Turbo Scrub Review

What is Turbo Scrub?

It is a cordless rechargeable hand held power scrubber that can deep clean the most stubborn stains and build-up all around your house impeccably.



For squeaky clean bathroom and around

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Sift Away Review

What is Sift Away?

It is a self-cleaning litter box for cats with three interlocking tray sdesigned to make it easy to change litter.



Tidy environs for your kitty dearest

Cats are sticklers for cleanliness, so a litter … Read the rest

Powerizer Review

What is Powerizer?

It is a two in one detergent that claims to leave your laundry and dishes spotless clean. Powerizer asserts that now with one product that can be used in dishwasher and washing machine, you can get rid … Read the rest


What is DEEBOT R95?

DEEBOT R95 is a multifunctional Floor Cleaning Robot with advanced intelligence and laser mapping that lets you clean your house to perfection, without the need for human intervention.
DEEBOT R95 is great for bare floors, short-pile … Read the rest


What is Wring-O-Mop?

It claims to be a one-stop dual-action mop that uses clean water every time to clean the floor easily. It can be cleaned by rinsing and twisting in the sink with ease.



Easy cleaning mop

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What is WINBOT 850?

If you are tired of cleaning windows the old-fashioned way then what you need is the incredible WINBOT 850, a Window Cleaning Robot that lets you clean windows with minimum effort and maximum cleaning. It is … Read the rest

Fly Mop

About Fly Mop

Fly Mop states to be a revolutionary 4-in-1 mop system that combines wet mop, sweeper, duster and scrubber to clean the house much faster and make it more hygienic.



Fly Mop Claims

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Lynx Review

About Lynx

Lynx states to be a cleaning system that has a docking station to store different cleaning heads and a multipurpose pole neatly. Lynx claims that it can transform any messy place into a neatly organized space instantaneously and … Read the rest

Squid Duster Review

What is Squid Duster?

It claims to be an extraordinary attachment that goes on any traditional vacuum hose to pick up dirt, dust and grime from difficult to reach places without scuffing or sucking important things.



Pick dust

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Smitty’s Glass Wax Review

What is Smitty’s Glass Wax ?

It claims to be a multipurpose cleaner and polisher that cleans prescription glasses, sunglasses, cameras, binoculars, digital screens of phone and tablets with ease. It not only cleans but also prevents further smudging frequently. … Read the rest