Size Glider Review

What is Size Glider It claims to be a unique adjustable belt that uses a ratchet system to fit perfectly no matter what the size. It is fully customizable to achieve the perfect fit.   Belt that fits right Size Glider promises to be the perfect belt you will ever have for achieving the perfect […]

Shrink Solution Review

What is Shrink Solution? It is a liquid solution that gives a new lease to woollen and cotton clothes that have shrunk after getting drenched in hot water for any reason.     A must-have for every home If you feel helpless when your favourite woollen or cotton clothes shrink and you don’t know what […]

CeramaGlide Arc Cordless Steam Iron

What is CeramaGlide Arc? If you find ironing a tough chore then what you need is the CeramaGlide Arc Cordless Iron. The CeramaGlide Arc Cordless Steam Iron is a steam based cordless iron that lets you iron your garments to perfection and with ease. The CeramaGlide Arc Cordless Steam Iron is the only iron you […]

PressTastic Review

About PressTastic PressTastic is a handheld steaming iron that claims to be a quick and easy way to steam, crease and wrinkle release your clothes right when they are on the hanger. PressTastic states that it can iron everything from shirts, trousers, dresses, linen, denims and even curtains and drapes within minutes. You can de-odorize […]

Brother Q-Series Innov-is 990D

What is Brother Q-Series Innov-is 990D: It is a sewing and embroidery machine from Brother that promises to be within your budgets while giving you the high end designs you look for. Brother Q-Series Innov-is 990D maintains that it can be a reasonably priced solution for you so that you can do your sewing and […]

Brother Q-Series Innov-is NQ3500D

What is Brother Q-Series Innov-is NQ3500D: It is a sewing and embroidery machine from Brother that promises to be just perfect for hobbyists at various skill levels. Brother Q-Series Innov-is NQ3500D asserts that it can be used by anyone who is passionate about sewing and embroidery at any time. You might be a beginner or […]

Spin Dryer Junior

What is Spin Dryer Junior: It is a spin dryer that promises to be portable and help you dry you clothes efficiently too. Spin Dryer Junior is a smaller version of the popular Portable Spin dryer but it claims to have all the same benefits for you as the features remain the same. You might […]