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Freedom Collection Review

Saturday, March 26th, 2016

What is Freedom Collection?

Freedom Collection as shown in the infomercial is a limited edition of U.S. coins that claims to have been made available for the first time to the public. This exclusive deal is being offered only through the special TV offer and nowhere else. The Freedom Collection proclaims to invoke a great sense of patriotism among those who collect it. The reasoning behind being that one side of the coin depicts John F. Kennedy on one side and on the other side depicts one branch of the armed forces. The branch shown in the Freedom Collection is either from the Army, the Navy, the Air Force or the Marines. Though the Freedom Collection does propagate patriotism, there is no proof whether these coins are really genuine or have entered the market to dupe people. The answers can be found only when Freedom Collection reviews are made public.



How does Freedom Collection work?

Coin collecting is an interesting hobby. In fact it won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the oldest hobbies on record. Most of the coin collectors start early in their childhood while some are handed over their collections by their parents or grand-parents and discover the joy of collecting at an early age. Still others come to collecting later in life, triggered by an interesting coin issued for an event or by an interesting coin issue with the prospect of potential value increase. While many started by collecting dimes or pennies and a majority of them have made coin collection a lifetime hobby. Whatever the motivation or situation, the field of coin collecting is so wide that it offers inspiration for everyone.

Freedom Collection claims to offer not just inspiration but also a strong sense of patriotism. It declares to be a limited edition collection and each freedom coin is a special U.S. coin registered and authenticated by the U.S. Coin Network. These one-of-a-kind coins allege to capture the pride, bravery and fortitude of the men and women who serve America. Forged on an un-circulated JFK half dollar, one side of the coin depicts the heroism of the armed forces while the other side is President John F. Kennedy, a military legend for his medal winning heroics as commander of P.T. Boat 109 during World War II.

When the makers allege that these coins from the Freedom Collection come with a serial-numbered certificate of authenticity and has been signed by the original artist, we would insist on seeing Freedom Collection reviews to rest our doubts. Lastly they even declare that the Freedom Collection could serve as a prized possession at your home, office or personal collection.

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Freedom Collection convinces and encourages everyone to celebrate freedom and honor the brave men and women who defend America. The four artistically crafted coins pay tribute to the Army, Navy, Air Force & Marines. All coins include full-color illustrations forged on an uncirculated, U.S. Mint john F. Kennedy Half Dollar. The claims do sound too convincing and impressive but are we buying it? That’s a question best left to be answered by Freedom Collection reviews who would vouch for the authenticity of these claims.


What do I get?

You get 6 Freedom Collection coins,Display card and certificate of Authenticity for $19.99 Plus $11.98 P&H.Official website

Elvis Stamp Sheet

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

About Elvis Stamp Sheet

Elvis Stamp Sheet claims to be a sheet of collectible postage stamps of the King of Rock N Roll Elvis Presley. Elvis Stamp Sheet proclaims to be issued in the country of Nevis. Elvis Stamp Sheet emphasizes to be legal for postage on the island of Nevis along with recognition by all the postage authorities all over the world. Elvis Stamp Sheet states to be twice the size of US postage stamps.


Elvis Stamp Sheet Features and Benefits

Elvis Stamp Sheet convinces to have a face value of $3 and to have legal postage value on the island of Nevis in the Caribbean Sea and is recognized by all the postal authorities across the world. Elvis Stamp Sheet assures to be officially authorized and licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises.


The king of rock n roll stamped – There have been theories of the king of Rock N’ Roll Elvis Presley being alive and spotted in several places around the world. But now his fans can rejoice because arguably the greatest Rock n Roll icon ever has been spotted on the small island of Nevis in the Caribbean Sea! The sensational star Elvis is asserted to be commemorated with a four-stamp issue – Elvis Stamp Sheet, which is nothing less than a prized possession for his fans.

A stamp of Elvis was earlier released in 1993 by the United States Postal Service, which created frenzy as a collectible by Elvis’ fans. Now Elvis Stamp Sheet declares that the issue of this stamp will create a similar furor as it features four different images of the rock n’ roll star. Elvis Stamp Sheet maintains that each stamp is about twice the size of a regular postal stamp making it even more appealing. Elvis Presley fans will allegedly find Elvis Stamp Sheet a great collectible because it features the icon’s photographs in different phases of his career.


