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Crumbs Away REVIEW

Friday, January 5th, 2018

What is Crumbs Away?
It is a device that works like a vacuum cleaner and picks debris like crumbs, pet hair, dust and other things in seconds without using electricity. The makers of Crumbs Away proclaim it’s the ultimate cleaning solution that will make you forget other implements like vacuum cleaner and anything else you use.



Effortless Way to Maintain Spotlessness
This handheld cleaning tool uses no power or energy to function and all you have to do is place it over the area you need to clean and just roll it from side to side for just a few seconds. Being lightweight, handy and portable, Crumbs Away can be used indoors as well as outdoors to clean furniture, furnishing and surfaces like carpets, sheets, rugs, car seats and more. It picks up debris while cleaning and stores it inside its body which can be disposed off after opening it from the bottom.

Doesn’t Need Electricity and Battery to Work
One of the prominent features of Crumbs Away is that it doesn’t work on power. It works without electricity, batteries or any source of power. It can therefore be seen as an environment-friendly device which doesn’t cost you for use. You also don’t have to grapple with cables, power failure, battery drainage and breakdowns when you use it as its mechanism sucks debris on its own. In addition to that, even small children can use it to clean as it is simple, safe and becomes a fun thing for them.


Crumbs Away Reviews

Caroline Bennett says in the Crumbs Away review submitted by her that it glides smoothly over her sofa, tablecloth and other surfaces and cleans a lot of debris, but it’s not good at absorbing fine particles and crumbs. She’s a bit disappointed and feels some other product may have been more useful.


Crumbs Away Questions/Answers

Q. I can’t figure out how crumbs are removed from the inside of Crumbs Away. I can’t find any clip to open it. Please help.
A. Turn your device upside down and look for the clip at its base at the back. You need to pull it gently to open it up.


Official Website

Window Wonder REVIEW | As Seen On TV Window Mop

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

What is Window Wonder?

Looking for a fast and easy way to clean hard to reach windows? It’s time to make the switch to Window Wonder, a breakthrough 3-in-1 window cleaner. Window Wonder is an innovative window mop designed to clean hard to reach windows. The Window Wonder takes just half the time and you get all your professional window cleaning supplies in one unit!



Window Wonder CLAIMS

Window Wonder Features – The Window Wonder features an extended high-reach handle with a built-in sprayer, pivoting mop head and professional squeegee. The pivoting mop head removes even the filthiest dirt and grime. The squeegee wipes windows clean without any signs of streaks. The reversible and reusable super absorbent cleaning pads can be easily rinsed off or put in the washing machine. The Window Wonder also features an easy pour reservoir that his designed to hold water or any cleaning fluid. With the Window Wonder you get sparkling windows inside & out.


How does Window Wonder work?

The Window Wonder sprays, wipes, and squeegees windows perfectly dry.

Uses of the Window Wonder – The Window Wonder is great for cleaning windows, mirrors, glass showers, boats, trucks & RVs in just seconds! Use the Window Wonder to clean windows behind shrubs fast and easy. Also, clean up high while standing. You are sure to love the ease and convenience of the breakthrough Window Wonder! The Window Wonder lets you save money on expensive window cleaning. Order the Window Wonder today and never struggle to clean your windows ever again!


Window Wonder REVIEW

Doris Harmon says in her review of the Window Wonder that it drips and leaks everywhere!
Sally Delgado who tried the Window Wonder says in her review of it-“If you plan on applying any pressure while mopping I would not suggest this product”.

Becky Oliver complains in her Window Wonder review that she is extremely disappointed in the quality of the Window Wonder. She also says that after only 6 uses, the sprayer stopped working and started leaking all over the place.
Rochelle Ballard claims in her review of Window Wonder-“After just 7 uses my solution started spraying everywhere and the back in the tank fell off and the mop will no longer spray. I’m incredibly disappointed”.

Traci Jones who purchased the Window Wonder says in her review-“After only a month of use the handle broke while using it. The whole handle just broke off; it was only being held by a cheap plastic. Very unfortunate, will try to contact the customer service and see where that gets me”!

Brenda Mcguire mentions in her Window Wonder review that at first she liked the Window Wonder especially for quick spot cleaning, but then everytime she squeezed the trigger the mist sprayed down on the mop head, not the floor. She says it’s like the nozzle is clogged. She tried to clean it but the trigger is hard to pull. She loved the idea of having this mop but is very unhappy with performance.

Another user Annette Weaver states in her review of the Window Wonder-“I bought the Window Wonder mop for $35.92, I used it four times and then the trigger broke and won’t spray cleaning solution. I did use it once for cleaning windows and that was awesome. Cleaning my outdoor windows was fast and easy. Using it to mop my kitchen floors worked wonderful when it actually worked. I am very disappointed”.

Maxine Morris has mixed reviews of the Window Wonder and lists the pros and cons of it.

The pros: – No batteries! I love this! It makes me nervous though that like a spray bottle, eventually this will stop working. Window Wonder comes with the window pad/squeegee. Not the easiest to pop off to switch to the mop head, but definitely a nice option! Use your own solution! Reusable mop pads – Comes with two and they’re pretty nice! Also comes with an extra window pad (2 in total)!

The cons: – Super short mop – Mops should be adjustable to be reach the person mopping’s chin. I’m 5’8″ and this goes just above my belly button!

Flimsy – I’d like a strong feeling mop. I feel like I could break it if I scrub too hard.’

Packaging was less than impressive. Everything was just tossed into the box”.

Ruth Brady says in her Window Wonder review-“Good for the price. It leaks a bit during use. Overall, I am okay with the Window Wonder purchase for the price. Good value for refillable cartridge and like the ability to use the solution I prefer. Much better than a Swiffer wet jet”!


Window Wonder Questions and Answers

Q. Does the Window Wonder mop require batteries?
A. No, the spray mop drives only on your hand power and energy from you.

