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Rubik’s Spark

Monday, November 21st, 2016

What is it?

Rubik’s Spark is an electronic exciting and interactive cube that tests your memory, speed, dexterity and logic. Designed with 6 uniquely addictive games, Rubik’s Spark is a game that gives you, your friends and family hours of fun and addictive play.

Rubik’s Spark offers you an entirely new experience with 6 entertaining and challenging games of speed and dexterity. You can either play each in single play mode, or challenge your friends in multi-play! It’s that amazing!
The 6 games include:
Seek & Destroy – Guide your light to capture the lit cubes!

Light the Cube – Copy the Spark’s every move exactly to win!

Tilt & Zap – Put your speed and reflexes to the test!

Snackin’ Snake – Feed the snake light to make it grow, but don’t take a bite out of yourself!

Follow the Path – Challenge your memory to follow commands & defeat the Spark!

RUBIK’S DJ – Unlock the beat to make your own music with RUBIK’S DJ!



How it works:

RUBIK’S Spark features patented Built-in Gyroscope ‘Bubble’ Technology to offer you a thrilling and interactive addictive gaming experience.

The special built-in sensors recognizes where the lights are as you tilt, turn, twist and rotate the cube.

Enjoy the RUBIK’S Spark to challenge your friends and family, or beat your own record, the Spark is hours of fun for everyone!

Order it today!


What do I get?
Buy Rubik’s Spark just for only $US34.95 at Official website:

Kids Wealth Review

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

About Kids Wealth

Kids Wealth is a system that claims to instill the value of money in kids early on. Kids Wealth states to be fun for kids since it works like a game and teaches them to save, invest, donate and have fun. Parents and kids are both are promised to love Kids Wealth and parents will see a positive change in kids at a young age.


How does it work

Kids Wealth asserts to have different wallets so that when they earn money in the game, they can distribute it in different wallets. Kids Wealth maintains to have Plan Wallet for saving, Angel Wallet for donating, Learn Wallet for education, Wealth wallet for investing and Fun wallet for fun so that they can plan their finances judiciously just like they are playing a game and learn important lessons they can use for a lifetime.

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Teach kids the value of money at a young age

It’s important that kids learn the value of money while they are still young so that they can avoid being in debts later. Kids Wealth is a system that promises to let kids learn the importance of planning wealth and finances while they are still young so that they can make use of the lessons when they grow up. Parents are assured to gift their kids something valuable with Kids Wealth. But while kids learn these lessons from Kids Wealth, it won’t be like learning boring lessons but they will have fun because Kids Wealth proclaims to be designed like a game that will teach the kids the expertise to value money. Kids Wealth convinces to be an easy system that has a guide to help parents teach kids the simple process of planning money matters easily while kids have fun.


Different wallets for planning different aspects of finances

Kids Wealth declares to have different Wallets to let kids plan different aspects of finances. They are given ‘money’ in the kit, which they are meant to divide in these wallets. So Kids Wealth emphasizes to have a Plan Wallet to let them Save money, Angel Wallet to encourage donating money, Learn Wallet to promote managing finances for education, Wealth wallet for future investments and Fun wallet so they can do everything fun with the money. And to keep a track of all these aspects of finances, Kids Wealth proclaims to have a sticker calendar that will help them keep a track of their accomplishments and goals. Kids Wealth asserts that as they reach each goal, kids will enjoy rewards as well. Kids Wealth promises to be so effective that parents will see a change for the better in their kids at a young age.


What do I get?

Please see official website

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Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets Review

Monday, November 10th, 2014

What is Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets?

Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets is a compilation of 11 books that claims to contain 40,000 useful tips and secrets in 4,000 odd pages. Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets is alleged to be brought by an extremely successful author Dr. Myles Bader who has written more than 20 books.


Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets Features and Benefits

Whether kids who want help with science projects or food, a handyman looking for useful tips, cooking tips, lawn and gardening secrets or even financial tips and secrets, Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets assures to be an encyclopedia of it all. The 11 odd different volumes convince to help you with anything that will solve problems or just give helpful tips in various aspects of your life collected after decades of research. Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets claims that you would never have to turn to any other source for information and tips if you own this collection.


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Know everything under the sun – Our everyday lives are made of things and chores that we could be doing well but we face hurdles or just need tips to do the best of everything, like making that perfect looking and tasting omelet, getting more produce from the garden, making that wise financial investment or useful health tips. All these and tens of thousands more tricks of every trade are proclaimed to be included in Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets, a compilation of 11 books by Dr. Myles Bader. Maintaining to be the ultimate collection, Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets convinces that there are over 40,000 tips in the book that will help you in each and every walk of your life.


Helpful for just about everyone – No matter who a person is, an average Joe or an entrepreneur, Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets maintains to have a library full of tips and tricks for them. Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets asserts that it is excellent for children, pet lovers, cooks, the handyman, cooks, money savers, gardeners and do-it-yourselfers. Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets proclaims to give tips like finding the most tender steak, eliminating dog stains, knowing the best potato for frying, etc.


