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Rubik’s Spark

What is it? Rubik’s Spark is an electronic exciting and interactive cube that tests your memory, speed, dexterity and logic. Designed with 6 uniquely addictive games, Rubik’s Spark is a game that gives you, your…

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Kids Wealth Review

About Kids Wealth Kids Wealth is a system that claims to instill the value of money in kids early on. Kids Wealth states to be fun for kids since it works like a game and…

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Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets Review

What is Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets? Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets is a compilation of 11 books that claims to contain 40,000 useful tips and secrets in 4,000 odd pages. Dr Bader’s Library of…

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My Talking Toddler Review

What is My Talking Toddler As per the advertisement it is claimed to be a collection of DVDs that consists of proven sights and sounds that help children of age 0 to 3 learn to…

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Ultimate Voice Builder

What is Ultimate Voice Builder A voice building system designed by internationally-renowned voice builder Gary Catona that gives your singing and speaking voice more flexibility, range, resonance, power and control.   Transforms your weak and…