Q. Does the Window Wonder mop come with solution refills?
A. No, the Window Wonder mop does not come with solution refills.

Q. Does the Window Wonder mop come pre-filled with solution? If so, what is the solution made out of?
A. The Window Wonder mop comes with an empty spray bottle. You will need to use any solution of your choice.

Q. Can the Window Wonder mop be used on laminate flooring?
A. Yes, the Window Wonder mop can be used on laminate floors. The Window Wonder mop has been used on laminate floors with in floor heating with no problem at all. However, when the spray mop kit arrived, the lid did not fit and it dripped all over. After putting some plastic around the head and screwing down the lid it works just fine. Also recommend washing the cleaning pad, in hot soap and water, or throw it in the washer.

Q. Is the microfiber cloth refill of the Window Wonder available?
A. No, the microfiber cloth refill is not available.

Q. How does one purchase mop head refills?
A. Mop heads are not sold separately.

Q. Can I refill the solution container of the Window Wonder?
A. You can detach it and refill any cleaning liquid you like. But you are advised not to keep a liquid in a spray bottle. Pour the detergent out after you finished cleaning to the other container for storage until next time. Clean with a warm water bottle and spray. This prevents drying up liquid inside the spray.

Q. Can I buy a replacement spray bottle for the mop kit?
A. No, replacement spray bottles are not available.

Q. Does the trigger get stuck or stop working after a couple of months?
A. Yes, the Window Wonder is a flimsy window mop, buy something tried and tested.

Q. How wide and how long is the floor pad of the Window Wonder mop?
A. The size of the floor pad is approximately 15 x 5 ½.

Q. Has anyone tried the Window Wonder mop on their bathroom mirror?
A. Haven’t tried the Window Wonder mop on a bathroom mirror but in principle it should work.


What do I get?

  • 2 Window Wonder Mops
  • 2 Replacement Pads

Price: $19.99 + $4.99 S/h. Official website

Restore 4 Power Spinner REVIEW | Exposed

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

What is Restore 4 Power Spinner?

It’s a rechargeable cordless scrubber that allows you to clean any surface spotlessly with minimal effort. Restore 4 Power Spinner is a cordless scrubber that claims to simplify the entire process of cleaning even hard to reach surfaces with deep stains.



Restore 4 Power Spinner CLAIMS

No More Slogging for Sparkling Surfaces – Restore 4 Power Spinner has been designed to scrub stubborn stains defacing tiles, grout and flooring as well as surfaces like sinks, bathtubs toilets and glass doors. The makers of Restore 4 Power Spinner state that it also eliminates soap, calcium, lime scale and hard water stains with its high torque power scrubbing technology which powers its brush to rotate hundreds of times every minute. Restore 4 Power Spinner also extracts filth from any surface easily.

Access Distant Places Easily – Restore 4 Power Spinner comes with an extension arm that can extend for more than three feet. It allows you to clean higher and harder-to-reach areas inside your home and also outside. Also, a rechargeable scrubber like Restore 4 Power Spinner is useful for the elderly as they won’t have to stretch or bend anymore while cleaning. Restore 4 Power Spinner even cleans tight spaces which others may be unable to do.


Restore 4 Power Spinner Questions & Answers

Q. How long does the charge of Restore 4 Power Spinner last if it’s used at 300 RPM setting?

A. Most customers have said it won’t last for over five minutes.

Q. Can Restore 4 Power Spinner cause damage to marble showers?

A. No. the brushes of Restore 4 Power Spinner are made of plastic so there’s no risk of damage especially if the cleaning solution is of good quality.

Q. Can Restore 4 Power Spinner be used to clean woodwork?
A. It’d be better to avoid using it for woodwork because instructions haven’t mentioned it’s one of the material it can clean.

Q. Are the bristles of Restore 4 Power Spinner rigid? I require very soft bathroom cleaners for my bathtub.
A. The bristles on all of the attachments of this spinner are rather hard. Think about it and make a purchase accordingly.

Q. Can 300 RPM sufficient to clean surfaces with stubborn stains well?
A. Not really; 300 RPM is not very effective for stubborn stains.

Q. Which cleaner is the best for Restorer 4 Power Spinner? I need one for tub surfaces, doors and tiles.
A. Most of the cleaner available are similar in quality and performance so you can choose any one.

Q. Does Restorer 4 Power Spinner come with a charger?
A. Yes, it does.

Q. I charged my Restorer 4 Power Spinner for more than 12 hours. What do I do? Please help.
A. Try unplugging and plugging it again a few times and wait. If it functions, use it that way.

Q. Are replacement brushes for Restorer 4 Power Spinner available in the market?
A. Not sure if they’re available.

Q. Does the extension handle of Restorer 4 Power Spinner stay intact when it is used above?
A. In all probability, it stays in place even though it is detachable.

Q Can Restorer 4 Power Spinner clean white grout in old tile shower stalls?
A. It’s not very capable of cleaning white grout in old tiles.

Q. Is Restorer 4 Power Spinner gentle on fiberglass tubs?
A. The spinner has plastic bristles that works with a machine, so it’s not too harsh. If you use it with a mild cleaner, there shouldn’t be any problem to your fiberglass tub.

Q.Does the charger provided with Restorer 4 Power Spinner works?
A. Yes, it is.

Q. Is Restorer 4 Power Spinner safe for acrylic tubs?
A. Yes. It removes soap residues from acrylic surfaces efficiently.

Q. Is the charger of Restorer 4 Power Spinner compatible with 240v?
A. No, it isn’t.

Q. Is any cleaner supplied with this product?
A. No. There’s no cleaner provided with Restorer 4 Power Spinner.

Q. Is Restorer 4 Power Spinner rechargeable?
A. Yes.

Q. Can Restorer 4 Power Spinner eradicate hard water and limes stains?
A. It’s not very effective at removing hard water and limes stains.

