be a long lasting solution for your kids.

    Zip it Bedding is not only moms favorite but the kids just love it as it makes sleeping fun and exciting with its extra features like the side pockets which the kids use to store their stuff. Its feature of glowing in the dark makes it the kid’s adventure spot. If your kids love bunk beds and you have been putting it off thinking that you will be spending half your day in making these bunk beds then the zip it bedding is the solution for your problem as it is perfect for hard to make bunk beds. Kids look forward for the bed time with Zip It Bedding.


      What do I get ?

    • You will receive a Twin size Zipit Bedding set in the style of their choice for $49.99 + $12.99 S&H or a Full size Zipit Bedding set in the style of their choice for $59.99 +$12.99 S&H.
    • Each Zipit Bedding set includes a Comforter, Fitted Sheet and matching Zippered Pillowcase.

    Official Website :

    Sobakawa Huggy Body Pillow

    Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

    What is Sobakawa Huggy Body Pillow

    It is a body hugging pillow that is meant to help you sleep restfully.
    Sobakawa Huggy Body Pillow is said to have been created to offer different parts of your body just the right amount of support when you are sleeping. It’s something you need from your pillow, especially since it’s said that around 75% adults have been failed by the traditional options. They are struggling to get a good night’s sleep because of that and it has an impact on their overall wellbeing. But Sobakawa Huggy Body Pillow claims to offer them the right solution so that they can sleep peacefully.

    Sobakawa Huggy Body Pillow has a special design that works well

    Sobakawa Huggy Body Pillow is supposed to cuddle you right to sleep. And that happens because of its unique shape that cradles your head, frames your back and gives support to your legs at the same time. This type of comfort is just not possible with your regular pillows that have you tossing and turning in bed. As a result it’s said that when you are using the Sobakawa Huggy Body Pillow you can fall asleep quickly and get your much deserved rest.


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    Sobakawa Huggy Body Pillow has hypoallergenic filling

    That’s meant to be another highlight of this pillow and says a lot about its quality. Sobakawa Huggy Body Pillow is filled with hypoallergenic material so that you don’t have to go through the discomfort caused by down and animal products that often act as allergens. In fact the natural shredded cotton filling in Sobakawa Huggy Body Pillow ensures that it can breathe so that you can get the cool comfort while you are sleeping. Hence not only do you get sufficient support with the pillow but a touch of luxury as well.


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    Sobakawa Huggy Body Pillow works for everyone

    Sobakawa Huggy Body Pillow can be a source of relaxing and rejuvenating sleep for men, women and children alike. That’s because it has been designed in a way that it can offer the perfect fit to just about anyone. Sobakawa Huggy Body Pillow with its customizable shape can also offer support for pregnant women who are in need of it. The pillow works for people of all ages and sizes who can use it not only when they are sleeping but lounging around and relaxing too.

    What do i get?

    You get one Sobakawa Huggy Body Pillow for $39.98 plus $14.95 s/h.Official website


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    Neck Brite

    Monday, February 17th, 2014

    What is Neck Brite:

    It is a travel neck pillow that has built in LED lights for neck and vision support as well.
    Neck Brite can be just what you were looking for during those long arduous journeys. It could be a long drive or a flight for that matter, you could have to wait at airports or train stations in some instances. Neck Brite can ensure that your neck is relaxed at times like these and doesn’t cause you any discomfort. Moreover it can also support your vision so that you can read or do just what you want with ease, according to its claims.


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    Neck Brite cradles your neck for support

    And that’s one of the major highlights of this pillow. You know long journeys and waiting times can be excruciating for your neck. But Neck Brite has a comfortable neck roll that ensures that you get all the support while you are sitting down. Neck Brite can be just perfect for long plane journeys or when you are sitting in front of the computer at work for hours. You can also use it when you are in bed or lounging around the sofa hoping for a relaxed time.


    Neck Brite offers support to your vision

    The neck roll of Neck Brite has powerful LED lights built in both the ends. Thus you can find a source of light on your right or left, when you need it the most. It particularly makes sense when you want to read on the plane when lights have been dimmed. Neck Brite also ensures that you get 360 degrees of light focussed directly into the line of your sight. You will also be able to get light for special tasks like taking care of your baby or reading to little ones too.


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    Neck Brite is packed with beneficial features

    While your neck and vision is supported by Neck Brite, your convenience is looked after as well. To begin with, the lights are meant to shine bright for up to 20,000 hours. And they can last up to 100,000 hours so that you can get the best out of them for a long time to come. Neck Brite is also said to be cool to touch, which makes it quite safe to use on a regular basis. And it claims to be the right option for everyone; from elders to kids.