Legal for postage – Elvis Stamp Sheet guarantees that it’s not just a fan collectible but is legal for postage on the island of Nevis. Elvis Stamp Sheet assures that it is recognized by all postal authorities all over the world. With the face value of $3 per stamp, Elvis Stamp Sheet assures of its authenticity as it is licensed and officially authorized by the Elvis Presley Enterprises. Elvis Stamp Sheet states that it has great value to the icon’s fans because it is a limited edition collectible unlike the US postage stamp that was printed in millions. The four-stamp sheet of Elvis Stamp Sheet sates to be available in a limit of five for ordering. In spite of its modest number of prints, Elvis Stamp Sheet promises to be a collectible craze that will sweep every fan of his feet.


What do I get?

Get the Elvis Stamp Sheet for just $9.95 plus $4.95 P&H. Official website:

Visitation Cross Review

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

What is Visitation Cross

It claims to be a beautiful cross that is carved to commemorate the first visit of Pope Francis to America. It is a beautiful reminder of his message of love and peace. The cross hand carved from olive wood from Bethlehem and embedded with the Holy Sepulchre and sand from the Sea of Galilee.


Bring peace and harmony home:

Visitation Cross guarantees to be your salvation and a way to find peace inside promoted by Pope Francis. Whether Visitation Cross is really that peace giving or not will be known once users provide reviews for analysis. Visitation Cross states to be the ideal way to commemorate the first visit of Pope Francis to America. He symbolises love and peace himself and is truly the “Hope of a new century”. At this point of time there are no Visitation Cross reviews available to verify with its claims.

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A unique cross:

Visitation Cross assures to be a way to always remember to keep faith in the Almighty. The beautifully handcrafted Visitation Cross alleges to be made from centuries old olive wood harvested from Bethlehem. There are currently no Visitation Cross reviews that will attest to its claims. Visitation Cross is perfectly shaped and claims to have compressed Holy soil from the grounds of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre embedded in it. Does it really consist of such Holy items will be known only once we get to analyse Visitation Cross reviews. Visitation Cross emphasizes to even have sand from the Sea of Galilee embedded in it where Jesus walked. Visitation Cross is fascinating since it combines the best of all such inspiring Holy places; Visitation Cross reviews will soon reveal the facts. Also Visitation Cross asserts to have 3 olive wood beads that symbolize the Holy Trinity. How well and intricately Visitation Cross is designed will be substantiated once users review it.


Symbol of faith:

Visitation Cross convinces to be a great way to rejoice religion and affirm faith with its beautiful design. Visitation Cross declares to come with unique cross in terms of the material used in it. Also since Visitation Cross is handcrafted, it promises to develop a lovely patina over time, which is unique in itself. Such farfetched claims made by Visitation Cross will be verified once it has been reviewed. Visitation Cross proclaims that the cross is designed to last for generations. This is why owning one right now can become a precious heirloom that can be passed down through generations. Visitation Cross convinces furthermore with a certificate of authenticity and an embossed original portrait of Pope Francis. Whether it is really a precious symbol of faith will be known upon once we receive user reviews.


What Do I Get?

  • The set comes with the Visitation Cross, a portrait of Pope Francis, a keepsake box, and a certificate of authenticity. That is a total of $29.94.
  • Official
  • American Aviator Watch Review | Made in CHINA

    Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

    What is American Aviator Watch

    It claims to be a modern version of a timeless classic precision watch that was created for soldiers serving in the World War 2 where every second counted. It is uniquely stylish and has all the features that the original classic had.



    American Aviator Watch REVIEW

    Chumlee, a customer who bought American Aviator Watch complains that it absolutely does not glow in the dark as it mentions in its features. After charging it for a while and exposing it to a flashlight, it provides a very dim glow that fades off very quickly. Even though it has been marketed to be American Aviator Watch with an American Flag on the back of the watch it is manufactured in China and not USA. Rick, another customer who was interested in American Aviator Watch, noticed that the infomercial that ran its collector’s sale casing had a British Supermarine “Spitfire” fighter plane, which is not an American plane. It added speculation on its authenticity. Even though Rick Harris and “Pawn Stars” have been a unique brand in itself, the endorsement of this watch also questions their reliability.