Q. Can Restorer 4 Power Spinner clean toilet bowls?
A. Yes.

Q. Can Restorer 4 Power Spinner clean surfaces above the water level of a pool? It it okay to submerge the brush in water?.

A. The surface area contact is not up to the mark. Moreover, it cannot handle the high number of RPMs that this spinner works with as it can tear the liner. So this gadget’s not all that great in this department.

Q. Why does it take ages to charge Restorer 4 Power Spinner and Why doesn’t it work properly?
A. Apparently, there’s no consistency in the way this appliance gets charge. And the charge does last for a very little time.

Q. Does Restorer 4 Power Spinner work on tiled shower walls and glass doors? Is it safe for glass?
A. It doesn’t clean anything properly.

Q. Have the makers of Restorer 4 Power Spinner specified any cleaning products that shouldn’t be used with it?
A. No.

Q. How big are the changeable scrubbers of the Restorer 4 Power Spinner?
A. Its heads are large but since its battery drains fast, you don’t get much out of it.

Q. How do I change the brushes of this appliance?
A. Just put the brushes in and pull it out at the time of changing.

Q. Is the Restorer 4 Power Spinner very heavy?
A. No, it isn’t.
Q. How does one clean toilets with this appliance when there’s water in the bowl?
A. You need to drain the water and then clean the toilet.

Q. Does Restorer 4 Power Spinner have a cleaner dispenser?
A. No.

Q. Does it have rechargeable battery?
A. It has a rechargeable battery but you can’t be sure it will work.


Restore 4 Power Spinner Reviews

Phyllis Barber who purchased Restorer 4 Power Spinner recently, has sent in an angry review that it’s a worthless appliance. He says that the Restorer 4 Power Spinner lacks the power to clean grout and its battery also drains very fast. Although its brush has a good shape, it doesn’t rotate fast enough to clean huge surfaces like that of the bathtub. Worse, the Restorer 4 Power Spinner that he got wasn’t packed properly as its box was far too small.

Genevieve Meyer, another dissatisfied buyer of Restorer 4 Power Spinner has complained in her review that it cannot clean the tub and shower scrub properly. It fails to remove the layer of soap even after it’s scrubbed for a long time. She says that the Restorer 4 Power Spinner isn’t constructed well; its handle isn’t connected well to its body because of which she has to hold it near its top part to keep it from falling. The brushes of Restorer 4 Power Spinner are so hard they don’t stay on steadily and cannot clean the shower. She was also surprised her Restorer 4 Power Spinner came without proper instructions. She’s exasperated of trying to figure out how she can get her Restorer 4 Power Spinner to clean. Its motor is also not powerful enough and the batteries drain too fast even after they are fully charged. She wonders if the sellers of the Restorer 4 Power Spinner don’t feel awkward for making hollow claims in its ads. Worse, she found a small piece of one of the components stuck in its handle. As for other components that Restorer 4 Power Spinner cokes with, she says they didn’t work.

Brooke Cobb, yet another customer who purchased Restorer 4 Power Spinner has stated in her review that she got it to clean her bathtubs and shower tiles. However, she felt let down on seeing that Restorer 4 Power Spinner was taking too long to clean. The brushes are too small and don’t touch surfaces entirely. When she applied some pressure on Restorer 4 Power Spinner, it stopped spinning. They keep sliding off the surface and holding them in place is a task. She also says that she has to constantly balance the Restorer 4 Power Spinner while using it to prevent it from falling down. She’s also not happy with the single speed setting of Restorer 4 Power Spinner as it doesn’t give much choice to her.

Mop Sonic As Seen On TV |

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

About Mop Sonic

Mop Sonic proclaims to be a versatile floor mop that can clean absolutely anything with its unique Vibra-Clean Technology. It asserts to be powerful and flexible enough to clean all types of floorings and clean hard-to-reach areas of the house.


How does Mop Sonic work?

The Vibra-Clean Technology of Mop Sonic states to vibrate the head with 5,000 powerful sonic pulses per minute. Such vibrations power alleges to scrub, scour, and offer four times the cleaning power that regular mops provide. It assures that its micro-fiber cleaning pads have thousands of microscopic fibers that acts as a magnet for attracting dirt from the tiniest of pores on the floors.

All-purpose mop – All types of surfaces including tile, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, marble and granite are guaranteed to be squeaky clean with Mop Sonic. It maintains to clean kitchen spills, clean bathroom mess, reach the ceiling fans and even remove stuck on chewing gum. Although, there are no Mop Sonic reviews available to substantiate these claims. Mop Sonic asserts to have changeable machine washable pads – everyday, scrubbing, and dual cleaning pad. There are no Mop Sonic reviews available yet to verify its claims.

Ingenious design – Mop Sonic claims to have an on-board sprayer that assists in easy cleaning. Its smart design convinces to clean hard-to-reach areas with the help of a 360 degree swivel head and fold-to-the-ground handle. Mop Sonic emphasizes to be cordless and performs optimally on 4 AA batteries. Did you find Mop Sonic useful? Send us your reviews.


What do I get?

  • 1 Mop Sonic Vibrating Floor Mop
  • 2 Everyday Pads
  • 2 Scrubbing Pads
  • 2 Dual Cleaning Pads

Price: $29.99 + $9.99 P&H at the official website

Switch N Clean REVIEWS and COMPLAINTS | Exposed

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

About Switch N Clean

Switch N Clean promises to be an amazing floor cleaning system that helps in cleaning up wet and dry messes quickly, efficiently, and easily. Its smart and switchable design with double pads alleges to help cut the cleaning time by half each time.



How does Switch N Clean work?

With a smart switchable design with double-sided microfiber pads, Switch N Clean asserts that one needs to simply flip it side to side for using the wet or dry pad. It states that its microfiber pads work like a magnet to pick up dirt, dust and liquids.

