Capitol Kids Hits Review

What is Capitol Kids Hits? As per the TV advertisement it is a collection of the biggest Christian Radio Hits that are sung by kids. It is a great way to imbibe Christianity in kids by reaching them out with today’s musical style.   Inspirational music: Capitol Kids Hits guarantees to be a favorite of […]

Planet M3D DVDs

What is Planet M3D DVDs It is a set of DVDs that provide knowledge and learning experience to kids in a wide range of topics. It enhances their language and problem solving skills through music.   Innovative learning: Planet M3D DVDs claims that it provides the right kind of learning and knowledge to the kids. […]

The Sports Comedy LOL Show DVD

The Sports Comedy LOL Show is an amazing stand-up comedy show that is available on DVD. It features the most hilarious comedians cracking sports-related jokes that are rib-tickling to the core.   Write/Read Reviews Comedy like no other The Sports Comedy LOL Show promises to be a laugh riot not just with the comedy included […]

Learn Our History Christmas DVD

Learn Our History Christmas DVD is an amazing and fascinating DVD that your kids are sure going to love, enjoy and cherish throughout their lives. This fascinating DVD promises to take kids back on a wild ride back in time. Your kids will learn the thrilling and little-known story of how and why Christmas is […]

Family Bible Films

Family Bible Films offers the “Friends & Heroes” DVD series. It is the most captivating and the most entertaining way for kids to understand and learn the stories of the Bible. Each fun and exciting animated film features a group of friends from the Ancient World who learn how the stories of the Bible are […]