    Another customer named Harry bought American Aviator Watch and was left unimpressed. It sure does look great at the first glance with its rugged and reliable features. But when the customer wore it on his wrist it didn’t feel as great as it did in the infomercial. American Aviator Watch kept a slow time and needed to be reset almost every day. The placement of seconds on the outside and hours on the tiny inner diameter make it difficult to read in daytime and in night especially with the luminous hands where the numbers fade in about less than ten minutes. The stem is fragile and can even leaks water if exposed to it even though it is water resistant to 3 atmosphere or about 45 feet.

    American Aviator Watch customer Nick says that this is the second item hawked by Rick Harrison that is made in China. As a patriot and veteran it does not feel right to purchase American Aviator Watch that is not made in the USA. Trevor who reviewed American Aviator Watch complains that the company cheated him of more money than promised. The customer service was unable to refund the money. He speculates that it’s a scam of sorts. Maurice purchased the Watch and found it well-made and good-looking. But the point was that it is made in China. The body is of black color with flow in the dark feature but can’t last long. It has no collector value and the thread of the band is fraying already. It can’t even hold time well and is not impressive at functioning.


    American Aviator: Heritage watch

    American Aviator Watch claims to be an amazing watch that was designed after the classic watch from World War II. At this point of time there are no American Aviator Watch reviews that verify its claims. American Aviator Watch assures to be a genuine modern version of the classic and is supported by Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars fame. American Aviator Watch states that the design is suave and suits every individual who would respect time and for whom every second counts. Does American Aviator Watch really is as good as it claims to? Send us your American Aviator Watch reviews.


    Vintage design – American Aviator Watch proclaims to be a remake of the classic watch but is modernized to suit this particular era. This combination of two different eras make American Aviator Watch not only unique and but also rare. Such fancy claims made by American Aviator Watch regarding its design will be substantiated only once it is reviewed. American Aviator Watch convinces to have classic dial which comes with numbers that are laser etched. American Aviator Watch emphasizes to have machinery that functions exactly like the military grade edition so that the timing is precise. It also promises to have the dial design that is neat and clear enough to read the time quickly. But does American Aviator Watch really appeal to the masses will be attested only once users review it.

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    Exceptional features – American Aviator Watch declares to have many features that make it stand apart from other military grade watches though such comparisons are not yet reviewed by any users. It asserts to have the numbers not just laser etched but easy to read in less or no light situations since it glows in the dark. The back side of American Aviator Watch alleges to have the American flag etched on it with individual numbers. For a rough and tough use as it was in the military, American Aviator Watch assures to have a scratch proof surface. In fact,American Aviator Watch also alleges that it is water resistant so that it can be used almost anywhere and in any climate without stopping. American Aviator Watch convinces to come with soft, breathable nylon band for comfort and customized fitting on any sized wrist. American Aviator Watch guarantees its authenticity with a certificate but we will only find its entire claim to be valid only once it gets reviewed by users.


    What do I get?

    You’ll receive your American Aviator Watch Set for $39.95 plus FREE SHIPPING.Official website

    JFK Half Coin Review

    Thursday, April 16th, 2015

    What is JFK Half Coin

    It claims to be a collector’s edition of an uncirculated Kennedy half dollar coinmade out of 90% silver and coated with 10mgs of 24kt Gold. It comes with a candid picture of JFK taken by Senator Barry Goldwater which was inscribed by JFK.


    Bring home a historical coin

    JFK Half Coin states to be a never before circulated 50th anniversary 2014 coin that was minted in honour of President John F. Kennedy. JFK Half Coin proclaims to be a half dollar authorised by the US Government issued in 1964and brought to life again by National Collector’s Mint.At this point of time there are no JFK Half Coin reviews that support the claim regarding its origin.JFK Half Coin asserts that it is that same 90% pure silver half-dollar but to enhance its value and cherish it for a lifetime it has been lavishly clad with 10mgs of 24kt gold. Does JFK Half Coin really stand as a collector’s coin? JFK Half Coin reviews will soon reveal the facts.


