Grout Runner

About Grout Runner Grout Runner is a cleaning tool that promises to blast away dirt and grime from grout lines without bending and stressing your back.   How does it work You can spray on any cleaning solution and allegedly blast dirt and grime away with the powerful pulsating technology of Grout Runner that provides […]

OxiClean Splot REVIEW

What is OxiClean Splot? Getting rid of coffee, wine or other stains from your favorite rug or carpet can be such a chore but now that’s going to change, with the amazing new carpet stain remover, OxiClean Splot. Stains on your carpet are not a pleasant sight for anyone, but with the OxiClean Splot, removing […]

Turbo Scrub Review

What is Turbo Scrub? It is a cordless rechargeable hand held power scrubber that can deep clean the most stubborn stains and build-up all around your house impeccably.     For squeaky clean bathroom and around Turbo Scrub could just be the solution you’ve been looking for to end all your cleaning woes. The promoters […]

Sift Away Review

What is Sift Away? It is a self-cleaning litter box for cats with three interlocking tray sdesigned to make it easy to change litter.     Tidy environs for your kitty dearest Cats are sticklers for cleanliness, so a litter pan like Sift Away could be just what you’d really like to pick for your […]

Powerizer Review

What is Powerizer? It is a two in one detergent that claims to leave your laundry and dishes spotless clean. Powerizer asserts that now with one product that can be used in dishwasher and washing machine, you can get rid of hard water spots and stains. It rinses clean, which means there is no residue […]


What is DEEBOT R95? DEEBOT R95 is a multifunctional Floor Cleaning Robot with advanced intelligence and laser mapping that lets you clean your house to perfection, without the need for human intervention. DEEBOT R95 is great for bare floors, short-pile carpets, textured floors and so much more. Simply use the DEEBOT R95 for your home […]


What is Wring-O-Mop? It claims to be a one-stop dual-action mop that uses clean water every time to clean the floor easily. It can be cleaned by rinsing and twisting in the sink with ease.     Easy cleaning mop Wring-O-Mop alleges to come with a twisting handle design that lets you wring and rinse […]


What is WINBOT 850? If you are tired of cleaning windows the old-fashioned way then what you need is the incredible WINBOT 850, a Window Cleaning Robot that lets you clean windows with minimum effort and maximum cleaning. It is the most convenient, fast, safe and easy way to get your windows cleaned to give […]

Fly Mop

About Fly Mop Fly Mop states to be a revolutionary 4-in-1 mop system that combines wet mop, sweeper, duster and scrubber to clean the house much faster and make it more hygienic.     Fly Mop Claims The longest flat mop head of Fly Mop makes it easier to wipe messes, clean edges and corners. […]