Children, chefs and gardeners – Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets states that it has titles like Kids Fun with Science and Food that is written with children in mind to give them easy and fun ways to make a science project, cook and impart knowledge about vegetables. It assures to have projects for the whole family and have 100 make and play formula for kids between 5-15 years. Your garden and lawn problems is assured to be solved with 3,001 Lawn & Garden Secrets of Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets that will tell you all about growing flowers and vegetables and saving your veggies, plants and trees from damage without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Get the ultimate kitchen and cooking reference book 27,000 Chef’s Secrets that brings together thousands of usable secrets of wise grandmothers and professional chefs worldwide. Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets also emphasizes to have something for your do-it-yourself projects and takes care of everything from small to major home appliances, home improvements like roof and furniture repair.


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For finance and pet problems – To address your financial needs, Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets asserts to have books that will help a novice set up a business with little or no money and for aspiring entrepreneurs, Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets alleges to have the first formulary published in 100 years. It declares to be a must for survivalists and claims that starting your dream venture would be a possibility with 1001 Money – Saving Formulas and Survival Guide. Those who own pets can give better care to their pets like building a birdhouse, pet food, their training and exercise, behavior, health with The Secrets of Choosing and Caring for the Right Pet and Training a Pet in 10 Minutes a Day including dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes, rabbits and many more.


Freebies and health tips – Whoever says there’s no such thing as free lunch might change his tune, as Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets alleges. In the Big Book of Everything Free you can get tips to get a lot of stuff for practically free like education, books, software, movies, videos, health and beauty and a lot more. Dr Bader’s Library of Secrets promises to give you health tips on weight loss and maintenance, general nutrition, free radicals and 100 different questions and answers that will effectively slow down the aging process.


What do I get?
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My Talking Toddler Review

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

What is My Talking Toddler

As per the advertisement it is claimed to be a collection of DVDs that consists of proven sights and sounds that help children of age 0 to 3 learn to communicate at a very young age.



My Talking Toddler Features and Benefits

Innovative learning for toddlers
My Talking Toddler asserts that children right from the day they are born to the age 3 are very receptive about everything around them. A thorough research has revealed that children find it very easy to understand how to communicate in this particular age group and as a result will boost their growth furthermore. Based on this study, My Talking Toddler guarantees that kids will definitely benefit from the technique it is based on and improve their communication skills.


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Highly effective technique
My Talking Toddler promises to develop communication capabilities of toddlers because of its innovative way of combining sights and sounds both. The videos in My Talking Toddler basically come with visuals as well as sign language which help them in communicating better. This is important because children are not capable of using all the words easily when they are very young. My Talking Toddler convinces to help in making mini-conversations with toddlers easy and helps them express themselves in a much better fashion. Plus the idea behind My Talking Toddler coming in a DVD allegedly makes it easy for every kid. Mainly because My Talking Toddler can be played back and forth to allow kids learn at their own pace and repeat it as many times as they way. My Talking Toddler claims to have helped many children and has received the Mom’s Choice Award Honoring Excellence.


What do I get?
My Talking Toddler 3 DVD + 3 additional DVD’s and 3 CD’s set for only $19.95 plus $7.99 processing and handling. Official website:


Ultimate Voice Builder

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

What is Ultimate Voice Builder

A voice building system designed by internationally-renowned voice builder Gary Catona that gives your singing and speaking voice more flexibility, range, resonance, power and control.


Transforms your weak and unsexy voice into strong and attractive

The brainchild of Gary Catona, Ultimate Voice Builder is a voice building system that claims to transform your weak, unsexy and nasal voice to a stronger voice that captivates people. The voice building system states that it can give your voice a dramatic change quickly as you will hear your voice developing almost instantaneously. The creator of Ultimate Voice Builder, Catona is called the Maestro of the Stars since he proclaims to have 35 years of experience and worked with the who’s who of Hollywood in making their singing, acting and speaking voices more powerful after studying and researching the physical fundamentals of human voice for years. The voice building system alleges to give your voice more power, control, resonance, range and flexibility so that it can be a great singing or speaking voice.


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Strengthens vocal muscles

Ultimate Voice Builder asserts that its uniqueness lies in the fact that unlike other voice training methods, this is a revolutionary process that develops the muscles of the human voice. It emphasizes that it concentrates on building the muscles of the voice box, throat, mouth, and soft palate. Voice Builder Catona alleges that typical methods like breathing exercises, diaphragm support, mask-singing and relaxing the throat are all humbug and the approach used by Ultimate Voice Builder is the correct and successful one. It states to have a set of exercises that stress the muscles supporting the vocal chords without stressing the chords. This method of developing the laryngeal musculature guarantees to make your voice sound bigger and more powerful.


Used by hundreds of Hollywood celebrities

Ultimate Voice Builder declares that hundreds of Hollywood celebrities have used the system to transform from average voices to famous ones. It claims to have been used by Whitney Houston, Andrea Bocelli, Lenny Kravitz, Shakira, Sade, Lionel Richie, Toni Braxton, Usher, Kevin Spacey, Dennis Hopper, and many more.


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What Do I Get?

  • You will get Ultimate Voice Builder DVD Download for $39.95
  • And Ultimate Voice Builder DVD for $44.95
  • Official website: