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The Woodstock Collection by Timelife

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

What is The Woodstock Collection

The collection claims to bring you the best from the Woodstock era that had a huge influence on the generation and promised us all a much better world.

The Woodstock Collection by Timelife stresses that now you have a way of getting the best of Woodstock Era in one collection of 174 songs on 10 CDs. The era was not just about the music, it was so much more; a youth movement that talked about world peace and love. Woodstock Music And Art Fair brought several top artistes of the generation together on a stage and inspired millions across the world with the music that was created here. From feel good music to songs of protest, peace songs to psychedelia; different sounds that emanated from the era have left an indelible mark on music lovers. Now many of them including numbers from artists and bands like The Rascals, The Lovin’ Spoonful, Sly & The Family Stone, Jefferson Airplane and more have found a place in this collection. Did it live up to your expectations? Why don’t you tell us about it in your The Woodstock Collection reviews?


About California Dreamin’

The song from The Mamas And The Papas was first released in 1965 and was certified as a Gold Record the next year. The song has maintained its popularity over the years and was ranked in the 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time by Rolling Stone. The song is about the love and longing for the warmth of Los Angeles while living in the bitter cold of New York. But the meaning transcends beyond that and has gone on to mean different things for several people who swear by the number.


About Somebody To Love

Somebody To Love was a song that was first recorded by the Folk Rock band The Great Society. However it was the psychedelic counterculture rock band Jeffersen Airplane that brought it its huge popularity. While the song kept up with the traditional sound of the band it also brought it many new elements to their music, which is why it’s considered to be path breaking in some regards. The lyrics of the song might be in second person but it is easily relatable.


About Time Of The Season

The song has reached iconic status for the British Rock Band The Zombies who first released it in 1968. It wasn’t the first single from the Odessey and Oracle album but it was definitely the one that led to its tremendous success. The voice of the lead singer Colin Blunstone is one of the hallmarks of this number, which talks about the emotions behind the Summer Of Love. Now that’s something listeners of all ages can identify with.

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About Crystal Blue Persuasion

It’s the 1969 song by Tommy James and The Shandells, which won instant popularity because of its stunning lyrics and sound. In fact that sound was a deviation from what was expected out of Tommy James at that point in his career. The song has more of a gentle tempoed groove and made it to the No 2 on the Billboard Pop Singles Charts. Its video also had a lasting impact on the viewers of the time.


About Piece Of My Heart

Sung by Erma Franklin in 1967 it is a romantic love song that has its appeal amongst listeners till date. Erma was renowned singer Aretha Franklin’s older sister and her voice works like magic for this number that was a top ten R & B hit in the US. The song has been covered by several artists over the years and it has become popular in its different versions. But for music lovers the original still holds its charm.


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The Sock Hop Collection by Timelife

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

What is The Sock Hop Collection

It is a collection of CDs with the best teenage love songs that can hit the right notes with practically everyone who was once a teenager.

The Sock Hop Collection by Timelife asserts that it brings back the magic of the sock hop era of the 50s and 60s. It was the time teens hopped, bopped and did the twist to not just love songs but sad songs, break-up and make-up numbers. 135 of these classic tracks from original artistes have been put together in this collection, which has over 7 hours of breathtaking music, according to its claims.

Some of the top artistes that form a part of the collection include The Everly Brothers, Bobby Rydell, Elvis Presley, Stevie Wonder and more. But whether the collection makes a lasting impression is something we can only determine after going through The Sock Hop Collection reviews.


About Twisting The Night Away

This number by Sam Cooke was in many ways instrumental to his popularity that kept growing over the years. Featured in the “twist” album, the number is one of the most accessible LPs from the singer who went on to become known for his soulful renditions. Twisting The Night Away is filled with ethereal charm that doesn’t fade even today, which makes it such an evergreen number.


About Let’s Hang On

A song composed by Bob Crewe, Sandy Linzer and Denny Rendell, it reached the No. 3 in Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart and gained worldwide popularity. Several devices used in the recording are a hallmark of the song, which has been covered by different artistes over the years. It’s been 50 years since the song was first presented but it has still managed to find takers amongst listeners of all ages.


About Wouldn’t It Be Nice

US Rock Band Beach Boys presented it as the opening number of their album Pet Sounds in 1966. The song depicts the angst of a young couple in love and their fantasies about how life would be if they were grownups. Given the nature of the song, it has struck a chord with young lovers over generations. It was also number 7 on Pitchfork Media’s 200 greatest songs of the 60s.

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About Tears On My Pillow

A single by Little Anthony and the Imperials, the song written by Sylvester Bradford and Al Lewis, it was an instant hit in 1958. It made it to No 4 of Billboard Top 10 Pop Smash and is considered a love anthem by many. One of its most popular cover versions came from Kylie Minogue although the sound and magic of the original has made its place in the hearts of the listeners forever.


About Runaround Sue

This doo-woop style pop song by Dion made it to the US No 1 and gained the singer further popularity and credibility. Such is the aura of the song that it has made it to the prestigious Top 500 Greatest Songs of All Time in Rolling Stones. The song is about the man’s ex-girlfriend Sue, who was unfaithful and serves as a warning to her prospective lovers in the future. The song has its appeal even today.


About Dancing In The Street

Martha and the Vandellas recorded this song for the first time in 1964 and took it soaring to popularity charts. A signature Motown song it struck a chord with the youngsters. Interestingly the song has several layers of meanings to its lyrics, which makes it absolutely fascinating to the listeners. Five decades since its original release the song has its hold over the audience.


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Country Music Of Your Life by Timelife

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

What is Country Music Of Your Life

It is a collection of 10 CDs filled with 150 country ballads and love songs that promise to touch your heart.

Country Music Of Your Life by Timelife claims to bring you the magic of Country music, which is not just about the songs but a part of life for many too. The smooth sounds that revolutionized music in the 50s and 60s have gone on to make a place in listeners’ hearts since then. Now some of the greatest songs from the genre have been put together in this refined collection. Some of the evergreen numbers that are a part of the collection include Behind Closed Doors by Charlie Rich, He’ll Have To Go by Jim Reeves and By The Time I Got To Phoenix by Glen Campbell. But whether the collection truly touches your heart we will only know when we look at Country Music Of Your Life reviews closely.


About Behind Closed Doors

This number from Charlie Rich became his first No 1 in country charts in 1973. Such was its popularity that it crossed over to the Pop Charts too. It is a much decorated number winning several nominations including Best Country Male Vocal Performance at the Grammys. Covered by several top artistes over the years it has become an iconic number amongst lovers of country music. From its sound to the lyrics, everything about this song is magical.


About Kiss An Angel Good Mornin

It was the first single from the Charley Pride Sings Heart Songs and released in 1971. Till date it is considered to be the signature tune for the renowned singer and it made it to the No 1 position on the Country Charts. The song narrates the story of a couple that is in love and everyone wondering why the man is so happy. He says that’s because he gets to Kiss An Angel Good Mornin, which is a thought that’s bound to resonate with listeners of all ages.


About Don’t Make It My Brown Eyes Blue

Written by Richard Leigh and sung in her inimitable style by country music star Crystal Gayle, the song first released in 1977 and became an instant hit all over the world. Not only did it make it to the top of the Country Music Charts, it won the singer a Grammy for Best Female Country Vocal Performance. It is a unique country song because it has a jazzy feel to it, which in some ways adds to its appeal too.


About He’ll Have To Go

A country and pop song from Jim Reeves, it released in 1959 and went on to become a huge hit in both the genres. The song stayed on the Hot Country Singles Chart for 14 consecutive weeks, which says a lot about its popularity. While it’s considered to be an honest representation of country music there is something about it that puts it in the country pop vein, according to experts. That’s the reason the song made its mark with listeners of both the genres.

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About By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Glen Campbell’s rendition of the song is actually a cover version that got released in 1967. However in many ways it went on to give a new lease of life to the song’s popularity as it went straight to the top of RPM’s Canada Country Tracks. According to BMI it was the third most performed song from the 40s to the 90s. Now all these years later it has found its place of pride in the collection.



Brilliant collection
Sharon who bought Country Music Of Your Life revealed in her review that it was the most authentic country music collection for her. She went on expecting the best of country music in the collection and that’s exactly what she got and listens to it often.


False claims
Peter who reviewed Country Music Of Your Life complained in his review that he thought he will be getting a collection of 10 CDs plus two bonus CDs as per the claim. But that’s not the case as he found out. Getting only eight CDs and two bonus ones was hugely disappointing for him as he felt cheated.


What do I get?

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Capitol Kids Hits Review

Friday, October 17th, 2014

What is Capitol Kids Hits?

As per the TV advertisement it is a collection of the biggest Christian Radio Hits that are sung by kids. It is a great way to imbibe Christianity in kids by reaching them out with today’s musical style.


Inspirational music:
Capitol Kids Hits guarantees to be a favorite of the entire family and inspire them all. Music has become an essential part of today’s generation and there are many annoying kid’s music out there that can teach wrong things to kids. To use music as a medium and make kids enlightened towards Christianity Capitol Kids Hits allegedly has collected the most powerful and motivating Christian radio hits that have stormed the charts and to make them more appealing to the kids Capitol Kids Hits comprises of hits that are sung by kids.


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Collection of radio hits:
Capitol Kids Hits asserts that it covers all the hit songs that are a great listen and comes with good lessons. The tunes are formed in a way to appeal to the new generation of kids. It is alleged that Capitol Kids Hits took every radio hit played on Christian radio, which are songs of worship in churches around the world and contain message of God’s unending love. The songs in Capitol Kids Hits include no.1 radio hits like “Hello, My name is”, “Speak Life” and “We Believe”. It also comes with some heart-warming songs like “Gold”, “Me without You”, “Good Morning” and “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)”. Capitol Kids Hits claims to also extend the belief with a box set that comes with two additional CD’s. To strengthen the belief in the Lord Almighty is stated that Capitol Kids Hits also comes with songs like “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)”, “Mighty to save” and “How Great is Our God.” The additional albums consist of some classic and some1 original Christmas Carols that kids would love to sing along.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Capitol Kids Hits for $11.99+ $4.95 S&H.
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  • Bob Seger Greatest Hits Review

    Friday, October 17th, 2014

    What is Bob Seger Greatest Hits?

    It is claimed to be an exclusive collection of the greatest hits sung by Bob Seger and the latest studio album Ride Out. It also features bonus songs that have made Bob Seger the spirit of American Rock!


    Legendary Bob Seger:
    Bob Seger Greatest Hits proclaims to be the collection of songs that Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band has composed over their entire musical career. Bob Seger has been idolized as the household name and is touted as the spirit of American Rock. Spanning a career of 40 years, he has been America’s most famous mainstream rock & roller. What Bob Seger Greatest Hits promises to bring is the collection of songs that has moved the entire nation to his tunes and are still one of the best songs that live through the history of rock music. Bob Seger Greatest Hits also declares that it comprises of his newest studio album Ride Out that consists of the legendary sound of Bob Seger.


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    Greatest Hits of all time:
    Bob Seger Greatest Hits promises to deliver the nostalgia of his entire career span. It consist of “Roll Me Away”, Night Moves” and “You’ll Accomp’ny Me”. Bob Seger Greatest Hits asserts to bring the memories of top of the chart hits like “Hollywood Nights” and “Still the Same”. Bob Seger Greatest Hits also allegedly consists of the songs of Bob which swept the entire nation. These songs comprised of “Turn the Page”, “Old Time Rock & Roll” and “Like a Rock”. Other tracks that are listed in Bob Seger Greatest Hits are “We’ve Got Tonight”, “Main Street”, “The Fire Inside”, “C’est La Vie” and “In Your Time”. Plus Bob Seger Greatest Hits claims to include the Grammy winners newest studio album “Ride Out” that came out after eight years gap along with recordings of Steve Earle’s “The Devil’s Right Hand” and “California Stars” by Wilco.


    What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Bob Seger Greatest Hits and Ride Out Deluxe for $14.98 + $4.95 S&H.
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  • Planet M3D DVDs

    Friday, May 9th, 2014

    What is Planet M3D DVDs

    It is a set of DVDs that provide knowledge and learning experience to kids in a wide range of topics. It enhances their language and problem solving skills through music.


    Innovative learning:

    Planet M3D DVDs claims that it provides the right kind of learning and knowledge to the kids. Children are very shy when they have to come out and make friends socially. Also they need to learn about things around and improve on their problem solving skills. Such learning cannot be imparted in schools but is learnt gradually by observing and learning from parents. Planet M3D DVDs asserts that it helps in boosting this very need with the use of music and lovely characters that children would love to watch.


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    Musical Approach:

    Planet M3D DVDs alleges to utilizes the fact that kids love audio visual entertainment. It brings singing characters to life that help children grow and consists of puppets along with 2D and 3D characters. The major focus of Planet M3D DVDs is that it emphasizes on values of self-esteem and friendship, problem solving skills and basics of important subjects that include nutrition, science and much more. There are two set of DVDs available in Planet M3D DVDs – Pigasso’s place and Digimouse. Both these DVDs consists of amazing animated characters and features with designs that are generated to address learning needs of children. The characters are cute and have a charm that kids will connect with and relate to so that the information is absorbed well in their minds in a fun way. Planet M3D DVDs guarantees that it will help children grow through various musicals that are targeted towards a particular topic like the “Making Friends” episode from Pigasso’s Palace. Planet M3D DVD’s Pigasso’s Place was awarded the prestigious Dove Award for Excellence which speaks volumes for the worthiness of the DVD itself. Planet M3D DVDs declares that there is no information or content that is unsafe for children and is objectionable. It is available in multi-language format to make kids familiar and comfortable in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Hebrew and English.


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    What Do I Get?

  • You will get the 3 DVD Set of Pigacco’s Place for $19.95 +$7.95 S&H.
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  • 12 Lesson DVD Training Course

    Thursday, December 26th, 2013

    About the 12 Lesson DVD Training Course

    It is a package of a film, a book and DVD discussions that traces the former glory of America that is declining in today’s age. The package presents the film by Kirk Cameron, book by Stephen McDowell and discussions on DVD between Kirk and Stephen on the 12 chapters in the book.


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    An eye-opener

    The 12 Lesson DVD Training Course is brought to you as a truthful depiction of how the great America is facing degeneration today. The package aims to restore America as the land of liberty and to make people open their eyes and see the decay in the American culture and think of powerful solutions that can restore America’s pride and live peacefully in Christian liberty. The course gives a realistic portrayal of the problems dogging the American society and families and how they can be overcome.


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    Components of the package

    The 12 Lesson DVD Training Course comprises the film Monumental by Kirk Cameron, a book written by Stephen McDowell on restoring America as the Land of Liberty, and engaging discussions on DVDs by Kirk and Stephen on the twelve chapters in the book. The compilers of this program claim that it is an overwhelmingly powerful combination that will be a revelation to the current generation of America and will set them on the right path to glory.

    The monumental story of God

    The 12 Lesson DVD Training Course traces the history of America and outlines the decay that has set in. It is presented as a thought-provoking monumental story of God which can move the viewers and set them thinking. It also shows a ray of hope by elucidating that Americans can do something to solve these problems and re-establish America. The program asserts that it can be done by following the blueprint that the Founders of the nation gave to build a free nation.

    Award-nominated film

    The film Monumental has the honor of being nominated for the prestigious Dove Awards.
    Components of the book and DVD discussions
    The book and DVD discussions include the following as topics taken up in detail in the package:
    Section one: the founders’ blueprint for liberty
    Section two: the story of liberty


    What do I get?

    Get 12 Lesson DVD Training Course + DVD + The Dove Award Nominated Film just for $ 68.98. Official

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    The Sports Comedy LOL Show DVD

    Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

    The Sports Comedy LOL Show is an amazing stand-up comedy show that is available on DVD. It features the most hilarious comedians cracking sports-related jokes that are rib-tickling to the core.


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    Comedy like no other

    The Sports Comedy LOL Show promises to be a laugh riot not just with the comedy included in its but also due to its uniqueness. Most comedy shows feature artists who crack jokes from all segments of life and can be sometimes too repetitive. Because of the increasing popularity of sports there’s a definite amount of humor generated in it. Imagine the fun of joining ESPN with Comedy Central! The Sports Comedy LOL Show supposedly delivers this fresh concept to the audience for having the best time in their lives. The best part of The Sports Comedy LOL Show is the fact that it is available in DVD form nullifying the need of waiting for a live event or telecast on TV.


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    Jokes on most popular personalities and incidents

    The Sports Comedy LOL Show is said to feature the best and the biggest comedians who critique and take digs at sportspersons with humorous sports commentary. The feature DVD of The Sports Comedy LOL Show is said to be shot in Hollywood and features compilation of 2 live shows. It apparently features comedians like the amazing Rodney Perry who wouldn’t shy away from critiquing a star and creating side-splitting humor out of it. It also is said to have the funny man Steve Hofstetter and the spontaneous Retha Jones who generate comedy from thin air. The ultimate Adam Hunter is also supposedly one of the comedians featured on The Sports Comedy LOL Show. He makes humor from the best jocks in the business, be it Kobe, T.O.Steroids or Tiger.