All-in-one cleaning system – The ingenious design of Switch N Clean guarantees that it can replace a mop, broom, duster, and baseboard cleaner. Switch N Clean assures that the pads have a self-wringer to keep the hands away from the dirt while using. They also allege to be machine washable and reusable up to 1000 times. How well does it work will be only known once we get to analyze Switch N Clean reviews.

Convenient features – Switch N Clean alleges to have a comfortable handle and stands on its own for easy maneuverability, making it easy on the back. The 360 degree flexible Switch N Clean head reaches anywhere including under furniture and works on the baseboard as well. More shall be revealed once users send us their reviews. Switch N Clean maintains to be perfect for use on tiles, hardwood floors, laminate, marble, and more. Can it really work as promised? User reviews will reveal the facts soon.


What do I get?

  • 1 Switch N Clean Cleaning System
  • 2 Microfiber Pads

Price: $19.95 + S/h at the Official website:


Switch N Clean Reviews

Mae Turner, a Switch N Clean customer, reveals in her review that the mop isn’t sturdy enough and keeps flipping. She also complains in her Switch N Clean review that the self-wringing feature fails miserably to squeeze dry the mop.

A Switch N Clean customer, Josefina Moreno, says in her review that it is a waste of money and doesn’t work at all as promised. She found it highly impractical since its design isn’t user friendly at all and gives zero stars in her Switch N Clean review.

Another reviewer, Erma Cohen writes that Switch N Clean kept flipping badly. Its 360 pivot doesn’t lay down flat completely to reach under furniture as promised. Her Switch N Clean review reveals that its self-cleaning mechanism was good but broke down within a week.

Dolores Tucker reviewed Switch N Clean and asserts that it doesn’t stay sturdy while cleaning. The only positive point she mentions is the microfiber mop pads that perform decent cleaning.

Joel Ross claims in his Switch N Clean review that it is made using flimsy material. The handle broke down on the first use since the material is made using cheap plastic. The problem he faced is keeping the handle intact while continually pulling the wringer to squeeze the mop dry.

Another user of Switch N Clean Leo Price states that the mop makes a squeaky noise while in use and the self-wringer head doesn’t stay above on the pole as shown in the infomercial. His Switch N Clean review reveals that the wringer head kept falling to the bottom and scratched the floor.

Darla Long asserts that Switch N Clean is made using very low quality materials. Her review reveals that the mop broke down in 6 months’ duration and is a waste of money.

A Switch N Clean review by Carole Rice also says similar things about it. She says that its build is poor and the cheap plastic doesn’t really last.

A Switch N Clean review by Natasha Stephens reveals that it is impossible to really use this mop without getting the hands dirty. In her review, she says Switch N Clean kept falling apart constantly and is a pain in the neck to keep it together.

Anna Hines, a Switch N Clean reviewer, complains about its cheap material that breaks apart way too easily. According to her review, Switch N Clean fails to perform as promised.


Switch N Clean Questions & Answers

Q. How does one wet the one side of the Switch N Clean’s microfiber pad? Won’t both the pads get wet if it is dipped in the bucket?
A. Start by installing only one side of the pad and dip it in the bucket for wet mopping. Once done, install the dry pad on the other side to start cleaning both dry and wet messes.

Q. Which side of the microfiber pads in Switch N Clean is for mopping?
A. Technically, both the sides in Switch N Clean are good for wet and dry mopping. One of the sides is good for dusting with its microfibers while the other side has high-density fibers for removing hard dirt.

Q. Is Switch N Clean good for removing dried-on gunk and can it be used for hard scrubbing purposes?
A. Switch N Clean is perfect for hard-to-remove dirty things and can be used for such required purposes.

Q. What is the way to attach Switch N Clean to the microfiber pad?
A. There are no clear instructions provided with Switch N Clean and can take hours to figure it out.

Q. Does Switch N Clean come with an extra attachment such as a scraper?
A. No, all it has are the dual pads that do most cleaning jobs. Scraping off debris should be done by maintaining better contact and squeeze out more water. Sometimes, it is difficult to get the mop dry enough to allow it.

Q. Is the Switch N Clean handle tall enough or does it require an extension?
A. It comes with a standard size handle that is comfortable to use without stressing the back. It is long enough for regular cleaning and even to wash the walls.

Q. Can the mop head in Switch N Clean be locked in place to avoid unwanted swiveling?
A. No.

Q. What is the width of mop in Switch N Clean?
A. The mop head is 13 x 4 inches in dimension. Switch N Clean provide a little smaller mop and a self-wringer design that can be dunked into a bucket easily and even reach hard-to-reach corners with ease.

Q. Can Switch N Clean easily assembled? Is it easy for arthritic patients as well?
A. Not sure, Switch N Clean isn’t easy to attach together as the screws are hidden and it fails to completely lock in.

Q. How can Switch N Clean stand upright? Or will it require something to lean or semi-lean onto?
A. Switch N Clean doesn’t really stand upright but its foldable mop head design helps in storing it flush against a wall hanging or leaned on neatly.

Q. Can the wet mop side of Switch N Clean be used for clean hardwood floors and the other side be used to dry it easily?
A. Yes, the mops are very absorbent and do the needful with its dual-sided action.

Q. Is Switch N Clean meant for use as a regular mop or simply as a dry mop?
A. Switch N Clean comes with a smart design that provides microfiber pads on dual side to perform wet as well as dry mopping.

Q. Can Switch N Clean be used for sweeping purposes?
A. Yes, the dry mop is great at attracting and capturing dirt and dust easily.


How to use Switch N Clean

To being assembling Switch N Clean, insert mop cloth 1 with the V shape side to the mop plate. Next, slide and fix it to the end with its built-in Velcro system. Switch N Clean promises to be ready for use by simply screwing the 3 section pole. Start with pole 1 with handle grip into pole 2 and screw them on the main mop body by tightening it clockwise. Remember to slide the lever in Switch N Clean upwards and lock with a click sound.