    Additional historical collector’s piece

    JFK Half Coin promises to provide an added benefit as it comes with not just the coin but also a candid photograph of JFK taken by Senator Barry Goldwater. The photograph attached with JFK Half Coin was an instant memorabilia when JFK inscribed his initials and a message for his friend Senator Goldwater stating “follow the career for which he has shown such talent – photography!” The authenticity of this JFK Half Coinphotograph will be confirmed once users review it. JFK Half Coin assures that the photograph has been added with special arrangements with Barry M. Goldwater, Jr. and the Goldwater family.

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    Exquisite packing

    Though both Goldwater and Kennedy were slated to run against each other for President they were good friends and is promoted through the JFK Half Coin memorabilia. Is this photograph genuine? JFK Half Coin reviews will expose the truth. JFK Half Coin guarantees that the coin is framed in a 6 ½” sq. crystal-polystyrene holder that is perfect for a clear and crisp display and protects JFK Half Coin for a lifetime. Such farfetched claims will be only verified once JFK Half Coin is reviewed. JFK Half Coin also comes with the JFK candid photograph and a Certificate of Authenticity to assure the collectors of JFK Half Coin genuineness. Does JFK Half Coin satisfy and stand up to its claims? Send us your reviews.


    What do I get?

    You will get one JFK 50th Anniversary Commemorative today for $19.95 + $4.00 S&H.Official website

    Who’s Who in the Bible Review

    Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

    What is Who’s Who in the Bible

    As per the TV infomercial it is a fun and informative book that carries a lot of knowledge with regard to people who are mentioned in the Bible. It tells the origin of Christian Bible names and introduces amazing people that are not commonly known.


    Know the names in The Bible

    Who’s Who in the Bible proclaims that in today’s age Biblical names are getting very popular and it contains these names and the stories behind them.Currently there are no Who’s Who in the Bible reviews available that substantiate such claims. Who’s Who in the Bible assures to help provide this particular knowledge but as yet there are no Who’s Who in the Bible reviews available to attest such claims. Who’s Who in the Bible states to enlighten the minds of every Christian in a very simplistic way to understand the names in the culture much better. Such a claim by Who’s Who in the Bible sounds far-fetched and will be attested only once users review it. Who’s Who in the Bible asserts to simplify each name and makes it clearer for even kids, which makes it a fun read. Do you find Who’s Who in the Bible really this easy and appealing? Send us your Who’s Who in the Biblereviews.

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    Fun and informative book

    Who’s Who in the Bible convinces to be exceptionally informative and at the same time a fun read. Who’s Who in the Bible states to carry all the names that are mentioned in The Bible and tells how they originated. But there are no Who’s Who in the Bible reviews currently available that validate its claim. Who’s Who in the Bible declares to have stories associated with these names and include the stories of Ruth, Paul, Joshua, Mary, Mark and many others. All these names in Who’s Who in the Bible are the ones who helped establish the Judeo-Christian heritage. Although at this point nothing can be believed upon the claims of Who’s Who in the Bible as it is yet to be reviewed. Who’s Who in the Bible is presented by Rev Terry Bomar who states an interesting fact about names of various famous movie characters originate from The Bible. How true such a fact is will be soon validated by Who’s Who in the Bible reviews.


    A book for everyone

    Who’s Who in the Bible promises to be perfect for every member of the family. Sounds very fanciful, Who’s Who in the Bible reviews will tell us if it’s true. Who’s Who in the Bible emphasizes on the fact that it is written in modern day English which is easier to read. Such tall claim by Who’s Who in the Bible will be only be proved once Who’s Who in the Bible is reviewed. Who’s Who in the Bibleclaims that it can help introduce children to The Bible by getting them interested in their names. Who’s Who in the Bible does sound very promising; Who’s Who in the Bible reviews will reveal the facts soon.


    What do I get?

    Please see official website

    The Waving Flag Review

    Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

    What is The Waving Flag

    It is a desktop American flag that waves at the touch of a button and helps you display your National pride with aplomb.

