Freedom Collection Review

What is Freedom Collection? Freedom Collection as shown in the infomercial is a limited edition of U.S. coins that claims to have been made available for the first time to the public. This exclusive deal is being offered only through the special TV offer and nowhere else. The Freedom Collection proclaims to invoke a great […]

Elvis Stamp Sheet

About Elvis Stamp Sheet Elvis Stamp Sheet claims to be a sheet of collectible postage stamps of the King of Rock N Roll Elvis Presley. Elvis Stamp Sheet proclaims to be issued in the country of Nevis. Elvis Stamp Sheet emphasizes to be legal for postage on the island of Nevis along with recognition by […]

Visitation Cross Review

What is Visitation Cross It claims to be a beautiful cross that is carved to commemorate the first visit of Pope Francis to America. It is a beautiful reminder of his message of love and peace. The cross hand carved from olive wood from Bethlehem and embedded with the Holy Sepulchre and sand from the […]

JFK Half Coin Review

What is JFK Half Coin It claims to be a collector’s edition of an uncirculated Kennedy half dollar coinmade out of 90% silver and coated with 10mgs of 24kt Gold. It comes with a candid picture of JFK taken by Senator Barry Goldwater which was inscribed by JFK.   Bring home a historical coin JFK […]

The Waving Flag Review

What is The Waving Flag It is a desktop American flag that waves at the touch of a button and helps you display your National pride with aplomb. The Waving Flag assures you that now it’s possible to wear your patriotism on your sleeve and have it displayed at your work place or home for […]

Pan American Gold Coin

What is Pan American Gold Coin – It is a collector’s edition gold coin that is created to honor 100th anniversary of the originally minted Pan American Gold Coin designed by Robert Aitekens issued in honor of Panama Canal’s opening.   Write/Read Reviews Rarest Coin minted: Pan American Gold Coin promises to bring back the […]