    Some amazing jokes in The Sports Comedy LOL Show include Steve Hofstetter’s standup crack towards FCC and their take on Janet Jackson’s incident at the Super Bowl. Adam Hunter talks about wrestling and connecting the missing link between steroids and baseball. The Sports Comedy LOL Show also said to have TJ McGee who provides a funny scenario of tennis wit steroids and Mike Tyson’s fights. There are many more such amazing laugh a minute jokes that shouldn’t be missed.


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    What do I get?

    Get the Sports Comedy LOL Show DVD for just $15.95 + $4.95 S/h. Official website:


    Learn Our History Christmas DVD

    Saturday, December 7th, 2013

    Learn Our History Christmas DVD is an amazing and fascinating DVD that your kids are sure going to love, enjoy and cherish throughout their lives. This fascinating DVD promises to take kids back on a wild ride back in time. Your kids will learn the thrilling and little-known story of how and why Christmas is celebrated in America the way it is celebrated today. Learn Our History Christmas DVD features five time-traveling friends on the adventure of a lifetime to discover the remarkable true history of Christmas in America. The DVD promises to instill pride in your child about the fact that they belong to America.


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    Important history lessons and facts

    Learn Our History Christmas DVD will teach your children about American history, valuable lessons of history, and historical facts without bias. Your child is sure to develop a strong sense of pride in America’s past. The DVD tells you how America’s founders fought so that they could celebrate Christmas and also worship for the rest of their days and their children’s. They fought so that nobody could be stopped from worshipping in anyway.


    This remarkable DVD will be the best gift your child will ever receive. The Learn Our History Christmas DVD makes the perfect gift for your child this Christmas season.


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    Fun and fascinating DVD

    Through the Learn Our History Christmas DVD your kids will love learning how the some of the most influential Americans played a major role in the way Christmas is celebrated today. This amazing and enthralling DVD will make learning U.S. history fun for kids of all ages. Your kids will get an opportunity to learn various facts about America’s past. They will also take pride in America’s past.


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    Great gift for any child

    Learn Our History Christmas DVD makes a great gift to give your child this Christmas season. No matter what age your child is she is sure going to love and enjoy this fascinating DVD on Christmas.


    Order your Learn Our History Christmas DVD and teach your kids the valuable lessons of American history. They will have fun learning history through this DVD.


    What do I get?

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    Family Bible Films

    Thursday, December 5th, 2013

    Family Bible Films offers the “Friends & Heroes” DVD series. It is the most captivating and the most entertaining way for kids to understand and learn the stories of the Bible. Each fun and exciting animated film features a group of friends from the Ancient World who learn how the stories of the Bible are relevant to their everyday lives. Family Bible Films features two of the most important stories from the Bible: Daniel and the Lion’s Den and Jesus and the Miraculous Catch.


    Features and Benefits

    Family Bible Films is a fascinating, enthralling and fun animation film that brings stories of the Bible to life. It promises to be a great way to help your children understand and learn the Bible better as it includes the most important lessons from the Bible. With Family Bible Films you can now give your child a deeper appreciation of the Bible. Family Bible Films will help your child learn even more about the Bible’s greatest stories!


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    Watch it on Any Internet Connected Device

    Your kids can now enjoy all Family Bible Films any time and anywhere they want to, whether they are at home or on the go. Yoor child can watch these films on the family computer, an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and any other internet-connected device that’s equipped with a web-browser. It’s filled with fun and enthralling animation that your kids are guaranteed to love, enjoy and cherish.


    A Bible your Kids are sure to Love

    Family Bible Films has brought the story of the Bible to life in a beautiful and entertaining animated film that will appeal to you and your entire family. This will help your kids learn the values and principles quoted in the Bible in a more fun, captivating and entertaining way. Watching the Family Bible Films will allow your child appreciate the Bible in a deeper way. Your child is sure to learn lifelong lessons by watching these DVD series. Order your Family Bible Films DVD today!


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    What do I get?

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