Work Shapers Review

What are Work Shapers?

If you want to sculpt your figure the fast and easy way then Work Shapers is what you need.
Work Shapers is a garment made with smart trousers NEOTEX fibers designed to boost the body temperature … Read the rest

Comfy Cami Review

What is Comfy Cami?

If you are fed up of trying to fit into tight and uncomfortable shape wear and using cami’s that simply don’t hide those layers of bulk then what you need is the amazing slimming cami, the … Read the rest

Genie Hourglass Review

About Genie Hourglass

Genie Hourglass claims to be a waist training belt for women, which gives them the perfect hourglass figure, defining curves and providing a toned look in seconds. Genie Hourglass promises to shape, slim and train your waist … Read the rest

Summer Shaper Jeggings Review

What are Summer Shaper Jeggings

They are light and comfortable leggings, which look like designer jeans and promise to let you look your slimmest best.

Summer Shaper Jeggings stress on the fact that they are ideal for those summer months … Read the rest

Slen Lux Jeggings Review

What are Slen Lux Jeggings?

Slen Lux Jeggings are jeggings that have inbuilt shapewear and lift technology that give your glutes and legs a firm, slim and sexy look. Slen Lux gives you the comfort of leggings with the look … Read the rest

Fit Perfect Jeans

What are Fit Perfect Jeans

They are smart and sleek looking jeans that give you the comfort of leggings at the same time. Fit Perfect Jeans emphasize on the fact that now wearing your favourite pair of jeans will not … Read the rest

Genie Slimmers Review

What is Genie Slimmers

Genie Slimmers asserts to be the sheerest slimming pantyhose ever that can make you look up to 10lbs slimmer instantly. Genie Slimmers proclaim to come with convertible toe and can be worn as open toe, closed … Read the rest

Comfortisse Jean Leggings Review

What is Comfortisse Jean Leggings?

It is claimed to be a bottom wear that has the comfort of a legging but looks like a pair of jeans. The soft to touch leggings helps the wearer slim to get toned legs … Read the rest

Style Stockings Review

What is Style Stockings

As per the infomercial it is claimed to be a pair of fashionable compression stockings that look absolutely stunning and at the same time help improve circulation through the legs.


How does Style Stockings work?

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Beauty Buns Review | Butt Lifting Silhouette

What is Beauty Buns

As per the infomercial it is a pair of leggings that has a drawstring that can be pulled to tighten and shape the butt for a much rounder, toned look.


Beauty Buns Features and Benefits

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