Rubik’s Spark

What is it? Rubik’s Spark is an electronic exciting and interactive cube that tests your memory, speed, dexterity and logic. Designed with 6 uniquely addictive games, Rubik’s Spark is a game that gives you, your friends and family hours of fun and addictive play. Rubik’s Spark offers you an entirely new experience with 6 entertaining […]

Kids Wealth Review

About Kids Wealth Kids Wealth is a system that claims to instill the value of money in kids early on. Kids Wealth states to be fun for kids since it works like a game and teaches them to save, invest, donate and have fun. Parents and kids are both are promised to love Kids Wealth […]

Ultimate Voice Builder

What is Ultimate Voice Builder A voice building system designed by internationally-renowned voice builder Gary Catona that gives your singing and speaking voice more flexibility, range, resonance, power and control.   Transforms your weak and unsexy voice into strong and attractive The brainchild of Gary Catona, Ultimate Voice Builder is a voice building system that […]