Slide the lever in Switch N Clean upwards and downwards repeatedly to wring and squeeze the pads. Its 360 degree rotating head can reach anywhere. Switch N Clean states to have dual action wet and dry mopping where one side is best for dusting and the other has high-density fibers to remove hard dirt. When done, Switch N Clean allegedly stands upright to save space and help store it vertically.

Clorox Insta Sweep REVIEW

Friday, June 30th, 2017

What is Clorox Insta Sweep?

Clorox Insta Sweep is a hard surface sweeper designed to clean and clear even the toughest and resilient stains and spills on your floor. Not only does the Clorox Insta Sweep sweep up substances from your floor, it also employs a tornadic sweeping action allowing you to clean your floor properly from the tough stuck-on stains.


How does Clorox Insta Sweep work?

Clorox Insta Sweep features two mechanisms that help in cleaning floors:
3-Way Tornado Sweep Technology – 3-way tornado sweep technology employs a tornadic sweep action so when you turn on the Clorox Insta Sweep the spinners work to sweep up the dirt on your floors and surfaces allowing you to grab them up easily and without having to use a broom.

Twin Spinning Brushes – The second mechanism is the twin spinning brushes. These brushes are designed to rotate on the outside generating a cleaning vortex that enables all of the particles on your floor to move the center of the device. Then the Clorox Insta Sweep moves the debris into the attached storage bin so that you can empty out the debris afterwards.

Benefits of the Clorox Insta Sweeper
• Cordless and rechargeable device to clean your home in one go
• Clorox Insta Sweep works on all types of surfaces
• Lightweight device with a powerful impact
• Disposable dustpan


Clorox Insta Sweep Reviews

Cindy Herrera wrote in her review of the Clorox Insta Sweep that it is cheaply made and does not perform the way the description said it would. She says the Clorox Insta Sweep wobbles around and feels like it’s going to fall apart. She also goes on to say that it’s clear that it was made in China and to return it would cost more.

Billie Bennett says in here review that the Clorox Insta Sweep is of cheap construction. She adds that there are no directions for assembly and black plastic pieces are on the wrong rods so it seems impossible to assemble.

Kathy Luna mentions in her Clorox Insta Sweep review that the Clorox Insta Sweep doesn’t pick up much of anything off hardwood floors and it doesn’t pick up on carpet or on wood floors either.

Renee Rowe Clorox Insta Sweep review mentions- “Handle pieces would not fit together properly. It is poorly made and very flimsy”.

Penny Phillips in her review of the Clorox Insta Sweep said that the sweeper handle would not stay in the body of the sweeper thereby rendering it useless.

Another Clorox Insta Sweep user, Anne Frank said- “Absolutely does not work. Handle falls apart constantly; the head spins around randomly and uncontrollably; immediately spits out what little it does pick up”.

In her review Lora Reid stated that the Clorox Insta Sweep works okay but the handle broke soon after she started using it. She also goes on to say that there are problems with the handle collapsing, wheel not spinning, and it dumps the crumbs out when you pull it back.

Dixie Munoz seems to be quite pleases with the performance of the Clorox Insta Sweep and mentions in her review- “Not for short nap throw rugs or carpet. It seems to work well on laminate flooring. You need to work it back and forth to get small particles off the floor. It does not seem to scratch the laminate. Very light and compact for easy storage.


Clorox Insta Sweep Questions & Answers

Q. How does the Clorox Insta Sweep work on pet hair?
A. It doesn’t pick up pet hair at all.

Q. How well would the Clorox Insta Sweep work on tile?
A. It works well on ceramic tiles.

Q. Can you use the Clorox Insta Sweep for the carpet?
A. Yes a fine pile only.

Q. Does the Clorox Insta Sweep collect the debris into a storage bin?
A. It collects debris into a small removable bin.

Q. How much does the Clorox Insta Sweep weigh?
A. It weighs 2 to 3 lbs. It is extremely lightweight.

Q. Does the handle go down low enough to go under a couch?
A. Yes it does but not for a carpet. It works on hard floors only and is good to collect trash from solid surfaces.

Q. Does the Clorox Insta Sweep run on battery power?
A. It does not require batteries.

Q. Does it pick up dog hair and sand well?
A. It is too cheap to mess with.


Order the Clorox Insta Sweep today from

Roto Sweep vs Easy Edge vs Hurricane Spin Broom

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

What is it? Roto Sweep vs Easy Edge vs Hurricane Spin Broom

Roto Sweep
Roto Sweep is a scuff- and- scratch-free rotating hard floor sweeper designed with a built-in dustpan intended to work on wood, tile, marble, linoleum, and vinyl.

Easy Edge
Easy Edge is a lightweight hard floor swivel sweeper designed to clean debris from the edges. That’s why it’s called Easy Edge.

Hurricane Spin Broom
Hurricane Spin Broom is a handheld, cordless, lightweight spinning broom designed to work on every hard floor including wood, laminate, or tile.


How does it work? Roto Sweep vs Easy Edge vs Hurricane Spin Broom

Roto Sweep
The Triple Rotating Brushes of Roto Sweep claim to loosen, lift, and feed dust, debris and dirt onto the on-board dustpan that can be easily emptied into a garbage bin. The brushes of Roto Sweep rotate 360 degrees and the handle folds flat allowing you to reach under the furniture, while the unique Edge Cleaning Technology cleans along the baseboard and walls to give you a detailed cleaning of the house, the creators of Roto Sweep claim.

Easy Edge
Easy Edge has been around a lot longer. It is designed with two outer brushes and an inner brush that move the debris into the center. It kicks it into a dustpan which you can access to dump the contents out later. The brushes extend beyond the sides of the unit so it can get the edges.