    The Waving Flag assures you that now it’s possible to wear your patriotism on your sleeve and have it displayed at your work place or home for that matter. We are proud to be American citizens and want to express it whenever possible. After all the US is a country that the world looks up to as a shining beacon of democracy and freedom. It’s the American dream that draws people from all over the world to our country. You hold everything that is America dear to your heart and want to express the love for your country on an important day or every day. This flag helps you do that, according to its claims. But we will wait for The Waving Flag reviews to make up our minds about it.


    A flag that waves and fills you with pride

    It stresses that it’s the only desktop flag that waves proudly and perfectly at the touch of a button. Thus you will see it waving in front of you wherever you display it and fill your heart with pride and warm feelings about your country. Does the flag really wave with the touch of a button? We want to know if you agree with that claim in your The Waving Flag reviews. But that’s not the only way the flag can fuel your patriotism. It also plays two patriotic songs, “The Star Spangled Banner” and “My country ‘tis for thee”, which adds to its charm. What did you think of the songs it plays? We are hoping you will give us more information about that in your The Waving Flag reviews.

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    The well made flag stands tall

    It is a two ply cotton bend flag, which is made in the US and that speaks volumes about its quality. The flag itself is 4.5” x 7” in dimensions, which makes it perfect for your desktop. Moreover as you know flags are forever, it will be a handsome eternal addition to your interiors. It seems like a far-fetched claim that we will have to confirm after going through The Waving Flag reviews. Overall the flag stands 14 inches tall and has a sleek resin flagpole and stand. We’d be happy if you tell us what you thought of the overall aesthetics of the flag in your The Waving Flag reviews.


    It has features for your convenience

    American flag is considered to be a symbol of freedom, justice and pursuit of happiness all over the world. Now you can have it in your homes and offices with features like speaker with two level sound and mute, when it comes to playing the patriotic songs. Is this feature really helpful? The Waving Flag reviews should tell us more about it. We await The Waving Flag reviews also to know if its functioning on the included batteries is convenient and simple.


    What do I get?

    You’ll receive The Waving Flag and The Liberty Coin for $19.95 plus $7.95 P&H.Official website

    Mt. Rushmore US currency $2 Bill

    Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

    What is Mt. Rushmore US currency $2 Bill:

    It is $2 bill that honours the famous National Park of the country.
    Mt. Rushmore US currency $2 Bill has the potential of being a huge hit with collectors, especially those who take pride in the National Parks of the country. Several National Parks in the country are in many ways treasures of the US and we take immense pride in them. The good news is that they are now being honoured in the form of the Mt. Rushmore US currency $2 Bill, which can hit the spot with all National Park lovers.


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    Mt. Rushmore US currency $2 Bill is a rare treat

    Mt. Rushmore US currency $2 Bill is definitely a way to honour and remember the National Parks of America that we hold so dearly. They are a matter of pride to many of us and now it can be expressed in the form of this rare and uncirculated currency that you can buy. Mt. Rushmore US currency $2 Bill is also on offer with Yosemite National Park $2 Bill, which is an added advantage. If you are a collector then this seems like an offer that’s too hard to resist.


    Mt. Rushmore US currency $2 Bill is steeped in history

    Mt. Rushmore US currency $2 Bill has Thomas Jefferson’s portrait framed in gold, which is said to be one of its main highlighting features. Moreover it also has official seals of the Federal Reserve and United States Treasury. Mt. Rushmore US currency $2 Bill also has the Declaration of Independence on the reverse side of the bill, which adds to its charm. And to do full justice to the beauty of the National Parks, the bill is in full colour too.


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    Mt. Rushmore US currency $2 Bill can be passed on to generations

    Many of us are proud of our National heritage and would like to pass a part of it on to the next generation. Now you can do just that with Mt. Rushmore US currency $2 Bill, which can be the keepsakes in your family. You can also offer it as a present to collectors who might appreciate it or your loved ones as well. You will be pleased to find that Mt. Rushmore US currency $2 Bill comes with a certificate of authenticity, which says a lot about its credibility.


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      What do I get ?