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      What do I get ?

    • You get Two Neck Brite for only $14.99 plus $15.98.
    • Official Website :

    Straight 2 Sleep

    Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

    What is Straight 2 Sleep:

    It’s said to be a doctor designed pillow that not only helps you sleep well at night but makes it difficult for you to stay awake too.
    Straight 2 Sleep gives the phrase, sleeping like a baby whole new literal meaning according to its claims. There are many who have a lot of trouble sleeping at night and even if you manage to, you end up waking up and can’t seem to go back to sleep. You might actually not find the need for taking sleeping pills to combat that problem when you can use Straight 2 Sleep, or so it says.


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    Straight 2 Sleep helps you get over the problem with regular pillows

    The problem with use of regular pillows is that you just don’t get enough support for your head and neck at nights. When your neck is not aligned properly, signals are sent to your brain via the spine. As a result you can’t sleep well or lie awake in bed. But that won’t be a problem now thanks to the cradling effect offered by Straight 2 Sleep. You try your best with regular pillows, turning and folding them to get the support you want. But that happens naturally, with Straight 2 Sleep pillow, according to its claims.


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    Straight 2 Sleep is designed by a renowned doctor

    Dr. Jarret Grunstein has created this pillow, which not only helps people sleep well at nights but offers them relief from neck and joint pains too. Straight 2 Sleep is meant to work well for you because it cradles your head like an infant in its mother’s hand. Thus you get the comfort you need while sleeping. Straight 2 Sleep also supports your neck from the sides because of the comfort cushions it has, which means that you won’t be tossing and turning at nights. You can sleep comfortably without finding the need for taking sleeping pills.

    Straight 2 Sleep is meant to offer you all the comfort you need

    Do you end up waking up in the middle of the night because your neck is not properly aligned? Do you wake up the next morning feeling pain in your joints and neck? A good night’s sleep should actually leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. And that’s just what Straight 2 Sleep does for you, according to its claims. It is supposed to help eliminate neck pains that can become the bane of your existence.
    Straight 2 Sleep is also said to be well made and can be a long lasting companion for you at bed time. It is available in standard, queen or king size to offer you several options too


    Gety 2 Standard/Queen sized pillow for just $29.99 plus $7.99 S&H, or the King sized pillow for just $39.99 plus $7.99 S&H.

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    Blackstone Pillow

    Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

    What is Blackstone Pillow:

    It is an ergonomically correct anti snoring pillow that can help you combat snoring and mild sleep apnoea.
    Blackstone Pillow is said to be ergonomically designed to ensure that those who struggle due to snoring at nights can get the relief they want. Snoring can become the bane of existence for people and their partners as well. It ends up leaving you feeling tired and groggy through the next day. Other treatments for snoring can be difficult and in some cases invasive as well. But Blackstone Pillow claims to offer you a safe, simple and reliable solution.


    Blackstone Pillow is known for its design that’s supposed to help

    The patented design of Blackstone Pillow is meant to be its secret and it ensures that people get respite from their snoring problems and sleep apnoea as well. The way it works is it positions your jaw slightly forward so that your airway is kept open. As a result your throat tissue and tongue will not collapse in your airway, which is said to be the main reason behind snoring. Thus with the simple adjustment of using Blackstone Pillow you can get the relief you want.
    It also has a reinforced head and neck roll, which ensures that you get good results whether you are sleeping on your back or your side for that matter.


    Blackstone Pillow is an award winning pillow with known benefits

    Blackstone Pillow has won the World’s Most Comfortable and Effective Anti-Snoring Pillow, Consumers Choice for Comfort award, which says a lot about its credibility. Moreover it also claims to have many benefits for you including the fact that it raises chin off chest so that snoring is reduced further. Blackstone Pillow is also meant to give additional support to your head and neck, which helps you sleep a lot better. It can also offer relief from minor headaches, neck and shoulder pain and mild acid reflux too.

    Blackstone Pillow and the medical indication

    It’s said that Blackstone Pillow can be used to reduce and eliminate snoring. It can be used to treat mild sleep apnoea and boost the quality of sleep you get at nights. Thereby the daytime fatigue you feel will be greatly reduced as well. Blackstone Pillow is also said to enhance oxygen saturation and you can get longer durations of uninterrupted sleep too.