Hurricane Spin Broom
The Hurricane Spin Broom is something you would want to consider getting for your home. It will make sweeping floors and other surfaces in your home a lot easier to do. Unlike conventional brooms where you have to manually do the to and fro motion with the broom to sweep dust and debris and also have to make sure that the dirt gets into the dust bin effectively, the Hurricane Spin Broom can eliminate a lot of unnecessary effort on your part. The Hurricane Spin Broom brush heads actually spin allowing it to clean your floors easily with minimal effort on your part. Also, the Hurricane Spin Broom features a built in dust bin which will keep the dirt that it sweeps up effectively contained.


What does it do? Roto Sweep vs Easy Edge vs Hurricane Spin Broom

Roto Sweep
Roto Sweep does not feature cords, batteries, or bags, weighing in at less than two pounds and creates no sound, making it ideal for cleaning while the baby is sleeping or while the family is watching TV. The three brushes rotate 360° and work to loosen, lift, and channel debris. Roto Sweep’s convenient fold flat handle also allows you to easily reach under furniture & appliances, as well as to store it away when you are done cleaning.

Easy Edge
Easy Edge works on everything from salt and sand to pet hair and potato chips. It is not electric so you will have to push down a little bit when you’re moving along the floor. You also have to make sure you always keep it moving in a forward direction, not pulling it backwards, not scrubbing like you would with a mop There’s a little bit of a learning curve to that but once you master the technique, it actually works pretty well.
Easy Edge does not work on carpets. It’s supposed to be used in place of a broom like you would do on hardwood floors or tile, you can probably also use it out in your garage or maybe in your basement.

Hurricane Spin Broom
The manufacturer claims that Hurricane Spin Brush’s triple brush technology rotates with cyclonic action, allowing you to pick up any mess with ease in just one pass. Hurricane Spin Broom alleges to deliver revolutionary swivel action thereby increasing maneuverability and a no-touch, large-capacity bin that empties in seconds. This is a breeze, since the broom weighs less than two pounds.


Features: Roto Sweep vs Easy Edge vs Hurricane Spin Broom

Roto Sweep
• Works on All Hard Floors
• Easy to Empty Built in Dustpan
• Triple Rotating Brushes that loosen, lift, and channel the dirt & debris onto the onboard dust pan.
• Convenient! No Cords, Bags or Batteries Required!
• Lightweight – Weighs Less Than 2 Pounds & Folds for Easy Storage
• Perfect for cleaning while the baby is sleeping or while watching TV.
• The convenient fold flat handle allows you to easily reach under furniture & appliances!

Easy Edge
• Great for Pet Hair!
• No Motor and included comb make it easy and quick to pull out pet hair and debris. No scissors needed. 10 seconds of maintenance and your sweeper is like NEW!
• Works on ANY hard floor surface!
• Picks up sand and dirt in seconds!
• Pick up spices you drop while cooking. No bending or dustpan ever again!
• Fits right under your kitchen cabinets!
• Clean under tables and chairs fast and easy!
• Easy Washing!
• One of the greatest things about your Easy EDGE Hard Floor Sweeper is that you can WASH IT! You cannot wash the electric sweepers, but you can wash your Easy EDGE SWEEPER!

Hurricane Spin Broom
• Hurricane Spin Broom Deluxe
• Triple brush technology
• Three brushes rotate 360 degrees while sweeping debris into the built-in dust pan
• Spinning brush heads pick up mess for you
• No-touch, large capacity bin empties in seconds
• Works on hard floors, laminates and tiles
• Quick and easy with only one pass to pick up everyday messes
• Swivel steering for maneuverability
• Gets close to baseboards
• LED light
• Makes it easier to clean in dark places and corners
• Manual operation
• Requires no electricity, bags or filters (Push in forward direction)
• Cordless
More Features
• Comes with three extra brush heads
• Handheld
• Portable
• Lightweight


What surfaces does it work on? Roto Sweep vs Easy Edge vs Hurricane Spin Broom

Roto Sweep – Works on all hard floors, hardwood, tiles, laminate, vinyl and practically everything!
Easy Edge – Hardwood floors or tile
Hurricane Spin Broom – Hard surface floors


Material: Roto Sweep vs Easy Edge vs Hurricane Spin Broom

Roto Sweep – High-quality materials that lend it durability
Easy Edge – Stainless Steel Handle
Hurricane Spin Broom – Polyester pom rubber


Cleaning Head: Roto Sweep vs Easy Edge vs Hurricane Spin Broom

Roto Sweep
Easy Edge
Hurricane Spin Broom


Brush: Roto Sweep vs Easy Edge vs Hurricane Spin Broom

Roto Sweep – Triple Rotating Brushes rotate 360 degrees
Easy Edge – Three brushes
Hurricane Spin Broom – Three brushes rotate 360 degrees


Price: Roto Sweep vs Easy Edge vs Hurricane Spin Broom

Roto Sweep – $19.99 plus $7.95 S&P
Easy Edge – $16.44 + $5.50 S&H
Hurricane Spin Broom – $24.95 +$5.00 S&H


Reviews: Roto Sweep vs Easy Edge vs Hurricane Spin Broom

Roto Sweep

Roto Sweep is a piece of crap that only picks up dust and nothing else. Money must not be wasted on buying it.

The sweeper picks up nothing, including cat hair that was only rubbed into little felted balls and left behind.

The sweeper doesn’t pick anything up on bare floors. It deposits dirt from one area to another. It was bought to clean wood floors and area rugs between weekly vacuuming but it started scattering more debris than picking it up, needed multiple passes to clean floor.

Roto Sweep cannot handle carpets heights more than 1/4 inches, because of the design flaw in the handle attaching to the unit.
The handle pops out and has to be reinserted after bending inward on dense plush carpet or irregular nap carpet, even when the highest nap setting is selected. Roto Sweep picks up large pieces of paper with difficulty and does not pull fine materials out of tight corners.