    • You will receive Mt. Rushmore US currency $2 Bill for $10 plus $7.95 S&H
    • You also receive Yosemite National Park $2 Bill for only $10.00 + $7.95 S&H.
    • Total of $25.90
    • Official Website :

    Pan American Gold Coin

    Thursday, January 9th, 2014

    What is Pan American Gold Coin –

    It is a collector’s edition gold coin that is created to honor 100th anniversary of the originally minted Pan American Gold Coin designed by Robert Aitekens issued in honor of Panama Canal’s opening.


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    Rarest Coin minted:

    Pan American Gold Coin promises to bring back the memories about how this great nation was built and to signify the importance that lies behind the Panama Canal’s opening. Avid collectors and historians who stand proud of the rich heritage of this glorious country would know this coin very well and what value it brings with it. It is the first US Commemorative Coin that was minted with the words “In God We Trust!” which signifies the unification of The United States of America. Pan American Gold Coin claims to be one of the most significant coins that were issued for one of the most important moment which made this nation flourish. That moment was the opening of Panama Canal and was issued during the 1915 San Francisco Fair. What makes Pan American Gold Coin rare is supposedly the fact that only 483 pieces were ever sold in the market during the fair and is as precious as $92,000 per piece. With a 100 years anniversary around the corner, Pan American Gold Coin is said to be now available for a limited time for collectors at an unbelievable price.


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    Original mint quality:

    Pan American Gold Coin was originally designed by Robert Aitkens and in itself is said to be a masterpiece. The design consisted of the Goddess Minerva on one side and the iconic owl on the other side especially to inspire and honor the opening of Panama Canal. The design also was the first ever that had the words “In God We Trust” with high quality carving and is stunning display of art in itself which makes Pan American Gold Coin not just any other collector’s coin. The brightest feature of Pan American Gold Coin is the claim that it is of very high quality and is layered in over 20mg of .999 pure 24 carat gold. Pan American Gold Coin is also claimed to be wear-proof and comes with a guarantee in terms of a certificate of authenticity for customer satisfaction.


    What do I get?

    Get $50 commemorative coin with certificate + One octagon coin +
    souvenir booklet + 2 commemorative tickets just for $19.95 plus $9.95 S&H.Official

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    Justice Coin

    Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

    What is Justice Coin:

    It is a commemorative coin that pays tribute to Operation Neptune Spear of May 11 2011.
    Justice Coin has been brought to you by Historic Coin Mint so that you can savour the justice done for acts of Sept 11, 2001. It was a day that has left an indelible mark on minds of people all over the world. It’s particularly true for Americans who felt a sense of grief and sorrow. However finally there was justice with Operation Neptune Spear and it is marked with this Justice Coin, which will be the perfect gift for all proud Americans.


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    Justice Coin commemorates an important operation

    After the incidents of the horrific day, many of us wanted to see justice. And that came when Seal Team 6’s mission was completed ten years later. This Justice Coin is said to mark this crucial day that helped us savour the taste of justice. It was a day when brave individuals completed a heroic task, which will be remembered for generations to come. Justice Coin pays a tribute to them and our country on the whole. If you want to pay your respects to these heroes, then you might want to proudly display this coin as well.


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    Justice Coin is a collector’s item

    There are many of you who are collectors of coins and will know that no collection today will be complete without this iconic one. You will be pleased to find that Justice Coin is layered in 24 karat gold while the silver edition is layered in silver. These are collector’s pieces that you will be pleased to have and display to your dear ones. Justice Coin can also make for an ideal gift to friends and families on special days.

    Justice Coin brings you a lot in the pack

    To begin with, the gold layered Justice Coin features the secret stealth helicopter on one side and the historic date engraved. The other side has tragic reminders of the places that were affected by the incidents on 9/11. Besides that Justice Coin pack contains Silver Justice Coin, 2 Acrylic Protective Capsules, Military Briefing Pack and Gold Lapel Pin. This collection comes with a certificate of authenticity for your peace of mind.


    What do I get?

    Get 1 Silver Layered Justice Coin and 1 Gold Layered Justice Coin, 2 Acrylic Capsules, AND Certificate of Authenticity for ONLY $19.95 plus $7.95 S&P. And for military briefing packet and gold lapel pin just pay a separate $9.95 S&P. Official

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