Beddo by Sobakawa

What is Beddo? It is a mattress that guarantees the ultimate comfort and support while sleeping as it is constructed with a 10-inch thick foam layer packed with billions of soothing microscopic air capsules.   Beddo by Sobakawa Claims No more discomfort while sleeping – Beddo by Sobakawa poses itself a modern version […]


What is BoosterPalz: It is a huggable, soft neck support pillow that claims to offer comfort to kids when they are travelling. BoosterPalz promises to give adequate support to children’s necks when they are travelling in cars, trains or planes for that matter. You know when they fall asleep, especially on these long journeys they […]

Ziplt Bedding

What is Ziplt Bedding It is bedding that has zippers and is meant to help kids make their beds super-fast. If making your kids bed isn’t your thing then zip it bedding could be just what you’re looking for. It is a mom-invented unique solution for easy bed-making for parents and kids alike that is […]

Sobakawa Huggy Body Pillow

What is Sobakawa Huggy Body Pillow It is a body hugging pillow that is meant to help you sleep restfully. Sobakawa Huggy Body Pillow is said to have been created to offer different parts of your body just the right amount of support when you are sleeping. It’s something you need from your pillow, especially […]

Neck Brite

What is Neck Brite: It is a travel neck pillow that has built in LED lights for neck and vision support as well. Neck Brite can be just what you were looking for during those long arduous journeys. It could be a long drive or a flight for that matter, you could have to wait […]

Straight 2 Sleep

What is Straight 2 Sleep: It’s said to be a doctor designed pillow that not only helps you sleep well at night but makes it difficult for you to stay awake too. Straight 2 Sleep gives the phrase, sleeping like a baby whole new literal meaning according to its claims. There are many who have […]

Duovet Dual Temperature Duvet

What is Duovet Dual Temperature Duvet: As the name suggests, it’s a dual temperature duvet that helps you sleep comfortably at nights. Duovet Dual Temperature Duvet seems to have been created with the special purpose of letting you sleep well without feeling too cold or too hot. There are times when you wake up at […]