    Blackstone Pillow is comfortable and convenient for use

    Blackstone Pillow comes with a 7 year manufacturer guarantee, which can mean that you have a long term solution for your snoring problems. It fits into any standard pillow case for your convenience. There’s no prescription needed for Blackstone Pillow as well while the results are noticed.


    What do I get?

    Get Blackstone Pillow just for $89.97 + $19.95 S/H.Official

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    Duovet Dual Temperature Duvet

    Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

    What is Duovet Dual Temperature Duvet:

    As the name suggests, it’s a dual temperature duvet that helps you sleep comfortably at nights.
    Duovet Dual Temperature Duvet seems to have been created with the special purpose of letting you sleep well without feeling too cold or too hot. There are times when you wake up at nights because you are uncomfortable due to the heat or the cold for that matter. Do you have to go through fights with your partner adjusting the thermostat? In that case Duovet Dual Temperature Duvet is said to help your cause so that both of you can sleep comfortably without any complains.


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    Duovet Dual Temperature Duvet has a special design that makes it work

    The highlight of the Duovet Dual Temperature Duvet is the fact that one of its sides is filled with 40 oz of microfibers meant to keep it warm. Thus you can get all the heat you need on the coolest nights. The other side of the Duovet Dual Temperature Duvet is filled with only 20 oz of microfibers filling. And that is meant to ensure that you feel cool even on the warmest of nights. Together it lets you and your partner sleep in your own level of comfort peacefully.


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    Duovet Dual Temperature Duvet is said to be well made

    The microfiber filling in the Duovet Dual Temperature Duvet is supposed to be anti allergenic and anti microbial for your comfort. It is also supposed to lend hygienic freshness to your sleeping arrangement and it is free of any odours as well. It has 100% cotton, which doesn’t cause any discomfort whatsoever. The special quilted design of the Duovet Dual Temperature Duvet is also said to prevent it from bunching and it is also machine washable for your overall convenience.

    Duovet Dual Temperature Duvet has therapeutic benefits too

    If you suffer from hot flashes or night chills then you can benefit from the Duovet Dual Temperature Duvet, according to its claims. You can switch sides whenever you want and go back to sleep. If your feet get cold at nights you can spin the Duovet Dual Temperature Duvet and experience ultimate comfort. You can also use one side for warm and other for cold nights.


    What do I get?

    Get Duovet Dual Temperature Duvetreceive + one set of Comforter Clips, an easy way to secure your Duovet inside your favorite duvet cover just for $24.99 + s/h.Official

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    Side Sleeper Air Bean Pillow

    Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

    What is Side Sleeper Air Bean Pillow:

    It is a specially designed pillow that claims to work wonders for those who sleep on their sides.
    Side Sleeper Air Bean Pillow seems to have been created keeping in mind the needs of those who sleep on their sides. The way you sleep should be taken into consideration when you choose the pillow you buy. It can help you sleep restfully and feel a lot better the next day. But while there are pillows for those who sleep on their back, those who sleep on their side tend to feel short changed. But that won’t be the case anymore because Side Sleeper Air Bean Pillow claims to offer you relief.


    Side Sleeper Air Bean Pillow is known for its unique design

    And that’s what helps it work so well for those who sleep on their sides at night. It could well be because of your existing pillow that you are not able to sleep restfully. And you wake up feeling groggy and tired. But it’s possible to put an end to that by using Side Sleeper Air Bean Pillow, which has a design that cradles your neck and spine well. Side Sleeper Air Bean Pillow also ensures that your sleeping position is corrected and you are offered support you need. Thus you can sleep restfully and wake up feeling rejuvenated.


    Side Sleeper Air Bean Pillow has other benefits for you too

    To begin with, besides the design you will be pleased to see the way this pillow is made. Side Sleeper Air Bean Pillow is said to have bean pellets inside, and expandable polystyrene is used here. That’s the reason it claims to offer you good quality with it. Side Sleeper Air Bean Pillow is also meant to reduce your snoring by opening up your airways. That can be a huge advantage for those who are struggling with this problem too.

    Side Sleeper Air Bean Pillow is safe for your use

    It’s being called the therapeutic neck and back pillow that helps you wake up feeling refreshed. But that’s not all; Side Sleeper Air Bean Pillow is also said to be hypoallergenic so you won’t have any problems using it every night.


    What do I get?

    Get Side Sleeper Air Bean Pillow + another PILLOW CASE just for $69.95 + P & H ,Purchase Twin Pack just for $119.95 + P & H ,Purchase Extra pillow case.$17.95 + P & H
    Official website:

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