Roto Sweep does not get into tight corners to clean in the kitchen and the refuse area. It scatters finer material such as coffee powder and flour. It can only be used for picking up pet hair, big crumbs, dust bunnies,
Pet hair gets tangled in the brushes.

Easy Edge

It is double the work of a simple broom. You have to go over and over an area to pick up the smallest thing – and then if it is too big it won’t pick it up at all. One time after attempting to clean an area the drop hatch (to empty all debris) fell open.

Easy Edge is cheaply done plastic and looks cheap. Tried to use it on hardwood floor several times but it doesn’t pick up crumbs!
Worked just great until hair became wrapped around the axles and it stopped turning.

Easy Edge is lightweight and colorful but when it comes to picking debris off of the floor it just doesn’t cut it. You will have to go over and around pieces to pick them up with the Easy Edge. Plus it pushes dirt into the corner and then there is no getting it up. It does not get edges either.

The wheel brushes don’t rotate more than half of a turn. It is of poor quality and takes too much effort.

Easy Edge is nothing like the commercials on TV. It is a bit hard on your back due to the amount of pressure you have to use to press down for it to pickup anything!

It can only be pushed forward. It does not do a backward sweep.

Hurricane Spin Broom

The broom doesn’t work; the brooms don’t rotate to get near a wall, and it won’t sweep anything into the sweeper compartment.

It requires way too much pressure on the broom to even get the brushes to move. The only thing that worked was the light, and it kept falling off. It is a good idea, but a cheaply made product. A total waste of money!

It is made very cheap and it picks up nothing. Save your money and buy a broom because this will not work.

From the TV ad, you would expect much more. It is not battery powered which means it doesn’t pick up anything unless it is moving. Also, it only spins the broom when pushed forward. The wheels that power the broom lose their grip on my laminate floors, meaning you have to apply downward pressure on the handle to keep the brushes rotating. It does not work at all on toss rugs. The ad is very misleading.

Grout Runner

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

About Grout Runner

Grout Runner is a cleaning tool that promises to blast away dirt and grime from grout lines without bending and stressing your back.


How does it work

You can spray on any cleaning solution and allegedly blast dirt and grime away with the powerful pulsating technology of Grout Runner that provides 3600 pulsations per minute.


Powerful grout cleaning tool
The electric, cordless, and powerful cleaning tool Grout Runner declares to get rid of the toughest grime and dirt easily, efficiently, and quickly without bending or being on your hands and knees. It maintains to restore grouts to look like new. There are no Grout Runner user reviews to verify these claims.


Extends reach
Grout Runner convinces to have an extendable pole to increase your reach to clean dirt and grime and can be popped out to clean sinks, countertops, and all hard to reach places. Thus, it maintains to be ideal in the bathroom, kitchen, dining room or any other room. Is Grout Runner that versatile? User reviews will reveal more. Grout Runner proclaims to be cordless and patent pending to clean by itself. It assures to cost just a fraction of the cost of professional grout cleaning. Tell us if you found Grout Runner great.


What do I get?
Grout Runner costs $19.99 plus $5.99 P&H.

OxiClean Splot REVIEW

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

What is OxiClean Splot?

Getting rid of coffee, wine or other stains from your favorite rug or carpet can be such a chore but now that’s going to change, with the amazing new carpet stain remover, OxiClean Splot. Stains on your carpet are not a pleasant sight for anyone, but with the OxiClean Splot, removing stains from carpets or rug is both simple and easy.



OxiClean Splot CLAIMS

Here’s introducing the OxiClean Splot, a carpet and rug stain remover designed to lift and remove stains from your carpet. OxiClean Splot gives your carpets and rugs a deep cleaning, right down to the padding.


How to use OxiClean Splot?
OxiClean Splot is easy to use! Simply, spray, lift and clean! It’s that easy! It requires no batteries, no charging and no plugs. Simply spray your rug or carpet with 3 or four sprays of OxiClean carpet and area rug stain remover spray, open the blue cap marked “IN” and fill it with clean water. Ensure to close the blue and yellow caps and lids tightly.

Holding OxiClean Splot over the stain, begin pumping until the clean side of the water tank is empty and your carpet is nearly dry.

The pumping action ensures OxiClean Splot pulls the dirty liquid out of the carpet.

Then, using a clean towel, soak up any water that is left behind in the carpet. Lastly, remove the yellow “OUT” cap and empty the contents.

Your carpet or rug is now clean and spotless once again!

Uses of OxiClean Splot – You can use OxiClean Splot to remove pet stains, wine stains, coffee stains and so much more.


Buy OxiClean Splot for $29.99 at | Order the OxiClean Splot carpet stain remover today!

Hurricane Spin Scrubber Review | Exposed

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

What is Hurricane Spin Scrubber

As per the infomercial it is a cordless, rechargeable power scrubber that provides easy cleaning of dirt, dust, soap scum and mildew by rotating at 300 scrubs per minute. Hurricane Spin Scrubber states to be a powerful scrubber that cuts through soap scum, mildew, grime and dirt with ease. Currently there are no Hurricane Spin Scrubber reviews made available that will prove its claims.


Hurricane Spin Scrubber Review

Kelly Peterson in her review mentions – “The Hurricane Spin Scrubber worked 6 to 8 times and then it would not turn on even though it was fully charged. Hurricane Spin Scrubber is a total waste of money.”

Kelly Jones states in her review – “The Hurricane Spin Scrubber has a poor design. It is awkward to hold. You have to hold the Hurricane Spin Scrubber with 2 hands to reach to top of the shower. The scrubber flies around if you apply any amount of tension. The big round brush is useless as only a portion of the ’round tip’ hits the tile.”

Rachael Freeman complains in her review – “The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is too heavy and stops when you apply only a little bit of pressure. The vibration will make your neck and upper back hurt. The “corner” brush is too big to go in the corner and the tip of it is too large too. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is not a good product to clean a tile shower.”

Jordan Lawrence in her review complains – “The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is extremely disappointing. The extension of the Hurricane Spin Scrubber is not stable enough to really put a little pressure down to clean soap scum off, etc. It only fastens in on one side of the shaft and feels as though it will fall apart any second when trying to hold the brush to the tub to scrub.”

Barbara Hill reveals in her review – “The Hurricane Spin Scrubber spins around and splashes and sprays all over the place.”

Kimberly Murphy says in her review – “The Hurricane Spin Scrubber works very well, but the brushes are rounded in such a way that they have little surface-area contact with the tub. So it takes an unnecessarily long time to use the Hurricane Spin Scrubber, even though the Hurricane Spin Scrubber does work well, and eventually, the tub does get clean. Flatter brushes would be a big plus.”

Brittany Ester states in her review – “After just two recharges, the Hurricane Spin Scrubber stopped working completely.”

Beth White reveals in her review – “The brushes are practically as hard as a wire brush and just scratches the shower walls. It’s very slow. It takes longer to use the Hurricane Spin Scrubber than to wipe down the shower. After fully charging the Hurricane Spin Scrubber before using and after the first time of use it was dead. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber wouldn’t connect to charge it back up.”

Garret Davis who reviewed the product reveals – “Using the Hurricane Spin Scrubber on showers/bathroom, it spins well with very little torque. Once you press down it stops moving. It just didn’t clean much. It is mainly good for light touch up duty but for anything caked up/soiled. It is best to use your hands with a scrubber. It probably would be best for those who cannot apply pressure and reach areas and to just get a mild cleaning.”

William Hayden – “The Hurricane Spin Scrubber needs more power to do the job quickly. Plus, if you don’t keep it plugged in, the charge dies and it isn’t ready when you need it. The brush heads have a rounded shape and are also too small causing it to clean less surface area and also taking more time.”

There is also missing information from the official website: product dimensions are missing, guaranty is not given, information about material is not given and information about which battery is used is not given.


Hurricane Spin Scrubber Questions and Answers

Q. Does the Hurricane Spin Scrubber clean well in corners like shower door corners?
A. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber does not clean easily with the flat bottomed brush attachment but you can clean the corners by switching to the conical brush attachment. The brush works best if you don’t try to apply a lot of pressure. Just relax, control the handle and let the brush do the work and it does the job nicely.

Q. Is the Hurricane Spin Scrubber waterproof? I want to use it inside an aquarium.
A. It is recommended that water should not enter the motor area of the Hurricane Spin Scrubber.

Q. How long does the Hurricane Spin Scrubber take to charge again (after the initial 24-hour charge) and how long will it hold a charge between uses?
A. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber holds a charge for about 6 to 8 uses. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber charge stays overnight.

Q. How long can the Hurricane Spin Scrubber scrub for on a full charge? How long does it take to get it fully charged before you can use it?
A. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber has to be charged for 20 hours at first.

Q. What diameter is the large round brush?
A. It’s about 5 inches across at the widest part.

Q. How many brush heads does the Hurricane Spin Scrubber have?
A. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber has two brushes, one with soft bristles and another with hard ones.

Q. What is the length of the Hurricane Spin Scrubber without the extension & what is the length of the extension?
A. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is approximately 24″ long. The extension adds another 19″

Q. Do you have to apply your cleaner and water to the tub/walls before using the Hurricane Spin Scrubber or does the water come through the scrubber?
A. Spray the cleaner in the tub and on the walls. The water does not come through the scrubber.

Q. Is the pole metal or plastic?
A. The top and bottom portions are plastic and the middle section is metal.

Q. Does the Hurricane Spin Scrubber work on block tile on floors and shower walls?
A. It does, it worked on tiles walls in the shower and was great on the tub floor. It is very easy to handle.

Q. Will the Hurricane Spin Scrubber scratch fiberglass or cultured marble?
A. Using it a number of times have not caused any scratches on any the regular bathroom surfaces. There are two heads, one is softer and the other harder. Do not press hard, just let the machine work.

Q. Can the Hurricane Spin Scrubber be used on a new Kohler acrylic bathtub?
A. The bristles are stiff and might scratch an acrylic surface in my opinion.

Q. Are the bristles flimsy or stiff?
A. Neither flimsy nor terribly stiff, but it does the job.

Q. How many brushes come with the package?
A. Two brushes, a large one for regular jobs and a small cone-shaped one for corners and grout.

Q. Is the Hurricane Spin Scrubber very noisy? For example, would it wake a child sleeping in another room?
A. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is almost as loud as a hairdryer.


Hurricane Spin Scrubber CLAIMS

Powerful scrubber – Hurricane Spin Scrubber guarantees that it does its job with ease with the help of a rotating brush head that performs cleaning at 300 scrubs per minute. Its design ensures that anyone can simply hold it in position and achieve high-class cleaning in no time. Whether or not Hurricane Spin Scrubber provides such amazing cleaning will be known once users review it.

Exceptional design – Hurricane Spin Scrubber promises to be easy to use and is designed with a comfortable handle that doesn’t vibrate while it rotates. It’s perfect for use by people with arthritis. Hurricane Spin Scrubber guarantees to remove dirt and grime with using harsh or abrasive chemicals inside the bathroom sink, glass, mirror and more places indoors and outdoors. Hurricane Spin Scrubber’s claims will be verified further with user reviews. Hurricane Spin Scrubber maintains to be highly flexible with its cordless and rechargeable design. Plus the use of flexible bristles helps in cleaning deeper into cracks and crevices. Does Hurricane Spin Scrubber really do all the cleaning chores for you? Send us your Hurricane Spin Scrubber reviews.


What do I get?
You will get Hurricane Spin Scrubber for $39.99 plus $9.99 S&H. | Official website: